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Democrat candidates attack local community leader

Today Sussex County Democrats released an attack, on behalf of their legislative candidates, written by Democrat Party operative Fred Cook, of Blairstown.  You may remember that Mr. Cook was the guy who claimed that Assemblywoman Alison Littell McHose was guilty of "treason" for opposing President Obama's policies. 


In doing so, Mr. Cook was channeling the crazy views of others on this subject:


“All 545 sitting in DC right now are guilty of treason... they should all be indicted, dragged out in chains, the evidence a matter of congressional record and unimpeachable.  And all should be subject to all the consequences the law provides up to the firing squad.  This goes for many members and governors in the 50 state capitals, as well.  Treason. “


Now what do you say to that kind of crazy?

In his most recent attack, Fred "Duane" Cook took aim at Sussex County businessman Andy Mulvihill -- a supporter of numerous community charities in Northwest New Jersey.  Mr. Cook doesn't like Mr. Mulvihill because Mr. Mulvihill is as wealthy as Ms. Kate Matteson, one of Mr. Cook's Democrat candidates for the Legislature, who bragged last year about her "high tax bracket".  Apparently being a Democrat one-percenter is good, but being a Republican one-percenter is bad.  Thanks for the double-standard Duane, errr... Fred.


Duane, sorry, Fred Cook also doesn't like the fact that Mr. Mulvihill is involved in a bank that was formed by a number of Sussex County leaders, in response to the problems that local business people faced in getting credit to finance new businesses or to expand existing businesses.  Many of the larger lenders simply didn't care about increasing opportunities for employment in Sussex County,  so the bank was created so that, neighbor-to-neighbor, people could get the financing they needed to foster economic growth and create jobs in Northwest New Jersey.  The Sussex Democrats think that a bad thing because it's Republicans doing it.  Just because they are spiteful.


Of course, the Sussex Democrats loved mega-one-percenter Jon Corzine, a super-rich Wall Street banker who spent over $100 million to buy elected office.  Yep, go check it out for yourself on Wikipedia -- $100 million.  And these Democrats say they oppose "big money" -- LOL, they are Big Money!


Now the Sussex Democrats, including Duane Cook and the whole Matteson-Trish-Hamilton team are backing another mega-super-dooper-rich one-percenter (a one-percenter of the one-percent) by the name of Phil "I wrecked the economy" Murphy. Yeah, he's another one of those Wall Street bankers -- only this one shares in some of the responsibility for what happened in the run-up to the Great Recession of 2008.  Even his fellow Democrats call him out for being a phony:


"Democrats running in the primary for New Jersey governor on Thursday attacked front-runner Phil Murphy, saying he is using his wealth to buy political support and questioning his progressive stances... the personal cash he's poured into the campaign and his time as an executive at Goldman Sachs.

'We have a candidate who has made the system awash in money. It's obscene the amount of money,' Wisniewski said. 'It's pay-to-play at its worst.'

Murphy, who has put $15 million of his own money into the race so far, denied he bought the backing of New Jersey's 21 influential Democratic county party chairmen, who exercise discretion over ballot positioning.

...Wisniewski also said that Murphy had backed fracking during a speech in Germany, where he served as ambassador for former President Barack Obama, ...Murphy also came under attack for investing in corporations opposed by environmental groups that have backed Murphy. Murphy promised to put his holdings into a blind trust if elected.

Johnson seized on the point, though, telling Murphy that his current progressive stances were contradicted by his investments and previous comments.

'What is it in your time at Goldman Sachs that should give anyone any assurance that the progressive values you're talking about today are progressive values you've acted on at Goldman Sachs,' Johnson asked." (Associated Press, May 12, 2017)


So let's get this straight... a Sussex County community leader who always puts his hand in his pocket to help local charities is no good for starting a bank to help grow businesses and create jobs here in Northwest New Jersey.  Why?  Because he's a Republican.


But a mega-rich Wall Streeter who helped wreck our economy as a top guy at the bank that helped trigger the Great Recession.  He is great!  Why?  Because he's a Democrat.


Got it.


Sounds nuts.