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The mad, mad world of Dem expat John McCann

Last week, Jersey Conservative criticized candidate John McCann for not having a Facebook page.  So he got one in a hurry.  "In a hurry" being the operative phrase.

The problem when you react is that you often get things wrong.  Like this screw up:  "About:  John J. McCann is the only candidate with a proven track record of lowering taxes for New Jersey's 5th congressional district."


Now that's a lie.  McCann has never held office in New Jersey's 5th congressional district.  He was never in a position to have a track record of anything. 


Then there is McCann's crazy biography.


McCann begins by bragging about being from Massachusetts but claims to have moved to New Jersey because he likes it here -- except that he still has a place in New England.  We're told he's a Patriots fan. 


Then he writes that his mentor is disgraced Senator Arlen Specter -- a Democrat, who turned Republican, then turned back to Democrat after cutting a deal with President Obama, who was then dumped out of office in a Democrat primary.  Oh yea, he's also the moron who came up with the science-defying "magic bullet" theory in the investigation of President John F. Kennedy's assassination. 


McCann's big claim to fame was -- so he writes -- making up the chart that Democrat-turned Republican-turned Democrat Specter used to explain Hillary Care.  Specter would later side with Bill Clinton when he got caught having that canoodle with a young intern.  And this is the guy McCann tells us he's taking after?


In his biography that he wrote and posted on his Facebook page, John McCann explains to us that he worked for the Democrat Sheriff of Bergen County for six years.  How's that?  Yep, McCann held a patronage job courtesy of a Democrat Party elected official.  No wonder many observers believe he was recruited by the Democrats to screw the GOP's chances of re-taking the 5th congressional district.


He also writes that he currently works for the bi-partisan Sheriffs Association in New Jersey.  Yep, the same crew that has been criticized for their double-dipping and pension schemes.  Award-winning reporter Mark Lagerkvist has written extensively about how property taxpayers are being ripped-off.  In a recent NJ Spotlight report, Lagerkvist noted: " All told, the sheriffs on this list pull down about $3.3 million a year in public pay — $2.1 million in county salaries plus $1.2 million from state pensions." 


And get a load of this -- the top two rip-offs are elected Democrats from the 5th congressional district:


 1. Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino (D)

$267,987 – $138,000 salary + $129,987 pension as an Emerson Borough police retiree

2. Passaic County Sheriff Richard H. Berdnik (D)

$253,957 – $151,887 salary + $102,070 pension as a Clifton police retiree


What is John McCann doing shilling for these guys?  And how can he claim to be a tax saver when he represents tax rip-offs?


This is all self-inflicted.  He wrote this b.s. himself so he owns it.


Say NO to the Democrats' Sanctuary State scheme

Democrat Phil Murphy and his party are planning to turn all of New Jersey into one big "Sanctuary State" -- making it a no-questions-asked destination for folks here illegally.  In last week's terrorist attack in New York City, we witnessed the latest example of what happens when our government fails to properly vet people entering our country.  Now Murphy and the Democrats want to dial that process down and have no vetting at all.



A 'sanctuary state' will mean a huge influx of people who need the social services safety net more than average.  The Democrat gubernatorial ticket has promised to impose a so-called 'millionaire's tax' that will chase away those who currently fund the state's social safety net.  Those who are left... the middle class who can't leave because of a job, or because they can't sell their home for what they paid for it, or because their child wants to finish school -- they will have to make up for the shortfall in higher taxes.


That won't be easy, because at 26.1% of income, the cost of living in New Jersey is, according to Bloomberg, by far the most expensive in the nation.  Meanwhile, state household income is nearly seven percent lower than it was in 2008 and has only grown by a little more than one percent since then. 


Those coming to the new 'Sanctuary State' of New Jersey will enter the workforce of the gray economy, where the minimum wage doesn't apply.  But for everyone else it does -- which will leave trade union workers, manufacturing, medical care and health workers, service industry workers, and mothers with part-time jobs all at a disadvantage when competing for a job.  It will be bad news for people trying to pay their mortgage, their property taxes, those hoping to avoid foreclosure. 


And just where will all these newcomers to the 'Sanctuary State of New Jersey' reside?  Why in subsidized sanctuary housing -- courtesy of COAH and its plan to build tens of thousands of new subsidized no-questions-asked units throughout New Jersey. 


This will require massive infrastructure investment by taxpayers -- and an increase in property tax collections.  To pay for it, the Democrats intend to scrap the 2-percent cap on local government spending.  Under the Democrats property taxes rose an average of 6.1 percent a year -- triple the rate of inflation.  Since the cap, property taxes have gone up an average of just 2.1 percent a year.


If the Democrats ever build a border wall, it will be to keep working taxpayers in -- not criminal illegals out.  That is the shame of it.


Democrat Hamilton's lies continued. . .

At last evening's debate, Democrat legislative candidate Jennifer Hamilton pulled some facts out of... thin air?  Or her bottom?  We can't tell where they came from, but we can tell they have been made up.

Once again, there is data on this.  Perhaps they should go back to teaching the philosophical underpinnings of "truth" at law school -- or at least hone wannabe lawyers' research skills -- because if Jennifer Hamilton is a representation of this new breed of lawyer, you don't want her in the Legislature or the Judiciary.

In this case, the data is from the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority.

And the data is pretty clear.  Jennifer Hamilton lied -- again -- when she made the false claim that last year's gas tax increase is costing the average household $500 more for gas each year.  First of all, gasoline prices are lower today than they were in 2015, as this graph clearly shows, so nobody is paying more for gasoline than they have in the past.

Yes, we are clearly paying less today for gasoline at the pump than we did in 2015. 

So now let's examine Hamilton's $500-per-year figure.  According to the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority's latest data the total "Vehicle Miles Traveled" per day in the county is 3,113,131.  And the total number of housing units for Sussex County are 62,057.

If you divide those 3,113,131 miles travelled by those 62,057 housing units, you  get 50.17 miles per housing unit per day (on average). 

 Multiplying 50.17 miles per day by 365 equals 18,312 miles driven by the average housing unit per year in Sussex County.  If the overall price of gasoline had not declined, the New Jersey Department of Transportation's data indicates that the gas tax increase would have cost an additional 1 cent per mile.  At one cent-per-mile that comes to $183.12 per year.  NOT the $500 figure belched out at the debate by Democrat Hamilton. 

Hamilton lied.

And in any case, gas prices at the pump have gone down since 2015, not up.


Stupid? Hamilton thinks property taxes go to Trenton

Speaking at last evening's debate with Republican Senator Steve Oroho, Democrat Jennifer Hamilton let loose with this howler:  "We send an awful lot of money to Trenton in our property taxes..."


One problem.  Property taxes are not collected by the state.  Look at your property tax bill.  We pay property taxes to the county, to local government, and to the school district.  Not a penny goes to the state.


Is Hamilton stupid... or just another lawyer who lies to us?


Hamilton also either lied about or got confused about the length of the average commute Sussex County residents make to work each day.  Hamilton said it was 42miles -- but in fact, the United States Census has updated figures on this for 2016.  It is 42 minutes, not miles.  And that is for male commuters.  The average for women is 35 minutes, while the average for all commuters is 39 m-i-n-u-t-e-s not miles. 


Someone who doesn't know the difference between minutes and miles has no place being in the Legislature... and no place in the Judiciary either.  There is enough stupidity and lying in government already.


The data provided by the United States Census actually provides us with an understanding of the real problem going on in Sussex County:  The Highlands Act.


The Highlands Act was the brainchild of Democrat Governor Jim McGreevey and was passed by a Democrat-controlled Legislature.  At the debate, Jennifer Hamilton expressed her support for the Highlands Act, which allowed government to take away the use of much of Sussex County from the property owners and to lock it up for the benefit of providing an aquifer for urban New Jersey. 


Hey, nobody is against the cities having clean drinking water, but if you are going to take the use of someone's land away from them, pay them for their loss.  Don't just take it the way the Democrats did.  That is petty Marxism.


Since the Highlands Act came into effect, job creation in Sussex County has stalled and commutes have become more necessary.  Let's compare Sussex County with Cape May County at the other end of the state.  In Sussex County, just 45% of those employed work in the county, the rest must commute to work outside the county.  In Cape May County, 78% work within the county. 


In Monmouth County, which has a similar average commuting time to Sussex County, 62% work within the county.  That means that those who do commute outside the county must travel a greater average distance and spend more time commuting than do out-of-county commuters in Sussex County.


Some other data from the United States Census indicates that commuters in Monmouth County prefer to carpool much more than do those in Sussex County and that commuters in Sussex County use public transportation more often than do commuters in Cape May County. 


Note to Democrat Jennifer Hamilton:  The facts are out there, if you care to look for them.


Local Democrats embrace liberal ACLU agenda

The local Democrats running for office this year have gone whole hog over to the dark side.  Now they are attacking the Republicans for not having the support of those party-poopers at the ACLU who want to do away with Christmas and other holidays that normal people enjoy.

Yep, Jennifer Hamilton, Kate Matteson, Gina Trish, and Dan Perez are joining forces with those people who sue local governments (taxpayers) every time they put up a Christmas display.  Yes, these are the same folks who go apoplectic every time someone says a prayer at a public event.  And yet, somehow it is okay for these same Democrats to display banners with Islamic symbols and Wiccan witchcraft symbols on it.

Is this a case of "out with the old religion and in with the new"?

In the case of Republican Assemblyman Parker Space, the ANTIFA twins Kate & Gina attacked him for refusing to vote to allow convicted criminals in prison unlimited access to taxpayer-subsidized telephones.  Kate & Gina also criticized Assemblyman Space for not backing President Obama's decree that would have allowed anatomical males -- people with penises who think they are women -- into the private facilities of school girls (i.e. toilet facilities, showers, and changing areas).  Apparently, Kate & Gina think that the Republican is wrong for having concern for the safety of young women.

But who is really wrong here?  Is Assemblyman Space wrong for opposing legislation that would endanger the lives of women and girls in New Jersey.  Or are Kate Matteson & Gina Trish wrong (along with their Democrat running mates Jennifer Hamilton and Dan Perez) for putting politically correct fashion statements ahead of the safety of women and girls.  Watch this video and then YOU decide: