Arizona politician who opposed religious freedom bill, endorses McCann

Candidate John McCann stumbled again today, rolling out the endorsement of the Arizona politician who opposed religious freedom .  McCann's campaign today announced that he has been endorsed by former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.  

In 2014, Brewer became notorious for her flip flop on religious freedom.   As Governor, she vetoed legislation (SB-1062) that gave individuals and legal entities an exemption from state law if it substantially burdened their exercise of religion. 

Brewer allowed government to force people to do things that run counter to their religious beliefs.  Brewer placed commerce above spirituality.  Despite SB-1062 being passed by a large majority in both houses of the Arizona legislature, Brewer vetoed the bill. 

This is just another indication of where the McCann campaign is heading.


Democrats post Racist comment by supporter

Maybe this is all you need to know about some of the "new" Democrats seeking to represent Sussex County?

Instead of working with their Republican and Independent neighbors to get the Democrats who've run the Legislature for two decades to lower taxes, instead of standing up to the billions in new taxes being proposed by Phil Murphy, they are calling people names or holding rallies to bring in more illegal immigrants to compete for jobs, house, and maintain with a shrinking safety net.   It sure ain't leadership.

This is from today...

So this is how these "new" Democrats describe those who fought for us?

Well, here is a "white man" who fought for us (who would have been an "old white man" if he had lived)...



John McCann hurt police officers. Read their stories.

A federal lawsuit filed last year contains the personal testimony of dozens of veteran law enforcement officers who fell victim to a power play by the Democrat Sheriff of Bergen County.  According to the Bergen Record, John McCann was the Democrat Sheriff's "right-hand man" and a major cause of what went down.  Many police officers had their lives changed.  Here are a few of their stories:

"In 2014 my wife and I decided to have our 2nd child even though there were talks of merging the Bergen County Police with the Sheriff's Department.  We both agreed that we could afford to make this life changing decision based on the fact that the merger specifically stated there would be no layoffs, and no decrease in pay.

We had purchased a smaller home, which needed improvements... We are not going to be able to make these improvements or expand our home due to the impending layoff or pay decrease.  In fact we may lose our home if these changes take place.

My wife and I were discussing the possibility of having a third child as recently as February of this year.  However this will not happen now because of these layoffs."


"In 2015, I got engaged.  In 2016, I got married and purchased a home.  In 2017, I welcomed another child into my family... I have a wife and two children, ages 6 and 3 months.  Now with the threat of a potential layoff, not only will my life be affected, but my family will be negatively affected as well."


"I have been employed by Bergen County as a Police Officer since July, 2004.  I have recently re-financed my 30 year mortgage to a 15 year mortgage due to the promise that the Sheriff, County Executive, and Freeholder Board made that my job was safe when they merged us.  I am also the caregiver to my elderly parents... If I am demoted, I will not be able to afford the extra payments that a 15 year mortgage brings as well as care for my parents in a way that they deserve."


"I can personally say the moral and pride I had as a County Police Officer has been stripped away and this entire process has affected me personally.  I never knew what it was like to go to work and be unhappy.  I've always loved my career and the organization I worked for.  There are often times I get sick to my stomach thinking of how the politicians have destroyed this place and everything it represented.  My mind is consumed with thoughts of whether or not I will be able to retire..."


"I am a single father of two children.  I have full custody of my children... I had financial plans in place to send my oldest daughter who is currently in high school to attend specific colleges she had picked out.  With this demotion I will no longer be able to pay for my daughter's college education..."


"In August of 1996 I joined what I believed was a dedicated profession and well known department... I joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve in 1982... I was activated in support of Operation Desert Shield/Storm... I retired with 20 years of service in 2003.

...I have made many life choices on the promises and assurance my family and I would be able to live without the threat of losing our home or not being able to afford the basic simple lifestyle we have had in our lives.  Upon the assurance of the County of Bergen, the politicians and the Bergen County Sheriff my family committed to providing an education for my son that now involves the payment of an incredible amount of education loans."


"I am currently a Police Officer with the Bergen County Sheriff's Department... I am also a United States Disabled Combat Veteran.  I served four and a half years with the 82nd Airborne Division, with a fifteen-month deployment to Iraq as an Infantryman... With the promise of job security, I continued my life as any other reasonable person would have.  I recently purchased a home and have plans to marry my longtime girlfriend, whom this layoff also affects tremendously..."

It's no wonder then that candidate John McCann is so agitated by questions regarding the accumulation of power by Democrat politicians (and the concurrent loss of power of local elected Republicans).


Lawyer in porn case pushes discrimination against veterans

Last week, the New Jersey Herald ran a story about a drug offender who is suing the Sussex County Sheriff's Office and the County over its hiring practices.  In the story, the attorney for the drug offender calls into question the hiring of veterans.

The attorney told the Herald, "You can't just hand a combat veteran a badge and a gun."  The attorney explained that while he "fully supports the hiring of veterans," his lawsuit is focusing on "the interview process" and "psychological profile." 

Wow!  Here in New Jersey, the Democrat-controlled Legislature recently made it very difficult for a business to refuse to hire someone with a criminal record.  The idea was that having done his or her time, an employer did not have the right to make a determination to hire someone based on his or her past criminal actions. 

An employer can't discriminate against a convicted criminal but the suggestion is being made by this attorney that having served in the military in a combat role should be a red flag for certain kinds of employment.  In other words -- it's okay to go to Iraq but not okay to come back home and expect to be hired as a local police officer or deputy sheriff.  Putting your life on the line in service to our nation makes you a "special case."

The attorney making this ridiculous argument is a former county politician.  A few years ago he got caught up in a State Police operation that shut down a child porn ring.  Police arrested 36 people in New Jersey and claimed in newspaper headlines that the suspects had sought the video in question. 

For whatever reason -- his status as a member of the bar, his political contacts, or the facts of the case -- the attorney who is now advocating that military combat veterans undergo special scrutiny got himself a very good deal.  According to news reports in the Herald and elsewhere, he avoided trial and was granted PTI (pre-trial intervention) on the charges.  The State Attorney General's office declined to appeal a State Superior Court judge's ruling to allow PTI in this case.  PTI is a probationary program that is generally used for low-level offenders.  When successfully completed, the criminal charges are removed from a person's record.  In the case of this attorney, we understand that the those charges have been removed, although a public record -- the extensive media coverage of this case -- remains. 

According to the Heraldthe Deputy Attorney General prosecuting the case "would not say why the state's Office of Attorney General decided to not challenge the ruling."

Given the very understanding treatment that this attorney received by the state, we would suggest that he extend the same consideration to those whose only apparent fault is being placed in harm's way by their government, dutifully engaging in combat on behalf of the American people, honorably serving, surviving, and then returning home.  Don't make it more difficult for them to find employment.  Don't turn them into a pariah, suspect class of job seekers.


McCann campaign attacks prayer in public schools

Two operatives for candidate John McCann's congressional campaign went on a Facebook rant yesterday against the suggestion that prayer in public schools might be a helpful deterrent to school shootings.  The suggestion was made in a Fox-TV interview by Republican candidate for Congress Steve Lonegan, known as the father of the modern conservative movement in New Jersey. 

The two McCannites practically spit on prayer as a solution to anything, one writing of Lonegan that "mentally he's in Fantasyland and has been for some time."  This was a daring statement, considering his own candidate's challenges, and clearly showed contempt for cultural and religious conservatives.

It also ignores the data and the very low incidence of school shootings among, for instance, the 7,498 Roman Catholic schools in the nation.  A daily regimen of prayer does appear to work.  Although this could be merely coincidental, the suggestion should not be so rudely discounted -- and surprisingly by people calling themselves "Republicans."

While one McCann operative called John McCann a "fiscal conservative" (the same camouflage Bill Clinton used to describe himself), the other McCann operative mocked prayer as "a losing issue" and divisively wrote, "I wonder if Steve (Lonegan) would support a Muslim prayer, or a prayer in Spanish."  It goes to show where the McCann campaign's head is and makes you ask how different are these people from far-left Democrats? 

Both McCannites are affiliated with the Young Republicans organization, and one was recently active in the campaign of the Morris County Sheriff.  This leads us to wonder if the Sheriff shares these anti-prayer views too. 

More and more, this Young Republicans group in New Jersey is beginning to resemble a metro-sexual finishing school for socially-challenged post-adolescents.  Their commentary is cut and paste from the script of "Mean Girls."  Yes, Lonegan is in their "burn book."  "Oh, that's so fetch... on Wednesdays we wear pink."

Isn't it time for a little intellectual vigor?  They can start by asking themselves if they really want to be Republicans and how comfortable are they with the party's conservative platform.  Perhaps they'll discover that they're closet Democrats but unaware of it? 

It is also time for cultural conservatives to start their own public policy-centered youth organization.  There are thousands of meetings held across New Jersey by people who do believe in the power of prayer.  These meetings are attended each week by hundreds of thousands of people and the beliefs they represent are shared by millions in the state.  According to the Pew Research Center for Religion & Public Life, 67% of adult New Jerseyeans identify themselves as "Christian."  Of these, 34% are Roman Catholic, with 13% Evangelical Protestant, and 6% Black Protestant.  Mainline Protestant, Orthodox, independent Christian, Mormon, and Jehovah's Witness comprise the remainder. 

Of the non-Christian faiths (14% total), Jewish comes in at 6%, Hindu at 3%, Muslim at 3%, Buddhist at 1%, and other religions 2%.  Although so ascendant in political circles, in academia, the media, and in the cocktail parties of the one-percent -- only 2% identify themselves as atheists, with 3% calling themselves agnostic.  Apparently, the YR's are recruiting heavily from these very tiny groups. 

Oh, and the Wiccans -- that group particularly beloved of the pussy hat brigades and whose "religious" symbol is given equal billing with the Christian cross on the flags carried at rallies by Democrat Party operatives -- their actual numbers are so small (outside the aforementioned circles of politics, academia, the media, and the one-percent) that they fail to register.  Small, but as we see from the legislation they get passed, very powerful.

Yep, the nation needs all the prayer it can get.

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