McCann: "I got to stop drinking in the morning."

Yep, that is what John McCann said as he -- the candidate who hopes to take on Democrat Josh Gottheimer -- stumbled about, mistaking the Sheriff he had invited to his Saturday kick-off for a Democrat Mayor.  That was his excuse, "...drinking in the morning."  No kidding.  It is in his video, posted on YouTube, about twelve minutes into his speech.  Oh well, if you say so.


Candidate John McCann is a shambolic mess.


He had a member of the notorious Zisa family... yep, the liberal niece of far-left Democrat Loretta Weinberg's former running mate, up front, running the event for him.   Remarkable.


The Bergen Record correctly reported "scores" of supporters -- not the inflated numbers reported by the former house blog of the Christie for Governor campaign.  But then half of those were Democrats.  The candidate even acknowledged them as Democrats and told a shambling story about how he had apologized his "fault" for running a campaign critical of Democrats in 1995.  Wow, is that an asshole move or what?  You run at the height of Bill Clinton's madness and you apologize for calling out the Democrats?  Donna Brazile would make a better GOP candidate.  At least she's not afraid to call out the Clintons.


But it got worse.  McCann actually mocked people who get involved in politics because they believe in something.  He publically eschewed right wing and left wing -- instead he came up with a new way to describe people like him:  The Chicken Wing of the GOP.  And what does the Chicken Wing stand for?  It stands for getting paid.  It is no big deal for a member of the Chicken Wing of the GOP to be employed by a Democrat office-holder.  The Chicken Wing exists to make its members some dough and they don't let principles or things like party loyalty or right and wrong get in the way of that.  That's the GOP's Chicken Wing and every elected official -- other than the Democrats, of course -- present at Saturday's kick-off will be made to explain, at some strategic point in time, why he or she is down with the Chicken Wing.  Let's hope they don't choke on the bone.


Like the noisy guy at the end of the bar, candidate McCann rambled on and on bragging that he invented health care or some shit like that and that he was the founder of the property tax cap -- even though he wasn't around when it was passed, had nothing to do with it, and none of the legislators who actually passed it even remotely remember his name in connection with it.  In what became an extended rant encompassing a lot of unconnected thoughts, McCann claimed that there is no difference between the family values of a Roman Catholic and an Islamic fundamentalist.  Has he never heard of honor killings, arranged marriages, or child brides?  Yeah, those are "family values" in some places.  Hey, in Mecca, you can get your head cut off for being gay -- in Vatican City... no.


But it is all the same to John McCann who is perhaps the most well-educated idiot running for office who we have ever had the delight to cover.  This isn't the shallow end of the pool we're talking about here -- this is sitting in a bowl of your own piss and calling it the shallow end of the pool.  You see, ideas don't matter to John McCann.  Differences in ideology or theology or party loyalty don't matter to John McCann -- only the scam matters, the deal, the money.


Which brings us to his campaign's lack of it, money.  As the Record put it:  "Gottheimer, a former Clinton political aide from Wyckoff, spent $4.7 million to unseat Garrett. Garrett spent $4.3 million.  'If you’re running for Congress in the 5th District, you have to raise $2 million at a minimum,' said Dr. Benjamin Dworkin, director of the Rebovich Institute for New Jersey Politics at Rider College.  Dworkin said the 5th was one of only four congressional districts nationwide which switched from Republican to Democrat in 2016.   McCann said Saturday he has yet to raise any money."


Why would he?  McCann's candidacy seems to be designed by the Democrats and run by the Democrats to do nothing but screw up the Republican primary.


How so?  Remember the Democrats' reaction to Steve Lonegan's announcement?  They attacked him from the DCCC in Washington, DC, and from Gottheimer's home base in Wyckoff and they have kept on attacking him -- in emails, press releases, fundraising letters.  That's what you do when you face an opponent you are afraid of. 


And what do the Democrats make of John McCann?  Not a word.  Not even a barely suppressed yawn.  Why should they?  As the Record noted in its opening line:  "John McCann, the attorney and longtime right-hand man to Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino." 


That's Michael Saudino -- the Democrat Sheriff of Bergen County.  McCann is his right-hand man.  He is one of them.


In Sussex County, every person holding state or county office had to first pass through a Republican primary in order to get there.  Sussex County isn't Bergen County.  Backing someone because he works for another office holder isn't going to cut it in a Republican primary.  Especially when that office holder is a liberal Democrat.  Just saying.


Byram politicos push anti-Rights Brady resolution

In Byram Township, the political elite can at times be a tad weird.  No shit. 


Not so very long ago Byram had a town councilman named Rick Meltz.  The current Mayor spoke very highly of him and was rather shocked when Meltz got caught a few summers ago of planning to lure a woman and her daughter to a location so that he could... "snuff" them.


The Byram Councilman was part of a band of cannibal/rapists/murderers who conspired over a two-year period to "carry out the plots against potential victims, including infants."  A 23-page indictment outlined the charges against them.


Manhattan Attorney Preet Bharara called the accusations a "bone-chilling … chronicle of sadism and depravity that includes … very real steps to carry out … plans to kidnap, torture, rape, and kill the women and children they targeted". (Rueters, March 12, 2013)


"You want to hang the 9-year old," Meltz wrote in an email. "I would rather manually choke her but hanging is nice also."

Meltz served several terms as a councilman in Byram Township, was a Sussex County undersheriff until 1996 and ran unsuccessfully for sheriff in 1998... (Star-Ledger, April 6, 2013)


Meltz was real popular with the political class in Byram.  It was said that Meltz possessed a great deal of what goes for "common sense" leadership in Byram.


Now for the latest "common sense" idea coming out of Byram:  Let's come out swinging against the Second Amendment and the Bill of Rights.


That's right -- a month after a sex predator gets caught doing a home invasion that involves the sexual assault of two girls, let's try to make it tougher for the people of Sussex County to defend themselves and their families.


Why would you want to take away the ability to defend yourself when you have elected officials who get recorded by the FBI saying shit like this?


Meltz, according to the criminal complaint, touted his past experience killing women.

"As we said, murder is easy, getting away with it is not," he said in a phone conversation, according to the complaint. "The excitement and the adrenaline rush is incredible when you’re hunting some prey and they have no idea or concept that they’re being followed. They’re just in their own little nitwit world. They have no concept that within minutes or seconds they could be fighting a futile fight for their life." (Star-Ledger, April 6, 2013)


Heck, Byram is like the town of the walking dead -- guns are a must. 

So, whose bidding is being done by the Byram Township Council?  Well, it appears that the text of the resolution being considered this evening comes directly from the files of the leftwing Brady Campaign. 


You know the Brady people -- well intentioned, but lacking in practical application.  They want to see a world where gun ownership is limited -- like illegal narcotics are.  In practice this means that the law abiding won't have self-protection while the criminal class will have as much access to illegal firearms as they do illegal drugs today.


And this isn't good for places like Byram.  Because, heck, if the town's vetting process is so poor that the councilman and undersheriff is a madman intent on murdering your wife and eating your children -- you'll need a gun.


The One Percenter who stalks GOPer Frelinghuysen

We like Rodney Frelinghuysen because, unlike Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, he didn't try any bullshit, got drafted into the United States Army, and served in Vietnam.  That qualification alone carries him far in our book.

Last spring, a few media boys tried to create a "working class hero" out of a lawyer and bank executive named Saily Avelenda.   In covering her manufactured controversy with Congressman Frelinghuysen, the media boys consistently neglected to provide their readers with Ms. Avelenda's full title:  Senior Vice President and Assistant General Counsel of a bank.  Yes, a fully-fledged member of the one percent!  Before landing her job with Lakeland Bank, in 2010, Ms. Avelenda was general counsel for Hann Financial Service Company, and was a vice president and counsel for Hudson United Bank.

The media tried to make Ms. Avelenda into Northwest New Jersey's version of "La Pasionaria" -- just an average employee standing up to a powerful member of Congress.  In fact, Ms. Saily Avelenda is the co-founder of her own SuperPAC.  You know, S-U-P-E-R-P-A-C, those largely unregulated tools of the super rich that allow the one-percent to wield enormous power to lobby and affect policy in the least transparent way possible.

Yep, Saily Avelenda started her own Super-PAC with GOOGLE multi-millionaire Jonathan Bellack.  Bellack uses his vast wealth to shout down working class voters who can't throw the kind of money around that he can.  While most people worry about their kids' college tuition, property taxes, and staying out of foreclosure, Bellack uses his money to select those who tell everyone else how to live.

Bellack is so stinking rich that he can afford to spend $33,400 on a single dinner ticket, just to hang out with Barack Obama.  $33,400 is what the average working American pays for a new car if they can afford it.  Hey, if you had $33,400 in your bank account could you afford to spend it on ticket to a political fundraiser?  Thought as much.

Now for a word from the great George Carlin.

Carlin is right.  The education establishment sucks.  The establishment media sucks.  And GOOGLE -- the richest corporation in the world -- sucks!  GOOGLE already exercises a creepy corporate control over way too much in our daily lives, but they want more.  Not only does GOOGLE off-shore what should be American jobs to low-paid sweatshops overseas, GOOGLE off-shores its profits to avoid paying taxes to the United States of America.  GOOGLE, corporate lawyers, lobbyists, corporate executives, bankers, one percenters, owners of SUPER-PACs... This is what your Democrats have become. 

They complain about Trump when they damned well know they gave us Trump when they rigged the Democrat presidential primaries to cut off Bernie's nuts.  For once, the "obedient workers" refused to do as they were told and rebelled against allowing the corporate establishment and their media to anoint "Big Mama."

And Saily Avelenda?  Well, the one-percenter Senior Vice President and Assistant General Counsel of a bank has reshaped her media image into...

Yep... she's a "warrior princess"!  You see, this is what comes from playing video games too much and for too long.  You become detached from reality and actually believe yourself to be one of the characters in the game.

You also start to think that a good, decent fellow like Rodney Frelinghuysen is a monster because... well, that's how it is in those games.  There's the "baddies" and there's the "goodies."  Not the kind of character development you get in a novel, but who has time to read a book these days, right Saily?

Actually, the world is a bit more complex than our "warrior princess" would like us to believe.  Less black and white than she'd like us to think.  We'd like Ms. Saily Avelenda to examine with us the policy positions lobbied for by the corporations who paid her so handsomely.  We'd like her to tell us if she showed any compassion at all for those displaced, forced into foreclosure, made homeless by those policies and/or subsequent actions of the corporations she served.

In the real world -- the gray world -- maybe it is Saily who is a bit of a monster herself, and Rodney a bit of a hero? 

We'd enjoy debating Ms. Saily Avelenda or Mr. GOOGLE himself -- Jonathan Bellack -- about the need for Super-PACs in our already corrupt political environment.  We would enjoy a back-and-forth with these two walking, talking advertisements for Citizens United... and all the rest of what is wrong with our political process.


McCann manager attacked McCann's Democrat boss

You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.  The young fellow running candidate John McCann's effort this year, wrote a very potent attack against McCann's Democrat boss -- Bergen County Sheriff Mike Saudino -- last year, accusing him of siding with groups like Black Lives Matter.  The article appeared as commentary, under McCann's manager's own name, in the Save Jersey blog.


In the article, McCann manager Matthew Gilson, took Democrat Saudino (who was paying McCann, a patronage employee in his office, at the time) to task in a rather brutal fashion.  Here is an excerpt from what he wrote:


Saudino’s greatest betrayal?  Siding with the Democrats’ police-hating allies


Support for America’s local police used to be fairly universal or at least never a partisan issue.  Over the last year, however, Democrats have shown their true colors by siding against law enforcement at every turn. Whether it is supporting indictments for officers doing their job, or outright calling for violence against law enforcement officials, Democrats have been fairly vocal in their refrain: cops are the real criminals.


That’s what makes the betrayal of Mike Saudino all the more interesting...


One can’t help but marvel at his logic – or lack thereof – as Saudino cites the need to put good law enforcement over politics while siding with those who side with cop killers’ apologists. I can understand Saudino’s self-preservation instinct given the disarray within the Bergen GOP’s rank’s, but the larger message he is sending is one which frankly scares the hell out of me. That somehow Democrats are the party which supports law enforcement, or that campaigning for Bernie Sanders is something all those who support good police work should be doing? 


Give me a break, Mr. Sheriff.


Do what you want with your career but don’t insult our intelligence.


John McCann's manager makes the point that Sheriff Saudino's party -- the Democrats -- are "a party which thinks that Mumia al-Jamal should be freed from prison, and that Joanne Chesimard is a folk hero..."  which begs the question:  What was John McCann thinking when he agreed to take a pay check from these people?


Candidate McCann faces accusations of bullying

The candidacy of John McCann is uncomfortable to watch.  Starting with the candidate.  McCann is obviously one of those politicians who thinks he is "good with people" -- a "people person" -- when his discomfort is all too apparent.  We'll let Mitchell and Webb take it from here... 

Apparently, when his overtures don't quite work out -- when a target doesn't swoon at his advances -- McCann can get a bit testy.  Well, that is what he is being accused of by two local Republican officials.  The officials -- Joseph Hakim and Mike Ghassali -- claim that John McCann threatened them with information he said he could obtain through the Democrat Sheriff of Bergen County.  The complaints appear below:

Of course, we offer to candidate McCann and/or his campaign the opportunity to address this matter and we will be happy to publish his side of the story.

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