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GOP voters to McCann: Hell No, We Won’t Vote!

Less than 24 hours after the polls closed, congressional candidate John McCann showed up at a place where he should have had a better reception.  McCann attended the regular monthly meeting of Skylands Tea Party in Sussex County. 

The two incumbent Freeholders who endorsed McCann are regular attendees and have a following there.  So it should have been an audience open to giving McCann a hearing.  Unfortunately for McCann, his words were a stark contrast to the campaign mailings he’s been sending out.  And that didn’t go down too well with those in attendance. 

Memo to McCann:  Don’t lie to people.  It pisses them off.  Memo to McCann’s handlers:  Don’t let him interact with average voters.  He pisses them off. 

One of the most effective Tea Party members later had this to say: 

“Well John McCan't (is) already at it. How so, simple. I decided to stay after the Tea Party meeting which he showed at. Figured I'd ask some 2nd Amendment questions of him, and see if a come together moment could be had.  Well that didn't work out quite so well. 

I asked about national reciprocity and his position. He said he is for it, but there are things you can and can't say to win an election.  I told him this is precisely why the 2nd amendment people stayed home during the gubernatorial election.    

He mentioned the NRA questionnaire, and I brought up the one for the rally in Trenton. He said he didn't have time to answer it. It came at 7pm and he was with his kids. I replied horsecrap with today's technology and smart phones it would have been a snap. He got heated.

My buddy came up and then he broke the cardinal rule with me. He called one of my closest friends, a liar. F*ck you’s were exchanged and that's Mr. McCan't. 

Won't tell you where he stands and will lie about whatever. Even called a good guy a liar. 

When I said I would vote for him but probably not volunteer, I was wrong.  I'll take Josh Gottheimer over this clown any day, because at least he’s been a gentleman every time I interacted with the guy.” 

Another activist chimed in:

“McCan't is a liar.. lied at the PCRRO candidates mtg while asking for the committee’s votes. He’s just a useful puppet with the convict pulling all of his strings!” 

Indeed.  And here is another reaction: 

“I was done with him the second I heard his answer to the question on reciprocity. He immediately turned into a typical politician.”

Anyone who recalls that great Robin Williams film, “Good Morning Vietnam”, will get the next reference:  John McCann is becoming the “Lieutenant  Steve Hauk” of the 5th District and it seems the troops want Adrian Cronauer back. 


This week with Kate & Gina: Democrats want prisoners to vote and lobby (agree/disagree?)

The Democrats have a new demographic to practice their identity politics on... convicted criminals.  That's right.  The Democrat Party in New Jersey wants to give convicted criminals -- including those behind bars -- the right to vote. 

Yep, in the wake of rallies across the state to protest the police and the NRA, the Democrats announced their party's support for turning cell blocks into voting blocks and prison gangs into GOTV operations.  One group of liberals is rallying to handicap the police; another to take away your ability to protect your family from murder, rape, and robbery; while a different group of liberals is giving electoral power to murderers, rapists, and robbers.  It's liberalism at its most raw. 

Now we all know what happens when a politician smells a vote.  They're going to give something away to get it.  Laws are going to get progressively weaker and weaker.  Especially when the Star-Ledger reports that there are 100,000 criminal votes to be had in New Jersey.  That many votes could easily swing a statewide election and a large prison population would certainly shift the balance in a legislative seat or two. 

Imagine Shawn Custis as a prison ward leader, lobbying the Democrat-majority Legislature, organizing a petition drive (doubtless with the help of Action Together and the Women's March) to get Governor Goldman-Sachs 2.0 and Tammy Jane Fonda to sign into law a community release program that gets him out of doors again... Coming to a average door in an average community like yours.

The police will be told by their political paymasters not to act.  And you won't have a weapon to defend yourself when it happens, because the other set of "enlightened folk" will have already solved that for you.  Let's vilify the police and law-abiding gun owners while we pander to actual convicted criminals.  Makes sense... if you want a Mad Max kind of world.

So who is the new political leader from Rahway?  Why it is the Honorable Mr. Custis.  Oh, you don't know him?  Well here, why don't you catch some of his work...

So where do you stand?


McCann lies again. No he's not pro-second amendment

John McCann tried sweet-talking a speaking spot out of the organizers of yesterday's Pro-Second Amendment rally in Trenton.  The rally, which was hosted by the NRA and its state affiliates, was well-attended and featured a number of prominent speakers with solid Pro-Second Amendment records, including Senator Steve Oroho, NRA National Board member Scott Bach, Assemblyman Parker Space, Assemblyman Hal Wirths, former Mayor Steve Lonegan, and former Assemblywoman Donna Simon.

John McCann did not end up speaking.  According to several sources familiar with the event, McCann was asked to fill out an NRA questionnaire to determine where he stood on the issues and McCann refused to do so.  Like another candidate associated with Passaic County machine boss Peter Murphy, he won't say. 

But McCann is a resilient bullshit artist.  His campaign rolled out an often-repeated story claiming that his father had been the victim of a terrorist attack by the Weatherman organization, a radical group of 1960's leftists.  But McCann's story keeps on changing with regards to this incident.  And the official records of law enforcement and the judiciary do not match McCann's claims.  More on this later.

In any case, McCann uses this exaggerated tale to claim that he is Pro-Second Amendment when his actions indicate that he is simply spinning us.  Any man, worthy of the name, should have the balls to tell us where he stands on the issues. 

We suggest that candidate John McCann grow a pair and fill out the questionnaire.  The voters deserve to know who and what they are voting for.


Message from the Kids Rally: Tomorrow belongs to me

"We are the voices of the new generation... We want change, and those who try to stop us cannot stand in our way. We will outnumber you, we will outvote you, and we will outlive you." (High School student, March 24, 2018, Newton, NJ)

This has all happened before.  The same words were used by another generation of students who demanded security over freedom.  They ended up with neither.

What began as a modernist dream ended in retching sadness.  

"I have a message for all of those politicians... Your thoughts and prayers are not going to stop this from happening over and over again, like it has for the past 20 years." (Ibid)

Yes.  We are going to need to address our rotting culture.  A culture, by the way, that many of those young marchers have totally bought into. 

Twenty years ago... In the aftermath of the Columbine shootings, President Bill Clinton first highlighted the problem of violence in our culture and how it was being marketed for profit.  Psychologists had long noted how violent media content acts like a drug on childhood development, chemically altering a child's brain. 

It was President Clinton who pointed out that study after study, and the marketing documents of the entertainment industry itself, all pointed to the entertainment industry's premeditated marketing of violence to children and their undeveloped brains.  All the evidence was there.  Then he went further and ordered a study by the Federal Trade Commission.  The study, released on September 11, 2000, can be accessed below:


In response, the entertainment industry increased its campaign contributions by 1,000 percent and spent hundreds of millions on lobbying and soft money to convince Congress to forget every study it had ever read.  Then September 11, 2001, occurred and concerns over media violence were ignored in the run-up to war.  Some in the entertainment industry never forgot, and when another Clinton ran for President, they derailed her by supporting a first-term senator named Barack Obama.  

Does our young high school student really believe that government will be able to eliminate the illegal possession of firearms any better than it has eliminated the illegal possession of narcotics?  Is there any high school in America free from illegal drug use?

President Richard Nixon declared war on drugs in 1971.  That's before most parents of today's high schoolers were born.  Are we any closer to winning that war -- or have we started to surrender, making up reasoning for decriminalization of those things long warned against?

Gun-free school zones have been disastrous failures.  Will trying to make all of America "gun-free" fare any better?  Instead of carrying the agenda of pre-existing movements, like the anti-NRA Brady bunch, shouldn't students be separating themselves from the failed paradigms of the past?

Of course, that would take thinking in place of emotion and a "be-in" is always cooler than a think-in.  Rallies, like dance parties, stir the emotions.  And the emotions of the young have always been a target for hijacking and abuse by political authoritarians.


If you want to protect children in schools make that the priority.  In other nations, including those on the front line in the battle with terrorism, school shootings are rare.  Despite schools being a prime target for terror attacks, in Israel there have been just six attacks on schools since 1974.  

America doesn't have Hamas or the Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades or Palestinian Islamic Jihad operating on its borders -- so why does America do such a poor job protecting our schools when other nations, in active battle with terrorist groups, manage it so much better?  Is it simply the case that other nations face facts, while we prefer to bask in emotion and the idea that "it shouldn't happen here" in exceptionalist America? 

We are going to be looking very hard at this and passing along ideas for solutions.  We invite commentary and participation from all.


Sussex Democrats are hypocrites on gun control

The Sussex County Democrat Committee wanted to use school children for a political protest against the Republicans who beat them at the polls last year.  It was pure politics.

Last year, the executive director of the Sussex County Democrats couldn't have been more pro-gun if she tried. 

This is why you can't trust these people.