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William J Hayden: Do you agree with President Trump that Americans should come first?

**William J. Hayden is the Vice President of Skylands Tea Party**

In society we protect what we love and care for. 
Our families are protected at night by a minimum of a locked door. And by possibly a weapon of some type.
The rich and connected, have fences, security systems, and armed guards.
And in all instances, we want to know who we are letting in, before they come in, for our protection. 
Our banks, and government buildings all protected as well. And in many instances again, you have to show who you are, or at least show you are not a threat.

So why would we let people into this country without knowing who they are?  
After all, this country is our collective home. We all live here, we should all know that those coming here are at least not a threat. 

Here is a stat that should put things into perspective as to why we want to know who is here.

95% of foreign nationals in federal prison are illegal aliens 

Actually 23% of all federal inmates are illegal

Your safety should be #1 and illegal immigration is unsafe



John McCann stiffed the Sussex GOP in its time of need.

Candidate John McCann has been telling the story about how his father was wounded back in the days of the Weather Underground -- a radical group that came out of the 1960's anti-war movement.  Wikipedia describes them as a militant radical left-wing organization whose goal was to create a clandestine revolutionary party to overthrow the U.S. Government.

He's told the story before, back during the 2017 Freeholder campaign in Sussex County between Republican Herb Yardley and Democrat Dan Perez.  It will be remembered that Democrat Perez was an associate in the law firm of William Kunstler, the notorious Leftist defense attorney, and that the Weather Underground was one of Kunstler's more prominent clients.

When McCann first related his story -- in the midst of the 2017 campaign -- it was suggested to him that he publicly re-tell it, either in a statement to the media or through paid advertising, as a way to define just who Kunstler was.  McCann said that he would, but that he needed to discuss it first with "his people."  At the time, McCann was employed as the attorney for the Bergen County Sheriff, a liberal Democrat who shared the 2016 ticket with Hillary Clinton. 

McCann never followed through on his promise to assist the Sussex GOP.  While people like Jason Sarnoski and Steve Lonegan and Bill Hayden and Doug Amedeo and Dian Koster were stepping up to help the GOP win in Sussex County, McCann kept to the shadows and never followed through on telling the story.  Important to keep in mind, now that he wants to broadcast his story.

McCann's candidacy in CD05 is not the only weird, Democrat-connected effort in a Republican primary this year.  In CD07, Congressman Leonard Lance is facing a young Democrat-turned Republican candidate who admits to voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016.  In CD03, Congressman Tom MacArthur is facing a primary from a GOP social warrior with a left-wing LGBT agenda.  In CD11, Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen is getting a primary from someone who is more comfortable with Democrat Party politics and who opposes most of what the Republican Party stands for -- especially on the social issues.  What's up?  Is it Democrat mischief?

Time will tell, so... stay tuned...


Freeholder Graham tries to pull fast one on taxpayers

Sussex County Freeholder boss George Graham is desperate to change the subject in advance of the Freeholder Board's upcoming September 13th meeting. Remember that at the Board's last meeting, Freeholder Graham wouldn't allow public comment at a session devoted to the $500,000 "review" of the solar project.


Taxpayers were made to grin and bear the fact that in January 2016, Freeholder Graham hired the same lawyer to review the project whose office had signed-off on the project in 2011.  Graham is desperate to hide the fact that this lawyer was deeply conflicted, in the opinion of many. 


To get Graham's "version" out, the Freeholder boss turned to his old pal Bill Hayden, a Trenton-based bureaucrat at the New Jersey Department of Transportation.  Hayden, who ran for office in June, is under some stress at work for allegedly running his blog on state time and posting threats about those associated with the Sussex County Republican Party. 


To get around this, Hayden's blog announced that it was "under new management" and then promptly went back to doing what the state told him not to do.  Hey, when you are at work -- collecting a salary, benefits, and a pension courtesy of the taxpayers of New Jersey -- you should do what you are supposed to do. . . work!


Taking a page out of convicted Bridgegate felon David Wildstein's book, the blog announced that a new editor named "Dan Haines" was now writing the stories.  In fact -- just like Wildstein's "Wally Edge" (a long dead former New Jersey politician), "Daniel Haines" is long dead too.  He was the 14th Governor of New Jersey (1843-45).  He was born in New York City and died in Hamburg, Sussex County in 1877.  The Facebook page of "editor" Dan Haines has him as being born in New York City and currently residing in Hamburg.  Yes, these idiots are not much on imagination. 


Oh, and Governor Haines was a Democrat.  Having a long-dead Democrat politician attack Sussex County Republicans makes a lot of sense, when you remember that George Graham was himself a Democrat -- a Hudson County Democrat, where the dead regularly vote!  Yep, boss Graham sure does a lot of switching --from Democrat to Republican back to Democrat and now to Republican again.  Want to bet what he'll be if Democrat Phil Murphy wins the Governor's office in November?


So the "new management" thing is a lie.  We expect other lies to follow, in what promises to be a sad attempt by Freeholder boss Graham to change the subject from why he wasted $500,000 on a report that nobody is allowed to question in public. 


It's sad because it won't work.  The taxpayers of Sussex County are smarter than boss Graham and will demand to know why a 62-page report  -- costing Sussex County taxpayers $500,000 ($8,064 per page) -- never once mentions the role of the office that signed-off on the project.  And why Graham hired the lawyer who ran that office to do the review.  It's the $500,000 question (actually $518,000 and rising) and the people want to know.


The fringe cracks-up

They must have deluded themselves into thinking they were winning.  This is a phenomenon we see more and more and it is due to social media and to the ability to screen out all but the news and information that pleases you and supports your view of the world.  Many people have produced safe spaces for themselves where they are free to revel in a kind of solipsism that alters their perception more thoroughly than a strong narcotic.


And so we have Harvey Roseff, a local activist of some merit, posting on the New Jersey Herald about "mind control" as the reason for his candidates' crushing 75% to 25% loss.  He simply cannot understand the fact that people do not have the same priorities that he does, that they do not perceive the world as he does, and that they therefore do not act accordingly. 


The very things that make Harvey so unique, separate him from the Everyman.  So he plays his role -- something of a Cassandra -- but he plays it largely alone. 


The candidates Mr. Roseff supported are not his equals.  Career DOT bureaucrat Bill Hayden is an example of the waste and burdensome regulation that is a by-product of any government bureaucracy.  That Hayden attacked his opponent for funding him as a by-product of funding the state's transportation infrastructure was rather weird.  It reminded us of a German Expressionist novel. 


Nathan Orr needs to get away from home, out from under the shadow of past failures not his own.  Perhaps when he stops channeling the blind pride and arrogance that appears to be this candidate's inheritance, he will open his eyes to the people around him.  David Atwood lacks focus and seems obsessed with silly things -- like his ancestry.  Hopefully, this is just down to being new.  Young and new and as green as one can be.  He might get better with time.


All of these candidates spent the last months in a bubble fashioned by their earnest friends, supportive family members, and especially by loud-mouths like Mark Quick and Bill Hayden.  Many of their supporters fell into the same bubble -- and never questioned their perception and assumptions.


They still don't.  Now some are laughably making threats -- with Hayden threatening to lead them to a Democrat Party nirvana this November.  It has all the makings of a Jim Jones inspired soap opera:  The cult's bubble keeps bumping into reality so they defiantly isolate themselves further (for the sake of the "purity" of the cult), so when reality still invades they commit the ultimate pointless gesture of... Democrat Party nirvana.  Go ahead, drink the kool-aid. 


While the Democrats will have more money than the GOP this November, they will not have so much that they can stupidly waste it.  What little hope the Democrat high command had for Legislative District 24 has been dashed by the Republican incumbents' 50-point victory.  Such victories are generally reserved for inner-city districts with machine "lines" -- to secure one without a line is remarkable and it has been and will be remarked upon by Democrat strategists.


The county is a different matter.  Republican freeholder nominee Herb Yardley's victory was an impressive 20-plus points, but the county GOP is not in the habit of raising the resources necessary to confront the kind of determined campaign that we expect from Democrat Dan Perez.  He is a formidable opponent with friends in the GOP establishment who have already shepherded his career to a seat on the Sussex County Community College's Board of Trustees and as a SCMUA Commissioner.


The Tea Party could play a role in the election of Herb Yardley, and in the defense of Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen.  It is up to them how seriously they want people to take them.


Hayden blocks firefighters, endangers Sussex County

New Jersey has some of the most noxious bureaucrats in America -- renown for using their power to obstruct and destroy worthy projects just for the sake of doing so, to show-off their power, and flex their government muscles.  DEP and DOT are two of the worst offenders.


Curiously, these two have been known to cancel-out their own projects -- government projects -- over a turf war or just to see who has the biggest cojones.  In this, they exhibit the behavior of a pack of primates --threat-facing and throwing feces. 


Everyone respects and admires the vital volunteer work done by first responders and firefighters.  It is essential, life-saving work.  Only a petty, self-important bureaucrat would seek to disrupt that work. 


Such a bureaucrat is William Hayden. 


William J. Hayden (AKA Bill Hayden, Dell Hayden, Skylands Patriot ) is an 18 year public employee of the New Jersey Department of Transportation.  He works as a supervisor, based in Trenton.  Trenton sends him out on the road to regulate -- or rather, retard -- projects.  In  this way, something that should take a few months to complete, takes a few years -- and, of course, a lot more money.


Bill Hayden is the fraud, waste, and abuse the Reason Report talked about when they said how much money it takes NJDOT to do a project.  There is always some smarmy bureaucrat around to add extra time and a few extra millions onto a project.  What is unique about Hayden is that he is both the bureaucrat regulator, delaying and adding costs to DOT projects, and a candidate for office complaining about the added costs he causes as a bureaucrat regulator.  Yes, a real down-and-dirty hypocrite.


Earlier this year, the Frankford Volunteer Fire Company became one of Hayden's victims.  Hayden happened to be riding by the new firehouse they are trying to build.  In was an invitation for Trenton bureaucrat Hayden to lord-over the Sussex County firefighters.  Of course, Hayden found something wrong.  Apparently, the new firehouse driveway was one-foot off from the map.  This happens often enough.  Nearly a third of the properties in America have surveying issues -- and many are a lot more than a foot.


But that didn't stop Hayden from making the firefighters rip-up the driveway and redo it.  Instead of finding a solution that wouldn't cost so much, "Fraud-Waste-and Abuse" Hayden went full bureaucrat on them. 


This is why it costs so much to do anything in New Jersey.  Regulation and bureaucrats like Hayden.


The firefighters are a voluntary organization of people who risk their lives to protect their fellow citizens.  They are an asset to their community.  They invested a great deal of money into their new facility and every regulatory, bureaucratic delay affects the fiscal well-being of the organization. 


Torturing the firefighters over the driveway wasn't enough  for Hayden, he "found" other problems too.  Some speculate that he has a personal grudge against the firefighters, while others say it is just business as usual at the DOT.  Either way, isn't it time to order DOT bureaucrat regulators to work with important community assets like firefighters and first responders?  Instead of this "gotcha" mentality, why not smooth the way and help to get the project completed?


Hayden has responded by claiming that "the firehouse were out of conformance with their permit, and it was expired."  Well then Mr. Trenton Bureaucrat, GET THEM A NEW ONE ASAP!  Help them back into "conformance" -- this isn't a bordello we are talking about, Bill Hayden, it is a FIRE HOUSE!!!  We can do without a bordello, but a fire house is pretty darn important.


And what Trenton bureaucrat Hayden doesn't tell you is that it was his dicking around that led to the firehouse being out of "conformance" and wasting time so that its permit expired.  Hayden tries to blame his actions on legal concerns -- when he caused the delays that led to them. 


As a DOT supervisor, Hayden pockets a salary and extras more each year than any legislator earns -- plus full benefits and a pension.  Hayden is a member of the CWA -- one of the most liberal unions in America.  Hayden's union has endorsed leftwing Democrat Phil Murphy for Governor.


Hayden doesn't care enough about the issues to fill out questionnaires from the NRA or New Jersey Right to Life.  And Hayden doesn't vote much.  He made it last November, but the last time before that was 2010.  Now he thinks we should give him a second public job -- as our legislator.


Hayden is being aided and abetted by two cronies -- Nathan Orr and David Atwood -- who have chosen to endorse Hayden on the issues -- especially on those he doesn't care about.  Orr and Atwood applaud Hayden's lewd behavior and dirty tactics, and for that reason are running a joint campaign with him. 


Hayden is the Fraud-Waste-and Abuse at DOT that the Reason Report talked about.  He is a drain on taxpayers and especially, on property tax payers.