Booker says 'words matter' … forgets he trashed Israel a few weeks ago.

The arrogance of some politicians will take your breath away. 

A few weeks ago, U.S. Senator Cory Booker was playing up to the Hamas/Hezbollah loving Israel-haters – the Antifa wing of the Democrat Party.

Now he’s posturing before the media again.  The Newark Star-Ledger even ran a story, apparently with a straight face, with the headline:  Booker says 'words matter' following attacks against Democrats and Jewish worshippers.


Booker is quoted telling a group of Young Democrats (in New Hampshire… yep, Spartacus is running for President)… “We need to understand that words matter and that we all need to be mindful of what we're saying."

Then Booker went full on racist, telling the crowd that white Americans are to blame. Jonathan Salant (pronounced S’lant) of the Star-Ledger wrote:  “Booker, D-N.J., said the majority of terrorist attacks since 9/11 have come from white supremacist and other right-wing groups.”

Damned white Americans! 

Every day, Cory Booker sounds more and more like one of those American-hating clerics who haunts the Middle East.  “It is not us,” they claim, “America is the world’s greatest terrorist!!!” 

Booker is trying to use figures from a disgraced Leftist source that claims 79 people have died as a result of “right-wing” extremism since September 11, 2001.  Note that Booker starts his count from the day after Islamist terrorism killed 2,996 people and injured more than 6,000 others.  But okay, let’s go with Spartacus’ play at skewing the numbers – and we won’t count every act of Islamist terror, just some of the more notable ones:

The was the Bali bombing in 2002 that resulted in 202 deaths and 240 injuries.  The 2004 Madrid train bombing (192 dead, 2050 injured).  That same year, the Beslan murders of school children (385 dead, 783 injured).  In 2005, there were three separate bombing incidents (208 killed, more than 500 injured).  In 2006, we had the Mumbai train bombings (209 killed, more than 700 injured).  In 2008, 212 were killed in Islamist bombings with more than 200 injured).  In 2010, bombings killed 178 people and injured nearly 400.  The Christmas Day bombings in 2011 killed 41 and injured 57.  In 2012, Islamic terrorism claimed 32 killed and 180 injured. 

The 2013 Boston Marathon bombing killed 3 and injured 183.  The Westgate Shopping Mall massacre killed 67 and wounded 175.  The Borno Massacre in 2014 killed over 200.  For the rest of that year – 1,567 were killed by Islamic terrorism.  2,816 were killed in 2015 (and, as in years past, thousands were injured).  Islamists killed 1,453 in 2016 (and injured thousands).  For 2017, 501 were killed – and so far this year – 854 have been murdered by Islamic terrorists.

So based on this… Spartacus can’t count!

And then there’s Booker’s political ally – Democrat Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver – one of only three legislators to oppose a resolution that prohibited investment of state pension and annuity funds in anti-Jewish companies that boycott Israel or Israel businesses.  That’s right, Ms. Oliver – Phil Murphy’s running mate and Cory Booker’s political ally – the Lt. Governor of New Jersey, sided with those who hate the Jewish state

The Roll Call vote is below.  Yes, words do matter Cory… and so do actions.

S1923 Aa (1R)  Prohibits investment of pension and annuity funds by State in companies that boycott Israel or Israeli businesses.


WSUS to host radio debate for Sussex County Freeholder candidates

iHeartRadio is holding a Town Hall Meeting of Sussex County Freeholder Candidates on Saturday morning, November 3rd, at 9:30am.   All five candidates for the two open positions for Sussex County freeholder have been invited and are planning to attend. The debate will be broadcast live on WSUS starting at 10am, and will be moderated by Steve Andrews. 

Republicans Dawn Fantasia and Josh Hertzberg will face off against Democrats Howard Zatkowsky and Patrick Curreri.  Independent candidate for Freeholder Wayne Levante will also take part.  The candidates will each have the chance to speak about why they want to be your Freeholder and what their plans are for Sussex County.  They will all take questions from the Moderator and the audience. 

This debate will be broadcast live from the Franklin-Sussex Auto Mall performance studio at 45 Ed Mitchell Avenue in Franklin, New Jersey.  Those attending are asked to be there at 9:30am for a 10am broadcast.

For more information, go to:


Tom Moran shits the bed again. editorial goes nuts with the name-calling (again).

By Rubashov

At what point did Star-Ledger/ editor Tom Moran go from a somewhat reasonable – albeit excruciatingly liberal – man of journalism, to New Jersey’s own Julius Streicher, throwing invective and hate at anyone who doesn’t see the world through the increasingly dark and confused lens he does.  Like Streicher, who edited a newspaper called “The Attacker,” Moran discards journalism and adopts a political role as the state’s leading propagandist for what has come to be known as “The Resistance.”

Of course, what he is “resisting” is the outcome (under long established rules) of a national election in the world’s foremost democracy.  Moran and his movement are not only threats to the political and economic stability of United States, but of the World.  It takes humility to live in a democracy, to preserve a Republic.  But Moran and his movement place their will above all else – and if their will should triumph, all future elections would be fought after the fact, regardless of outcome, endlessly, the way they are fighting this one.

To Moran and his movement, we are in year three of the 2016 presidential election.  This election will not be over until they get their way.  Only then will they permit us to move on to the next election. 

But who is this movement?  They are the permanent Establishment Party of government.  That’s what they would be called if they were honest about it.  In Mexico, where honesty rates higher than in Washington, DC, the longtime ruling political party calls itself the Partido Revolucionario Institucional – the Institutional Revolutionary Party.  They held power for 71 uninterrupted years – until the corruption and economic decline got so bad that voters, in their pain, sought other answers (both good and bad).  Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, like Ralph Nader and Ron Paul before them, are symptoms of a corrupt institutional party producing more pain than benefits.

Tom Moran is a chief propagandist for global corporatists, like those who publish his newspaper, and for all those who are made comfortable and secure by government and the largesse of the taxpayers.  These include the crony capitalists, pay-to-play government vendors, the Wall Street operators (like Moran’s heroes Jon Corzine and Phil Murphy), and the legions of lobbyists and senior bureaucrats who might as well be interchangeable.  It includes too, those well-off academics, like Brigid Harrison of Montclair State University.  A failed Democrat candidate, Harrison was provided a second life as an Establishment propagandist whose work has been pushed as required reading.    

The permanent Establishment Party straddles both established political parties in America – where our political choices are limited to faux chocolate and faux vanilla – and where propagandists like Tom Moran direct members of the working class to battle each other over race, ethnicity, and gender.  Using the last, they are now in the process of endlessly expanding the opportunities for internal division amongst the 99 percent.  

Candidates like Mikie Sherrill are the face of this “Resistance” to working class pain – to those same voters who bet on Barack Obama to rescue them in 2008, and who, in their pain, reached for Donald Trump in 2016.  A wealthy, expensively trained, representative of the Elite – whose career path was to “check the boxes” on the way to being given “power” as a safe pair-of-hands for those who actually wield it.

The means to Sherrill’s rise to celebrity are notorious.  Along with her Antifa-inspired thugs, she stalked and hounded the aged Congressman and Vietnam War Vet, Rodney Frelinghuysen.  They spat insults at him and lied about his record – acting as if this most bi-partisan and gentlemanly of public servants was akin to David Duke.  In this, they are not so different from Tom Moran and the NJ.comeditorial board who over the weekend used words like “fraud” and “fanatical” to describe those who oppose their nurtured-by-hand celebrity, Mikie Sherrill.  If anything, they are using others as a mirror to reflect back what they see in themselves… frauds and fanatics. 

Over the next two weeks and beyond – until they get their way and the result from the 2016 presidential election that they believe they are entitled to – Tom Moran and company will continue to behave the way they have been, calling names, spitting hatred, urinating down their own trousers.  They are like beings possessed, confirmed in their certainties, their righteousness and indignation.  They can not think outside of it… just ask Jonathan Salant. 


Brady Campaign more about killing the 2nd Amendment than protecting school children?

Sue Hannon of Sparta is the front person for Sussex County’s Brady Campaign, and a more committed spin doctor for the corrupt administration of Phil Murphy and the Democrats you couldn’t find.  She serves Murphy much in the same way a Border Collie serves a sheep herder… if you can imagine a somewhat corpulent collie nipping at the heals of a rural legislative caucus. 

While helping Governor Murphy to pass a raft of meaningless, feel-good anti-Second Amendment legislation that has not saved one life – but will endanger many – Hannon and the Brady campaign have had little to say about Governor Murphy’s hiring of criminals to high positions in his administration – including education – or the accusation by a female staffer that she was raped by a high appointee in the Murphy administration.  Then there’s Murphy and the Democrats’ push to end truth in sentencing laws, mandatory minimum sentencing for violent crimes, to give convicted felons the right to vote and to have lobbyists influencing lawmakers, and to open polling places in prisons to give the worst offender sociopaths power over government.

One Democrat – in honor of her two sons who had trouble finding a job after they were convicted and jailed for holding up a toy store at gunpoint – actually succeeded in changing the law to favor them and wanted to go much further, making it illegal for employers to even ask potential employees about their criminal records.  What happened to the right to know?  Isn’t a criminal record something an employer should know about – before endangering other employees and customers?  Why is doing the crime less of a big deal than asking about it?  Sounds nuts, but this is what Democrats are about these days.  Did Sue Hannon and the Brady campaign take to Newton Green to rally about any of this? 

The problem with the Brady Campaign’s prescriptions is that they assume the government is responsible for protecting us.  It is not.  Try suing the government or a police department for a response time that gets them there too late to stop a rape or a murder.  The judge will confirm that it is not the responsibility of the government to protect you.  In a Republic, you are responsible for your own protection and that of your family.  Many of the laws Hannon and the Brady campaign push would make it materially more difficult for law-abiding people to protect themselves from criminals – at a time when Hannon’s allies are reducing penalties, releasing criminals, and providing them with political power.

In the aftermath of this brutal assault, caught on video, Republicans pushed to strengthen the penalties for violent home invasion – especially when a child is present.  Where was Hannon and the rally on Newton Green?  Why didn’t we see it?  Is it out of fashion to consider the woman and child who suffered?  Why do we only hear from the Brady Campaign when it’s about pushing for legislation that will ultimately make this woman less safe? 

Hannon and her crew even attacked legislators who proposed hardening school security.  There is now money budgeted for this – to provide New Jersey schools with bullet-proof classrooms, doors, and locks.  It has long been determined by anti-terrorism professionals that schools are “soft” targets for terrorists and psychopaths and that hardening school security is the ONLY way to prevent the deaths of school children.  Putting up a “No Guns Zone” sign and disarming school security guards doesn’t do a thing besides advertising just how “soft” a target a school is.  American children experience hardened security when they go on vacation, when they travel by rail or by air.  Why have we left out schools?  Why do some cheer the fact that schools are less secure than county courthouses and shopping malls.

Finally, Sue Hannon – on behalf of the Brady Campaign – attacked Republican Mayor Josh Hertzberg of Sparta and the Sparta Township Council for daring to question the wisdom of decriminalizing marijuana in the midst of an opioid epidemic that is killing children every week.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, there were 63,632 deaths from overdose last year – 42,249 from opioids.  Now the Democrats – led by former Governor Jim Florio – are trying to legalize marijuana based products, including cannabis chocolate bars and peanut butter cups.  Why has the Brady Campaign adopted the position that giving children more entry ways to addiction via family access to drug-laced candy is a good idea?  Why are they ignoring the overdose epidemic which is taking ten times as many lives as does gun crime?

Is this the Brady Campaign’s position or is it Sue Hannon’s?  Is Hannon the genuine face of the Brady Campaign or a political operator who has assumed control of the campaign and who uses it on behalf of the Democrat Party?  These questions are raised by her aggressively partisan approach.  It is something for the people who run the Brady Campaign to think about.


The same NJ media that covered up for Clinton, tries to do the same for Menendez

Remember how the newspapers tried to discredit the source for the claim that Bill Clinton had seduced Monica Lewinsky in the White House?  Remember how the media told us that Linda Tripp was a “liar” and that she used “right wing” media outlets to peddle her "meaningless" allegations?

All part of the “vast right-wing conspiracy” Hillary Clinton assured us.  And NOW – the National Organization for Women – stood by their man, and so did legions of Democrat women politicians.  They all assured us that Bill Clinton would NEVER act so inappropriately.

Yep, the media was right on that!  We all know today that Bill Clinton DID NOT have sex with Monica Lewinsky, right???

And as more and more evidence piled up, the media just dismissed it.  When other women came forward and said they were raped.  The media trashed them, called them trailer park trash, said it was all a plot to damage the good name of William Jefferson Clinton.  They advised us to Move On…

One New Jersey newspaper published an editorial with the title:  "GOTCHA" POLITICS HIT A NEW LOW WITH STARR'S SEX INVESTIGATION

Another New Jersey newspaper did an editorial that simply said:  TIME TO END IT.

Well, it’s déjà vu all over again!

On Wednesday, there was United States Senator Bob Menendez and, like Bill Clinton once upon a time, he was surrounded by NOW and a bevy of female Democrat office holders whose political fortunes (for better or for worse) are tied to the Senator’s.  There was Bob Menendez himself, doing his best… “I did not have sex…” imitation of Bill Clinton.  And there was the media, once again failing to read what they wrote last time, talking about “gutter” politics and “right wing blogs” and trashing the women, and the prosecutors, and the GOP. 

Hey Tom Moran, Fred Snowflake, Hand of Hand, Moe of Moe, and all those media mavens who want to shake their tallywhackers at us to make it so…

Guys, you bullshit us once.  Then – along comes Brett Kavanaugh – and you went back on your bullshit and said the opposite of everything you said when it was Bill Clinton.  Now (and it’s just been a few weeks for Christ sake!) you want to go back on everything you just said about Brett Kavanaugh and tell us there’s a new set of rules – and why?  Because it’s about Bob Menendez???

Fellas, keep your bullshit.  You have the collective credibility and moral authority of an unwiped ass.  Nobody is buying it besides those phonies from NOW.