The Kavanaugh show trial. Is this Booker’s “Darkness at Noon” moment?

By Rubashov

We have all seen how United States Senator Cory Booker has morphed from a rather lightweight celebrity whore into a novitiate Stalinist, with a particular dislike for Israel…

All that remains to be determined is the kind of interrogator Booker will be.  A starched-assed Gletkin?  Perhaps.  Or a cynical Ivanov?  Whatever… just as in 1938, Booker’s position is already determined. 

Ben Shapiro has written a great piece on the coming show trial…

On Monday evening, Wonkette founder Ana Marie Cox let the cat out of the bag regarding the Left’s perspective on the allegations of sexual assault against Judge Brett Kavanaugh: it doesn’t matter whether he’s guilty or innocent. He’s guilty. 

Cox was appearing on Lawrence O’Donnell’s The Last Word on MSNBC when she made this shocking claim:

“We need to judge Brett Kavanaugh, not just by what he may or may not have done, but how he treats a woman’s pain. And that is something I’m going to be paying attention to on Monday. How does he respond to what’s happening. Whether or not he agrees that this happened with her, does he take her pain seriously? Do the people interrogating her pain take her pain seriously? Now, I’ll give you a spoiler alert, I don’t think Brett Kavanaugh takes women’s pain very seriously, and I know that because of the decisions he’s made as a judge.”

This is a morally abhorrent statement. So if a woman falsely accuses a man of rape, we don’t judge him based on whether he actually raped her – we judge him based on whether he feels the pain of a person falsely accusing him of rape. The real question of the Duke lacrosse case, by this standard, wasn’t whether a stripper was actually raped – the question is whether the members of the Duke lacrosse team were sensitive to her feelings while she was falsely accusing them of rape.

That would be an insane statement enough. But Cox goes even further: she already knowsthat Kavanaugh won’t meet her standard of sympathy because he hasn’t decided cases how she likes on key “feminist” issues, presumably like abortion. Now, never mind that Kavanaugh hasn’t actually signaled that he’d be willing to overturn Roe v. Wade. Think about the underlying contention: we can tell whether you are a bad person by your level of sympathy for a rape accuser whom you believe is lying about you, and we can judge your level of sympathy by looking at your political decisions. The logic is simple: if you’re a person who disagrees with Ana Marie Cox, you can be slandered as a rapist, and any attempt to rebut such accusations will amount to a lack of sympathy. 

This is Stalinist show trial stuff. It’s immoral and perverse. But presumably Cox knows that and doesn’t care. She knows, deep in her heart, that Kavanaugh is a bad man – and if he was just maligned as a rapist, that’s a merely secondary concern. It’s hard to come up with a more bad-faith approach to a serious allegation than that.

 In honor of Comrade Booker of the Democratic Socialists, we advance this theme music to be played at the start of the show trial…



Gov. Murphy puts convicted felon in charge at Education. Malinowski, Kim, Sherrill silent.

Marcellus Jackson is a corrupt politician.  A crook.  He took a $26,000 bribe, was caught by the FBI, and was sentenced to prison and fined. 

That should have been an end to his time on the public payroll.  But Marcellus Jackson is a Democrat.  A politically-connected Democrat who worked on Governor Phil Murphy’s 2017 campaign.  

And now he’s been rewarded… with our tax dollars.  Over the summer, Marcellus Jackson was handed a $70,000-a-year-job as a “special assistant” in the New Jersey Department of Education.  He’ll be running the Education Department’s Office of Civic & Social Engagement.  

The education of children?  Civic and social engagement?  A corrupt politician who took bribes? 

Governor Murphy claims that Jackson is “a good example” that he “hopes we see a lot more of.” 

What does he mean by that? 

More convicted criminals getting taxpayer-funded jobs? 

More corrupt politicians getting back on the gravy train?

More criminals involved in the education of our children? 

Has recreational marijuana been decriminalized early in some places? 

This is the radical program of Democratic Socialism on display.  Murphy is one of its national adherents.

Which brings us to congressional candidate Tom Malinowski.  He links to a Democratic Socialist group right on his campaign website.  A few weeks back, Tom Malinowski went on national media to make the claim that his party – the Democrats – were the party of “law & order”.  

No kidding.  He really said that about his party.  The party of abolish ICE.  Sanctuary States.  Resist the elected government of the United States.  Give convicted criminals top taxpayer-funded jobs.  Law & Order???? 

Of course, Tom Malinowski has had nothing to say about the appointment of Marcellus Jackson.  Crickets, as they say.

That goes for congressional candidate Andy Kim too.  Crickets. 

And congressional candidate Mikie Sherrill.  Crickets. 

To check out the original news story that outed the hiring of Marcellus Jackson, follow this link…


Meet some of the victims of the Sanctuary State movement…

The Democratic Socialist movement that includes the Women’s March, Antifa, Rise Stronger, Indivisible, Action Together… and who support candidates like Andy Kim, Tom Malinowski, and Mikie Sherrill have all lined up behind Governor Phil Murphy’s plan to make New Jersey a Sanctuary State.  Yes, the whole state. 

In doing so – wittingly or unwittingly – they have become allies of modern day slavery, the traffickers in human beings and especially those who deal in the trafficking of women and children for America’s booming (and often illegal) sex industry.  The porous border that Kim, Malinowski, and Sherrill advocate serves the needs of criminal traffickers of illegal narcotics and opioids – and illegal firearms – as well. 

This isn’t a victimless position to take.  You aren’t helping people when you help those who kidnap them and bring them to America to sell.  A United Nations study estimated that the criminal cartels who control the trafficking of human beings and illegal narcotics into the United States collect $6.6 billion annually. 

And who is being trafficked?  Here, meet some of the victims…

Now let’s ask Andy Kim, Tom Malinowski, and Mikie Sherrill… do you feel better about your movement… or do you feel worse?


Rasmussen Polling: Voters think “Socialist” sucks

Forget that a few “Democratic Socialists” have achieved victory in some fringe districts… forget that they and the Women’s March/ Action Together/ Indivisible/ Antifa crowd are trying to drag their party into embracing the word “Socialist” and all that comes with it (think Venezuela)…   

Rasmussen Reports issued polling today that shows that to be a bad plan… a very bad plan:

“When it comes to political labels, moderate and conservative are best for candidates, socialist the worst.  

Rasmussen Reports in its latest national telephone and online survey asked Likely U.S. Voters about five major political labels and whether they would be considered a positive description of a candidate, a negative one on somewhere in between. Moderate is viewed as a positive by 39%, and just as many (38%) say the same of conservative. Thirty-three percent (33%) consider progressive a positive political description, followed closely by liberal (31%). Moderate is a negative description for a candidate for 14%; 26% feel that way about conservative. Thirty-three percent (33%) regard both liberal and progressive as negative descriptions.  

The newcomer in this year’s survey is socialist, and it’s a label to avoid, voters say. Just 16% think it’s a positive description if a candidate is described as politically socialist. Nearly half (48%) view it as a negative description, while 30% say it’s somewhere in between the two.” 

Just 24% of Democrats, 23% of younger voters, 19% of Black voters, and 31% of self-described Liberals view the word “Socialist” in a positive way.   

There are the toplines, here is the wording… 

National Survey of 1,000 U.S. Likely Voters

Conducted September 13 and 16, 2018
By Rasmussen Reports

1* Suppose a candidate was described to you as politically liberal. Would you consider that a positive description, a negative description, or somewhere in between?

2* What if a candidate was described to you as politically conservative? Would you consider that a positive description, a negative description, or somewhere in between?

3* What about a candidate who was described to you as politically moderate? Would you consider that a positive description, a negative description, or somewhere in between?

4* Suppose a candidate was described to you as politically progressive. Would you consider that a positive description, a negative description, or somewhere in between?

5* Suppose a candidate was described to you as politically socialist. Would you consider that a positive description, a negative description, or somewhere in between?

NOTE:Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.


Pastor Brad Winship: Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules 

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Scripture References:  Mark 12:34 ; Romans 2:14-15 ; 1 Corinthians 1:21 , 2:6-7 ; Romans 1:19 

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