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One picture is all you need to know about Rob Jennings

This is Rob Jennings when he worked for corrupt Democrat Governor Mario Cuomo.  Look at Jennings' face.  That's love, and ain't it sweet?

These days, Jennings works for the anti-worker Newhouse media group, responsible for damaging the economic well-being of hundreds of its workers.  Yep, Jennings is a "corporate" Democrat in the mode of Bill and Hillary.  He serves "the man." 


We are getting a bit tired of newspapers who sell themselves as "neutral" and "unbiased" and then they hire writers who are anything but.  And based on how many of these so-called "journalists" end up working for "corporate" Democrat candidates and elected officials after they leave the "news" business, it seems that many of them are just auditioning for their future political jobs while writing for a newspaper.  Want to make a bet that this idiot will end up on the staff of a Democrat like Josh Gottheimer, churning out "faux-left" propaganda, 24-7? 

Then again, how would that be different from now?


Now here is a story that an insider corporate Democrat like Jennings won't cover:  Bet you didn't know that there is a convicted criminal serving in the Legislature?  Yeah, he's a goodfella corporate Democrat and he was charged with stalking a woman.  He ended up being convicted on federal charges. 


This goodfella legislator belongs to the Democrat caucus, which has bottled up anti-home invasion legislation and has prevented it from going before the entire Legislature for a vote.  Jennings doesn't think that's important, but then read this:


Police: Man sexually assaulted 2 minors during Wantage burglary 

By Lori Comstock New Jersey Herald

Posted: Oct. 8, 2017

WANTAGE -- The New Jersey State Police and the Sussex County Prosecutor's Office last week brought multiple charges, including two counts of first-degree sexual assault on a minor, against a New York man after police allege he broke into a Wantage residence and threatened two minors with a gun before sexually assaulting them.

According to New Jersey State Police, it is alleged that after police arrived at the scene of the burglary, the man eluded capture by driving away in a stolen truck, knocking over a mailbox, and later abandoning the vehicle in a field. He escaped but was found four days later in Long Island, N.Y.

Craig Lassiter, 33, of Middletown, N.Y., was charged by the state police and the county Prosecutor's Office with the following counts on Wednesday: Two counts of first-degree aggravated sexual assault on a minor less than 13 years old; two counts of first-degree sexual assault during the commission of a robbery and burglary; one count of first-degree robbery while threatening to use a deadly weapon; two counts of second-degree sexual assault on a minor less than 13-years-old; two counts of second-degree sexual penetration while using physical force; second-degree robbery; two counts of third-degree endangering the welfare of a child; two counts of third-degree criminal restraint; two counts of third-degree terroristic threats; third-degree theft; two counts of fourth-degree sexual contact; and fourth-degree criminal trespass.

At 2:01 a.m., Monday, Sept. 18, troopers from the New Jersey State Police, Sussex station, responded to a Wantage Township residence after the homeowner called 911 to report a burglary, according to state police.

The caller advised dispatchers that he believed the burglar may still be in the residence.

When troopers arrived, they attempted to stop a Chevrolet Silverado with New York license plates which was driving away from the area of the burglary, police said.

When the trooper activated his overhead lights, the driver -- later identified as Lassiter -- swerved around the trooper's car, ran over a mailbox and sped away, according to police.

Troopers were able to quickly locate the vehicle, which was abandoned in a field, but Lassiter was not located after an extensive search of the area.

Upon further investigation, troopers discovered that the truck was reported stolen out of New York state.

According to police, when detectives and troopers continued their investigation at the residence where the burglary took place, they discovered the incident was more than a burglary.

It was determined that Lassiter entered the residence through a bedroom shared by two juveniles. Once inside, he threatened the victims with physical violence, told them he had a gun, and sexually assaulted them, according to police.

The juveniles eventually told family members, who searched the house and discovered their front door was left open.

Through various investigative means, detectives were able to identify Lassiter as the suspect and through a collaborative investigation with New Jersey State Police Fugitive Unit, New York State Police, Nassau and Suffolk County police departments, and the Middletown City (New York) Police Department, Lassiter was located and arrested on Friday, Sept. 22, in Bayshore, Long Island, N.Y., as the result of arrest warrants issued by Sussex troopers for eluding and receiving stolen property.

He was extradited to New Jersey on Sept. 29, and lodged in the Sussex County jail pending additional charges.

Lassiter is jailed pending a bail hearing.


Shouldn't so-called journalists like Rob Jennings put aside their political propaganda long enough to address real issues that impact the lives of ordinary people?  Stop working for "the man" long enough to do something positive for the people.


Is gay the new god?

Are some in the media its new high priests?

You can be forgiven for forming these opinions, especially if you've been watching the reaction to what Congressman Scott Garrett is supposed to have said at a private meeting.  Although no record exists of what the Congressman actually said, supposedly he told a meeting of Republican Congressmen that he didn't want to make a contribution to their campaign account because he didn't like the political ideology of the candidates they funded -- including gay candidates.

Now it has never been confirmed that Congressman Garrett actually said this, but what if he did?  Was he arguing that self-identified "gay" candidates are not by definition "conservative" and so, as a conservative himself, Garrett will not provide financial backing for their candidacies? 

We simply do not know the context of the words Congressman Garrett supposedly, according to sources, said.  But he did, supposedly, say the word "gay" in a negative context.  And that was enough.

You have to go back to the Dark Ages to find the kind of over-reaction that happened next.  Some in the media -- too many -- behaved as if it were a case of treasonous blasphemy and called on Garrett to publicly confess his sin and repent -- or go.  The editor of the Star-Ledger hoped for a savior, as he put it, a "gay John Wayne", to do violence against the Congressman.  This was kind of nuts, but other commentators went much further.

Trenton Democrats even launched a crusade led by an Ironworkers Union - trained LGBT operative, better known for sting operations against homeless shelters for women (what kind of people target and sue homeless shelters anyway?).  Remember the Ironworkers?  The FBI caught them burning a church in Philadelphia and the U.S. Justice Department has been winning conviction after conviction against them.

Looking at the Twitter accounts of some of these "journalists" you would think that what Congressman Garrett may or may not have said was the only important story in the last weeks of July.  When not enjoying their bobo (bourgeois - bohemian) lifestyle, it's all they want to talk about. 

But there are other stories out there.  Important stories that didn't get the attention Garrett's gay blasphemy (supposedly) story got.  And that's a shame, because journalism could have made the difference.

At the July 22nd meeting of the Sussex County Freeholder Board, Freeholder Director Phil Crabb read out the following letter from Freeholder Gail Phoebus to the Board.  It described an imminent concern:

July 22, 2015

The Honorable Phil Crabb

Freeholder Director

Sussex County Administration Building

1 Spring Street

Newton, New Jersey  07860

Dear Director Crabb and Fellow Freeholders:

The Sussex County Division of Social Services has reported that funding for the Emergency Assistance (EA) program has been terminated.  Currently, those making use of the program are all receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) from the Department of Social Security. As such, they have been determined disabled and not able to work.

The Housing Assistance Program (HAP) that helps people with a long term medical issues or disabilities with maintaining housing expired earlier this month.  Now there are 29 adults and 3 children (2 families) who face homelessness on August 1st unless the county can find the money to keep them housed.  One child is a 6-year-old girl who is undergoing treatment for cancer.  There is no way that we can stand by and see her made homeless. 

I suggest that the Freeholder Board hold off spending any money on filling administrative positions until we have worked out how to fund housing for these vulnerable people.  It is the prudent and humane thing to do given the circumstances we face.  Even if it means forgoing some of our salaries as Freeholders, I believe we should look at all options in finding the means for our neighbors to keep a roof over their heads.

Thank you.



Gail Phoebus

Sussex County Freeholder

Freeholder Phoebus' letter was sent to the same media covering the Garrett gay blasphemy (supposedly) story.  They were too busy.  Because there was no media coverage, no public pressure, 29 adults and 3 children will have no place to live come August 1st.  A child who is undergoing cancer treatment will have to recuperate from the street.

The media's priorities have real consequences.