Harvey Roseff Writes: 

Why is it that the public has been deprived of just this sort of meeting? For years now the MCIA and its professionals have been hidden in the backroom and not brought to a public meeting.

Yet we sent them paychecks.

Does everyone understand that using the $7M in “Homestead” funding as blood tribute to the shakedown artists was a disguised raising of our taxes and was not a transfer of sheltered capital?

Our Freeholders have held nobody accountable. It is time we did, but 2016 has prominent Freeholder elections. We should see not an “investigation” (a campaign dog bone to lather up the public) but true, incisive governing action. Otherwise, the public is being played once again – for an election campaign.

~~~~ Thank-you,

H Roseff


Morris Freeholders get secret meeting in Sussex

According to sources in both Sussex and Morris counties, several Morris County freeholders who supported the solar bailout that cost Sussex taxpayers millions have asked for, and got, a special "educational" meeting between the principals behind the failed solar project and the incoming members of the Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders.  To our knowledge, the meeting hasn't been advertised, and will include the participation of sitting Freeholders as well.  How this squares with state law is questionable.

If there's to be a backroom "spin" session conducted by the critters who got our county into its current unenviable position, shouldn't the taxpaying public have been invited?  The public and the press are generally the most tireless watchdogs of politicians' deal making.  Especially when so much money is involved and so much egg on the face of egotistical elected officials.

It is to be hoped that the incoming Freeholders who have been targeted will make full reports to the people on (1) who was at the meeting, and (2) what was said.  It is to be hoped that Freeholder George Graham, a voice for reform, attends as well so that the vendors, who have made so much money off taxpayers already, get asked tough questions by someone who understands what their game is.

The solar scam is part of an ongoing investigation by state and federal authorities, so someone should notify the United States Attorney's office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the State Attorney General's office, and the State Police investigators assigned to the case.  We will be following this closely.



Is Christie wrong to call police officer a "pension pig"?

We believe he is.

New Jersey Police Benevolent Association (NJ-PBA) President Patrick Colligan is a 24-year veteran of the Franklin Township Police Department.  He earns an annual salary of $121,000 and would receive a yearly pension of $78,650 if he retired next year.  That's according to the Gannett news organization's data universe and the state's pension calculator. 

Let's be clear.  Pat Colligan is not a double-dipper.  He earns a salary that was negotiated at the bargaining table.  In return for that salary, he straps a gun on and (in his words) "was on duty today in New Jersey and, like most days, I was wearing a badge and a gun.’’ 

Back when Pat Colligan started his career in law enforcement, back when he was a rookie police officer, he joined under a given set of pension rules provided to him and to every other police officer by the political establishment of the day.  The Governor should know this, because the person hired back then by the PBA to negotiate those rules was none other than Chris Christie's law partner -- the future Republican National Committeeman for New Jersey and gubernatorial kingmaker, William J. Palatucci.  Officer Colligan is merely living under the rules negotiated by others. 

Lastly, the local Police and Firemen's Retirement System (PFRS), under which all local police officers and firefighters appointed after June 1944 are covered, is fiscally healthy, in contrast to the pension systems administered by the state, which are failing.   Local governments set aside money to fund their pensions, while state governments have historically underfunded the system.  So targeting Officer Colligan with this sort of language misses the mark entirely. 

Others may have a different opinion, and we invite them to write to us and express it.  We will, as is our policy, publish it in full.  You can even insult us if you wish.  Unlike some in corporate media, we believe in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights of our Constitution.  It is your right to do so and we will oblige you by printing it without edit.


The Sussex Democrats are idiots

Here is why the Sussex Democrats will never elect another Freeholder in Sussex County and so will never matter.  At the agitation of Sussex County Freeholders Richard Vohden and Phil Crabb, the County formally asked for an ethics investigation against fellow Freeholder George Graham, because Graham had allegedly let the taxpaying public know about details of Freeholder Board business that Vohden and Crabb wanted kept from the public.

That's right, Freeholder Graham believes the public has the right to know what is going on in the public body that collects and spends its property tax dollars.  Vohden and Crabb like to keep the public in the dark (like they did when they negotiated the solar deal and then passed a bailout that will cost taxpayers millions).  The favorite means used by Vohden and Crabb to blind the public to their activities is called "executive session,"  they over-use something that should be used sparingly and only for the most legally sensitive matters. 

In theory, "executive session" should only be used by a public body to discuss sensitive personnel and legal matters.  But under the directorships (more like dictatorships) of Vohden and then Crabb, executive session has been used to shut the public out of discussions they should know about.  They end up learning about it too late, when the bill comes, and often after what was covered up turns out to be a scam.

Now if you think that the Democrats are rallying to make hay out of this and, more importantly, to make themselves relevant around the kitchen tables of Sussex County, then you would be wrong.  Instead of focusing on a bread and butter issue like transparency, the Sussex County Democrats have jumped into foreign policy and joined with a group that is taking Russian President Putin's side against the United States.

In correspondence advertising the Sussex Democrats' December 5th rally in Newton, a neo-Marxist Group called New Jersey Peace Action claimed that making the Obama Justice Department and the FBI responsible for ensuring that no terrorists slip through using the cover of Syrian refugees (as happened in the Paris attacks that murdered 130 innocent people, mainly young people attending a rock concert) would "effectively block Syrian refugees from entering the United States."  Last time we checked, the administration of President Barack Obama wasn't anti-refugee, so claiming that an Obama appointee would be so tough on refugee applications for residency is pretty darned remarkable and says a lot about just who this "Peace Action" group thinks is coming into the United States.

In the same correspondence, the Marxists who the Sussex County Democrats have chosen to align themselves with make this boldfaced lie:  "As we know, the majority of Syrian refugees are widowed women and children."

Here are the facts, directly from the federal agency responsible for refugee resettlement:  "Since the Paris terror attacks on November 13, the State Department has admitted 132 Syrian refugees into the United States, and all 132 are Sunni Muslims.  No Christian, Druze, Shi’ite, Alawite, or member of any other religious minority in Syria has been admitted over that period, according to data from the State Department Refugee Processing Center.  The majority of the 132 Syrian refugees permitted to resettle in the U.S. since November 13 (72) are male, the minority female (60).   Of the 132 total, 39 (29.5 percent) have been men between the ages of 14 and 50."

And true to its membership in the "Blame America First" league, the "Peace Action" nuts make this claim in their correspondence:  "Given the amount of damage the United States has done in the region, this is partially our responsibility." 

So America is responsible for the refugee crisis in Syria because President Obama opposes the barbaric regime in power there?   Wow, that sounds a lot like the position taken by the murderous regime of Bashar al-Assad, Dictator of Syria and Commander-in-Chief of its murderous and rapacious armed forces.   It is also the position taken by that regime's primary supporter -- President Vladimir Putin of Russia. 

In aligning itself with New Jersey Peace Action, the Sussex County Democrats have aligned themselves with career dirt-bags who oppose the patriotic American men and women of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard.  During a time when terrorists target military recruiting offices and murder the brave young people who serve there, these idiots are out protesting those same recruiting offices.  Here they are protesting an American military recruitment office in Elizabeth, New Jersey: 

The spineless idiots of Peace Action reject the American eagle and take as their mascot the puffin -- a fat, frightened bird species who fear to come out of their holes lest the black backed gulls eat them.  No kidding, the gulls grab a puffin and shake it so furiously that they turn it inside out.  That is their vision for America:  Inside-out.  To ensure peace, they prescribe slavery. 

Shame on the Sussex County Democrats for ignoring kitchen table issues and for instead climbing into bed with these America-blamers.


Do the Sussex Dems support letting terrorists in?

It is beginning to look that way.  On Saturday, December 5th, the Sussex County Democrat Committee will be taking a stand against some of the more responsible elected Democrats in America, to join hands with groups like the Socialist Alternative of New Jersey, a neo-Marxist collective that wants to raise taxes on New Jersey residents and increase regulation to make the state even more unaffordable. 

These idiots want us to believe that we can responsibly "vet" refugees coming from a country with which we have no diplomatic relations, no on-the-ground control over documentation, and with whom we are engaged in active armed conflict.  After World War Two, when we had defeated and occupied Germany, our refugee vetting system still failed to prevent thousands of Nazis claiming refugee status from settling in the United States.  Over the next 60 or so years hundreds were found to have committed war crimes -- including mass murder -- and many were extradited.  And that was with our total control on-the-ground.

It is clear, after the deaths of 130 innocent people -- mostly young people at a rock music venue, that one of the terrorists had a forged Syrian passport that had apparently been issued to a Syrian refugee.  These are the kinds of documents being accepted by Western governments who are allowing Syrian refugees into Europe.  The Sussex Democrats and the ilk they run hand in hand with would like the United States to follow Europe's lead -- even as Europe has closed its borders over concern for future massacres.

Responsible Democrats like Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, a former Army Major and veteran of Iraq, oppose such nonsense.  She, along with other responsible Democrats, understand that the current "vetting" done by the United Nations is weak.  Yes, that's right, Syrian refugees coming to the United States are currently being "vetted" by the United Nations.  So America has lost control of its own borders once again -- turning control over who comes into the United States to UN employees from member states like... Russia, China, Vietnam, Pakistan (last home of Osama Bin Laden), Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, and Iran. 

Don't believe us?  The process has been reported by many news agencies across the globe and it can be accessed on the United Nations website.  Potential refugees must first apply for refugee status through the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).  It is the UNHCR that decides who merits refugee status based on its interpretation of the 1951 Refugee Convention.  It is the UNHCR that decides if a refugee is a candidate for resettlement in a third country, such as the United States, where he or she will be given legal resident status and eventually be able to apply for citizenship.

When the UNHCR refers a refugee applicant to the United States, the application is processed by a federally funded Resettlement Support Center, which gathers information about the candidate to prepare for a screening process, which includes an interview, a medical evaluation and an interagency security screening process whose stated goal is ensuring the refugee does not pose a threat to the United States.  But many worry that the process is too loose. 

Congresswoman Gabbard travelled to Paris after the mass-murder there, to ask questions and see for herself.  Then she joined with nearly 50 other Democrats to support a Republican-sponsored bill that would require refugees from Iraq and Syria to receive background checks from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The heads of the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and the director of national intelligence would be required to personally certify that each refugee does not present a security threat.

The Obama administration opposes this sensible, bi-partisan effort to tighten the vetting process.  Why, because they would rather take a chance on the lives of Americans than to inconvenience the refugees.  This is from the statement released by the administration:  "The measure would provide no meaningful additional security for the American people, instead serving only to create significant delays and obstacles in the fulfillment of a vital program that satisfies both humanitarian and national security objectives."

What's up?  Why not take the extra precaution?  Don't American lives matter?

The Sussex Democrats will be joining the "Blame America First" crowd to gather under the banner of "No fear, No war, No hate."  Translated, that means the following:

"No fear"

Translation:  Ignore what happened in Paris, if we close our eyes and wish just a little harder, the world will become a beautiful place.

"No war"

Translation:  Go to sleep, stick your head up your backside, and forget that there is an aggressive ideology, remarkably similar to National Socialism, that has established a homeland in Iraq and Syria and that is expanding rapidly through its use of war, terror, genocide, and torture.

"No hate"

Translation:  It is not the fault of people who rape, torture, behead or burn to death those who hold a belief different from their beliefs... it is our fault for seeing it and becoming upset by it.  If only we could stop hating such things as rape, torture, and murder, then we would truly learn to accept and love our fellow man.

In its rush to appear like an episode of Portlandia, the Sussex County Democrat Committee is putting a fashion statement ahead of protecting American lives.  They should be told and told loudly by the people of Sussex County:  American Lives Matter!