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Did Jay Webber abandon Passaic County conservatives?

In Bergen County, conservative Steve Lonegan has a full slate of county candidates running against the dregs of the BCRO and its hapless leadership, led by Paulie "the hand" DiGaetano.  There is a weirdness within the Bergen County political establishment -- Democrats and Republicans -- in that they derive great pleasure by mimicking the folkways of a traditional Mediterranean criminal elite.  We don't get it, but it seems to turn them on.


Over in Essex County, Assemblyman Jay Webber has his own slate of county candidates.  Webber, who has taken the phrase "Reagan Republican" and made it his own, was expected to link up with Lonegan in Passaic County -- where they both faced the county machine.   Whether this "machine" is the remnants of the once powerful organization that totally dominated Passaic County or the reconstituted second coming of the same remains to be seen, but it is still formidable nonetheless.  And so it made all the sense in the world for the two conservatives to link up in common cause.

But in the rush towards the April 2nd filing deadline, they failed to agree on ballot slogan and Webber raised objections to some of those candidates recruited by Lonegan.  "It became the Jay show," said one conservative activist. 

Webber bracketed his campaign with that of Brian Goldberg, a candidate for U.S. Senate.  Goldberg is running as a fiscal and social conservative this year -- a curious conversion from the social liberalism he displayed when he ran for the same office in 2014.  Lonegan was left with the conservative insurgents running for county clerk and freeholder.  Essentially, Webber split the movement and cut the conservative insurgents off his ticket.

The only way the county-level conservative insurgency was going to have a chance at winning was to be led by well-financed conservative congressional candidates in districts 5 and 11.  They have Lonegan in District 5 -- but that is just two towns (Ringwood and West Milford).  Webber booted them from his ticket in District 11 -- that's eight towns (Bloomingdale, Little Falls, North Haledon, Pompton Lakes, Totowa, Wanaque, Wayne, and Woodland Park).

To give our readers an idea of what this did, here are two sample ballots, one from a Ringwood, in District 5, and the other from Wayne, in District 11...

Now imagine how strong the conservative ticket would have been if it had stretched from U.S. Senate down through Freeholder in ten of the county's sixteen towns?  Instead, those conservatives running on the county level found themselves cut-off Jay Webber's ticket, all but assuring their defeat in the June primary.

Was this an act of treachery on the part of Webber?  Does he have a deal with the party bosses in Passaic County?  Why assure the defeat of the conservative insurgents and the ensure the hegemony of the machine?

There are many questions here but sadly only one certainty:  A great opportunity was missed to build a conservative infrastructure in the Passaic GOP.


Liberal Democrats rally around McCann's candidacy

After losing the coveted "Column One" position in Bergen County and filing a campaign receipts and expenditures report with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) in April that showed his campaign was deep in debt and not raising enough money to sustain itself, candidate John McCann apparently sent out an SOS to his friends and colleagues.  They responded in a big way.

A former Democrat candidate for Mayor of Bogota (Bergen County) stepped forward to accuse McCann's opponent of saying some pithy things about him a decade or so ago. McCann's campaign neglected to fully vet this Democrat (who they, oddly enough, describe as a "Christian conservative"), who recently attacked the policies of President Donald Trump and the Republican Party.   

This too is odd, coming from the McCann camp, which claims to be pro-Trump even as it puts forward "spokespersons" who are decidedly anti-Trump.  We get "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" thing, but McCann can only take this so far. 

Shambling forward came the "Ghost of losing the Legislature past" -- that impresario of the brylcreem set -- Paulie "the hand" DiGaetano. He reached out to the "mastermind" behind the Bridgegate scandal with the story about how McCann's opponent had said mean things about the guy who ran for Mayor as a Democrat. Mind you, this is the same DiGaetano who Senator Kevin O'Toole (R-Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Morris) claimed had threatened him.  It was widely reported on.  

O'Toole claims former assemblyman DiGaetano once threatened his life


Jun 9, 2016 - Paul DiGaetano, a once powerful Republican assemblyman and former gubernatorial candidate, is on the cusp of returning to an active role in New Jersey politics for the first time in a decade.

O'Toole Claims DiGaetano Threatened His Life | Observer


Jun 9, 2016 - Soon-to-retire state Senator Kevin O'Toole(R-40) has made claims that former Assemblyman and gubernatorial candidate PaulDiGaetano threatenedhis life during a one-on-one conversation the two men had over ten years ago as DiGaetanowas mounting his gubernatorial run. O'Toolespoke with ...

'I'll f---ing kill you!' Senator's chilling account of closed-door N.J. ...


Jun 10, 2016 - A sitting state senator says a candidate for governor demanded his endorsement, and threatenedto kill him if he refused. ... all the key parties. O'Toole(R-Essex) says the threatwas made in 2005 by Paul DiGaetano, then a leading Republican assemblyman dreaming about a long-shot bid for governor.

DiGaetano was in the middle of a campaign to be Bergen County GOP Chairman, so his opponent seized upon this to demand that he withdraw from the race: 

After O'Toole Threat Claims, Yudin Wants DiGaetano to Leave BCRO ...


Jun 9, 2016 - Current Bergen County Republican Organization (BCRO) Chairman Bob Yudin is calling for his competitor, former Assemblyman Paul DiGaetano, to step out of the race for the position in the county organization. Yudin's call comes after allegations that DiGaetanoonce threatenedthe life of LD40 state ...

 Of course, DiGaetano disputed Senator O'Toole's claims and even threatened to sue him.

Bergen GOP chairman sues O'Toole over death-threat claims - Politico


Jun 15, 2017 - Republican Sen. Kevin O'Tooleclaimed DiGaetano, now the GOP chairman in Bergen County, delivered a “threatof great bodily harm” during a one-on-one conversation more than a decade ago.

We haven't heard any news about the lawsuit, but it appears as though Paulie "D" learned a new trick, because he is pulling the same thing on McCann's opponent that was pulled on him.  Now it is DiGaetano who is making phone calls on behalf of McCann, urging that their opponent be made to drop out of the race for the Republican nomination for Congress in the 5th District.  

You couldn't make this silly shit up.  As a county chairman DiGaetano has been a disaster.  Now he is calling GOP leaders asking them to join him in demanding someone drop out for being accused of saying actually far less than what he was accused of saying -- only the guy DiGaetano wants to drop out was accused by a Democrat and DiGaetano was accused by a Republican.  

"Stumbling John" McCann and his followers are real pieces of work.  


McCann candidacy "illegitimate" without convention

The corrupt GOP party bosses in Passaic and Bergen Counties are trying to rig the Republican nominations in the 5th and 11th congressional districts.  In Passaic County, a hand-picked group of 23 under-bosses followed boss Peter Murphy's lead and endorsed John McCann in the 5th district and Tony Ghee in the 11th district. 

Who is Peter Murphy?

Peter Murphy is the GOP party boss of Passaic County.  Murphy was convicted and served time in prison for public corruption.  Here is what then U.S. Attorney Chris Christie had to say about Peter Murphy:  "We are pleased with the end result here – that Mr. Murphy served a considerable amount of time in prison for crimes which he has finally acknowledged committing as Republican party chairman in Passaic County... For those crimes, Mr. Murphy has lost his prestige and power, nearly a year of freedom and now is a convicted felon." 

In Bergen County, the party boss there -- Paulie DiGaetano -- simply hand-picked candidate John McCann and has rejected pleas for an open vote.

A leading candidate to replace DiGaetano as Chairman of the Bergen County Republican Organization (BCRO), Fernando Alonso, called on DiGaetano to hold a convention.  This is Alonso's statement from today:

I am calling on the Bergen County Republican Organization(BCRO) and BCRO Chairman Paul DiGaetano to have a convention for the 5th Congressional District nomination immediately.  The decision to not have a convention where the County Committee members have an opportunity to choose the Republican congressional nominee is unfair to everyone involved. It is unfair to Steve Lonegan because it denies him the opportunity to compete for the Republican Line in this important race. It is unfair to John McCann because winning the nomination without a convention taints his candidacy as illegitimate without the consent of the County Committee members. Finally, it is not only unfair to all of the County Committee members, but it further alienates volunteers, activists and loyal BCRO county committee members. The Convention should only involve eligible Bergen County committee members living in the 5th Congressional District. 

I am calling on Jack Zisa to show real leadership and do the same in calling for the convention. Otherwise, he is just an extension of Paul DiGaetano of what’s to come should Zisa be Chairman.    

Fernando A. Alonso, Esq. 
Bergen County Republican Chairman Candidate 


Are NJ Republicans heading for civil war?

By Rubashov

Remember the great culling of 2007?  That's when a bunch of young up and comers like future Bridgegate figure Bill Baroni, future LGBT lobbyist Tom Wilson, and a number of individuals associated with the Chris Christie project decided that some incumbent legislators had been there too long.  They were members of the Great Generation, had fought our nation's wars, and had rebuilt our party after the Watergate debacle.  But the youngsters said they were old, their time was up.

And so they set upon them and worked from within and without to push them, unceremoniously, from office.  Guys like Senator Bob Littell resisted such rude attentions, so they circulated rumors about his health and attacked him on blogs like the old PoliticsNJ.  In fact, the genesis of this blog can be traced from those efforts to defend that old gentleman. 

It is a decade later, and another culling is afoot.  Only this time, it is being led by the fag end of a depleted and demoralized party who strangely believe that the road to salvation is to become as close to the Democrats as possible on issues like abortion, LGBT, the Second Amendment, climate change (or global warming or whatever they are calling it this week), crime, Abbott Districts, COAH, and pretty much everything except a few balance sheet issues and the hobby-horses of this lobby group or that.

The voices in favor of this culling are not just limited to the metro-sexual wing of the Young Republicans.  Younger party leaders, some quite powerful, will assure you in all seriousness that the future of the Republican Party is about identities instead of ideas.  They earnestly believe that we must compete with the Democrats in having our very own LGBT or Muslim contingent.  Some will insist that only a set of breasts and a fashionable haircut will win the day.

As with any culture brought up on watery advertising, they eschew data and have developed myths and mythological figures.  Chief among these is the "soft Republican."  They will tell you that we must ignore all those old-timers who still judge people by their ideas and conduct, instead of their identity or surface appearance.  "Soft Republicans" (limp dicks?) is where it's at.  These softies -- in both mind and groin -- constitute a great untapped vein of young voters.  "They are the future!"  Or so we are endless told.

So here is a wake-up call for the metros who seem to run the party these days.  The data is in, and you are going to have to wait awhile for that coming day of the 57 genders.  The old f*cks aren't dying off quick enough and they'll dominate the party until some of you are well into middle age.

Nearly half a million registered Republicans, 43 percent of all Republicans in New Jersey, are aged 60 or older.  Another 31 percent are middle aged -- 45 to 59.  10 percent are 35 to 44.  9 percent are 25 to 34.  With just 6 percent 18 to 24.  The Democrats are not so much a young party as a middle aged one, with their two youngest groups coming in at just 8 and 13 percent, respectively.  37 percent of their voters are aged 60 or older.

The truth is that young people really don't like political parties.  They don't trust them.  So if you really want to appeal to the young -- quit party politics and organize a group around an issue that matters, like human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children.

Political party organizations are about as exciting as newspapers and about as relevant.  Except for the BCRO, whose website currently features a couple in a rather explicit situation.  But old people like them -- political parties and newspapers, that is -- and so for the next few more years we will have them.  But nothing is following.  There will be no GOP metro-sexual new day.  There will be something else, but it won't be a party as we know it today.

Now don't all you metros go running to the lavatories at once.  Your sperm counts weren't that much to begin with.  Have a good cry on your best mate's shoulder and buck up.  Because the old f*cks are still here... and so you still have a party.  But you are going to have to cater to them.  Or lose even more than you lose now.


Are liberal Dems trying to take over the Bergen GOP?

With InsiderNJ.com and other sources reporting that Bergen County Republican Chairman Paul DiGaetano will be stepping down soon "for the good of the party" an interesting battle for the soul of the once powerful and respected Bergen County Republican Organization (BCRO) is taking place.  The frontrunner to succeed DiGaetano is his loyalist Jack Zisa -- the notorious one-time mayor of Hackensack who blotted his copybook by endorsing corrupt liberal Democrat Bob Torricelli over his Republican opponent.

Zisa's brother is a former Democrat Assemblyman and crony of leftist Senator Loretta Weinberg, the darling of the Anti-Second Amendment, Pro-Abortion, Pro-Sanctuary State, Pro-Tax Increase, and Pro-Slavery Democrat establishment.  In December, Democrat Weinberg blocked passage of the Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act.  Because of this, the safeguards that could have been there to protect children from being lured into the sex trade and slavery will not be there this year.  Maybe next year?

Another Zisa family member runs All County Media, a political consulting & public relations firm that represents the South Hackensack Democrats and holds lucrative contracts throughout New Jersey with such Democrat-machine controlled entities as the Hoboken Housing Authority, Camden Housing Authority, and Secaucus Housing Authority.

All County Media is the consultant to John McCann's campaign for Congress and its principal serves as his campaign manager.  Many see McCann as a Democrat straw man.  The Bergen Record has identified McCann as the "right hand man" to Democrat Sheriff Michael Saudino.  It was Saudino's feud with the Republican County Executive that undermined and ultimately lost Republicans control of Bergen County.  The coup de grace came when Saudino, a one-time Republican, joined Hillary Clinton and Josh Gottheimer on a ticket that crushed Republicans in Bergen County.  McCann remained Saudino's consigliore through all of this and ran for Congress (as a Republican) with Saudino's blessing and while still being paid by him.

John McCann is just one of the phony Republican straw candidates managed by All County Media.  Another is Dana Wefer, a former Bernie Sanders Democrat who is now running in the Republican primary for the United States Senate, where she can bash the Republican frontrunner to the benefit of corrupt Democrat Senator Bob Menendez.  Wefer runs the Hoboken Housing Authority.  Yes, the same one listed as a client on All County Media's website.  Small world.

Incumbent Republican Leonard Lance is also facing a Leftist Democrat turned Republican in his bid for re-election.  And before he dropped out of the race, so was incumbent Republican Rodney Frelinghuysen.  The Left has even found a candidate to run in the GOP primary against incumbent Republican Tom MacArthur.  This appears to be a common strategy this year: Damage Republican prospects for November by playing in the Republican primary in June.

But in Bergen, the Democrats appear to want it all.  They want to permanently place the BCRO under their governance.  And John McCann and Jack Zisa are the way it can happen.

Will the Republicans in Bergen County fall for it?  Will they swallow the plug of shit being served up by Paulie DiGaetano, in the form of a compromised congressional candidate and a "replacement" for Chairman who is, incredibly, far worse than Whitman-era sellout DiGaetano himself? 

Stay tuned...