Byram politicos push anti-Rights Brady resolution

In Byram Township, the political elite can at times be a tad weird.  No shit. 


Not so very long ago Byram had a town councilman named Rick Meltz.  The current Mayor spoke very highly of him and was rather shocked when Meltz got caught a few summers ago of planning to lure a woman and her daughter to a location so that he could... "snuff" them.


The Byram Councilman was part of a band of cannibal/rapists/murderers who conspired over a two-year period to "carry out the plots against potential victims, including infants."  A 23-page indictment outlined the charges against them.


Manhattan Attorney Preet Bharara called the accusations a "bone-chilling … chronicle of sadism and depravity that includes … very real steps to carry out … plans to kidnap, torture, rape, and kill the women and children they targeted". (Rueters, March 12, 2013)


"You want to hang the 9-year old," Meltz wrote in an email. "I would rather manually choke her but hanging is nice also."

Meltz served several terms as a councilman in Byram Township, was a Sussex County undersheriff until 1996 and ran unsuccessfully for sheriff in 1998... (Star-Ledger, April 6, 2013)


Meltz was real popular with the political class in Byram.  It was said that Meltz possessed a great deal of what goes for "common sense" leadership in Byram.


Now for the latest "common sense" idea coming out of Byram:  Let's come out swinging against the Second Amendment and the Bill of Rights.


That's right -- a month after a sex predator gets caught doing a home invasion that involves the sexual assault of two girls, let's try to make it tougher for the people of Sussex County to defend themselves and their families.


Why would you want to take away the ability to defend yourself when you have elected officials who get recorded by the FBI saying shit like this?


Meltz, according to the criminal complaint, touted his past experience killing women.

"As we said, murder is easy, getting away with it is not," he said in a phone conversation, according to the complaint. "The excitement and the adrenaline rush is incredible when you’re hunting some prey and they have no idea or concept that they’re being followed. They’re just in their own little nitwit world. They have no concept that within minutes or seconds they could be fighting a futile fight for their life." (Star-Ledger, April 6, 2013)


Heck, Byram is like the town of the walking dead -- guns are a must. 

So, whose bidding is being done by the Byram Township Council?  Well, it appears that the text of the resolution being considered this evening comes directly from the files of the leftwing Brady Campaign. 


You know the Brady people -- well intentioned, but lacking in practical application.  They want to see a world where gun ownership is limited -- like illegal narcotics are.  In practice this means that the law abiding won't have self-protection while the criminal class will have as much access to illegal firearms as they do illegal drugs today.


And this isn't good for places like Byram.  Because, heck, if the town's vetting process is so poor that the councilman and undersheriff is a madman intent on murdering your wife and eating your children -- you'll need a gun.

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