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Pro-abort McCann attacks Cruz endorsement of Lonegan

Self-described "Arlen Specter Republican" John McCann has attacked conservative Steve Lonegan for picking-up the endorsement of United States Senator Ted Cruz. 


Through an anonymous "spokesperson", McCann -- who the Bergen Record calls "the right hand man" of Democrat Sheriff Michael Saudino of Bergen County -- said that Lonegan was "out of touch" by accepting the endorsement of Senator Cruz. 


So let's see.  John McCann's model of a Republican office-holder is Arlen Specter, a RINO so extraordinary that he finally switched parties to Democrat because he believed he had become so distasteful to Republican primary voters.  A big government liberal who never met an abortion clinic that he didn't want to fund.


In contrast, Steve Lonegan has the strong support of one of the nation's top conservative leaders, Senator Ted Cruz.  The American Conservative Union rated Ted Cruz as voting the conservative position 100 percent of the time.  The National Taxpayers Union gave Cruz a 95 percent rating, while the Club for Growth rated Cruz at 96 percent.


When Arlen Specter was a Republican, before he embraced his "inner Obama" and became a Democrat in name as well as in practice, he didn't make it above 50 percent and some years flirted with zero.  This is who John McCann is modeling himself on.


You have to ask yourself... Don't we already have a liberal holding the seat?  And then the penny drops... McCann is a Democrat patronage employee put up by the Democrats to trash the Republican primary.  He isn't real.  Just a tool... for the Democrats.


The facts here are plain.  The Democrats (McCann included) know and respect the fundraising prowess of Senator Ted Cruz.  They know he will raise a half-million to a million dollars for the Republican in the race, Steve Lonegan.  They know that there are more than 2,000 Cruz donors who reside in New Jersey.


By attacking Ted Cruz, the spokesperson for "Stumbling John" McCann shows just how clearly out of touch he is.


George Graham worked for Mr. Gun Grabber

Remember Assembly Speaker Joe Doria?  The Hudson County Democrat was Governor Jim Florio's legislative point man in the passage of the most restrictive weapons ban in our nation's history.


So it is surprising to learn that Republican Freeholder George Graham, who owns a political consulting business, worked for Joe Doria in Hudson County. In fairness to Graham, who is now the boss of the Sussex County Freeholder Board, he was a registered Democrat when he worked for Doria. 


Back when Graham was a local elected official in Stanhope, he switched from Republican to Democrat in order to vote in the 2008 Democrat presidential primary between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Graham had been a Democrat before switching to Republican but later switched back to Republican, his current party today.  Just so everyone is straight, Graham went from D to R to D to R.


Graham's political consulting business, York Strategies, which included partner James Barracato, came up with slogans like "Joe Doria is full time Bayonne" and "I'm with Joe," according to the Hudson Reporter newspaper.  Although no longer a member of the Legislature, Joe Doria is still on the campaign trail with Jim Florio, only now they campaign for gun control and against the NRA (National Rifle Association). 


At a recent gathering the two called for new constraints on the Second Amendment, with Joe Doria calling the NRA "dirty".  Not to be outdone, Florio added that the manufacturers and sellers of guns were, in his words, "Merchants of Death." 


The presence of a growing number of ex-Hudson County Democrats in the Sussex County GOP could be cause for concern as they achieve more and more power.  Remember the warning in this old Nixon ad from 1972:



Now they're attacking Garrett for the gas tax

The anger-driven, screw-them-all cacophony of the Tea Party is now costing embattled conservative Republican Congressman Scott Garrett votes.


Facebook post:  "Didn't Garrett support the gas tax?  Really hurts Sussex County residents."


How misinformed!  But these are the kinds of conclusions drawn when you are functioning on high-octane hate.  Facts don't matter.  All that matters is rage and targets for that rage.


Scott Garrett is a Sussex County native who has represented New Jersey’s fifth congressional district since 2003.  This year, he’s locked in the most difficult race he's ever faced.  Garrett is an unabashed social conservative with an almost perfect conservative voting record.


The American Conservative Union rated him 100 percent last year. His lifetime ACU rating is 99.38.  Garrett is a founding member of the House Freedom Caucus and has the support of the Club for Growth.


Still, many in the Tea Party find him suspect because he didn't rise from their ranks and his politics predates 2009 -- Year Zero for the Tea Party.  Unlike many Tea Party leaders, Congressman Garrett is an old-fashioned conservative gentleman who eschews the kind of foul-language on display from Tea Party Facebook warriors and at Tea Party rallies.  He is definitely out of step with the movement's manner of communicating. 


This has earned Garrett problems from the Tea Party in the past.  He was challenged in a Republican primary by a Tea Party member who will be playing a big part at the October 22nd Rally on Newton Green.  Despite his 99.38 lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union, that Tea Party leader described Garrett as a far-left liberal.  Violence and threats have been directed at the Congressman's office.


In the past, the Tea Party has often let their emotions get the better of them.  At times, they behave as if they are disconnected from our shared reality, rejecting fact for feeling.  Too often, violence is on their lips.  They fail to forgive long time allies and friends, and instead heap the most vicious invective on them.  Here is a chilling post, by a Tea Party leader from Sussex County, that expresses the kind of desires that can grow when you fail to keep hold of your humanity, humility, and common decency:


"All 545 sitting in DC right now are guilty of treason. And all those living who have sat over the past 2 decades, since the signing of NAFTA are, too. That is our reality, they should all be indicted, dragged out in chains, the evidence a matter of congressional record and unimpeachable. And all should be subject to all the consequences the law provides up to the firing squad."


What this Tea Party leader is describing is a lynching.  Let's hope that's not what happens on the 22nd.  People don't need any more reasons to vote for our mutual opponents.


Bill Spadea... you have a lot to answer for.


Sussex County's Obama Republicans

Many county insiders know the story of how George Graham, now the boss of the Sussex County Freeholder Board, when an elected local official switched from Republican to Democrat in order to vote in the 2008 Democrat presidential primary between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Graham had been a Democrat before switching to Republican but later switched back to Republican, his current party today (from D to R to D to R). 


Graham is not alone.  In February, Daniel Perez got a plum appointment to be a Commissioner at the Sussex County Municipal Utilities Authority (SCMUA).  Those old-line GOPers probably had no idea that Perez was a donor to the presidential campaign of Barack H. Obama and Joseph R. Biden Jr.  An attorney, Perez' liberal views on abortion and other issues are not well known outside legal circles.


According to the SCMUA website:  "The SCMUA Board of Commissioners are appointed by the Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders.  Commissioners are appointed to serve a five-year term as provided for under NJSA 40:14B.  The Board of Commissioners serves as the governing body to the SCMUA which oversees the Sussex County Solid Waste Facility and the various wastewater treatment facilities, including the Upper Wallkill Water Pollution Control Facility.  Meetings are conducted in accordance with the NJ Open Public Meetings Act NJSA 10:4-6 et. seq. also known as the Sunshine Law."


Borough of Franklin Mayor and Facebook warrior Nicholas Giordano is another one.  Nominally a Republican, Mayor Giordano bragged on Facebook to constituents that he had voted for both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.  The Mayor, who is said to be seeking a political appointment at SCMUA, has been a somewhat controversial figure in Franklin since replacing longtime Mayor Paul Crowley last year.


What's up with the Sussex County GOP?  Who is doing the screening?

Obama voter: Mayor Nicholas Giordano