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McCann campaign caught exaggerating again

The statement from John McCann's campaign reads:  "Dr. Darrell Scott endorses John McCann for Congress."

Who is Darrell Scott? 

His Wikipedia page states:  "As a minor, Scott aspired to be a drug dealer and pimp; Scott sold drugs, used cocaine, stole automobiles and took his father's 9mm pistol to school at age 16 and was expelled for it.  While in his 20's, Scott became a born again Christian after being inspired by his wife who was born again months earlier, after a neighbor had urged her to attend church. 

Scott is the founder and pastor of New Spirit Revival Center, in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.  Scott's non-denominational church operates out of a former Jewish Synagogue built in 1924, a 115k square foot facility, that has a daycare, banquet hall and radio station, with 3,500 members as of 2005.  The radio station broadcasts under call sign WCCD (1000 AM) – branded Radio 1000. WCCD."

In the 2016 presidential election, Darrell Scott became a prominent African-American supporter of Donald Trump.  Speaking of Darrell Scott, candidate John McCann said: "Dr. Scott is an inspirational leader fighting for change in Washington.  I look forward to going to Washington to work with our President and Dr. Scott to revitalize our communities and win for every American."

What does this mean? 

Well, in March of last year, Darrell Scott suggested to the President of the United States that he was in contact with the "top gang thugs" in Chicago and that they would agree to "lower the body count" if the Trump administration would agree to "come and do some social programs."

Yeah, no shit.

There was a huge and damaging (to Trump) outcry over these comments and Darrell Scott had to walk them back.  His excuse was that he was tired when he made the comments.

Here is a video and story from Fox News in Chicago:


But what we're interested in is where that title "Doctor" comes from.  As Darrell Scott is a pastor, we are quite content to honor him with the title "Reverend," but "Doctor" indicates that he holds a "Doctorate" in some subject and Wikipedia doesn't list any institution of higher education that he attended. 

So we looked into it a bit, and we discovered that Darrell Scott's "doctorate" is an honorary one, from an unaccredited institution.  Out of respect for Darrell Scott, we will not go into the details, but we suggest to the McCann campaign that they update their statement to read "Rev. Darrell Scott" and leave "Dr." for those who have earned that title.


Is John McCann, attorney for the Sheriffs' Association, ineligible to practice law?

Candidate for Congress John McCann has been providing legal advice to Democrat Sheriff Michael Saudino for years.  The Bergen County Record calls McCann the "right-hand man" to Democrat Saudino.  McCann is also the lawyer for the New Jersey Sheriffs' Association. 

So how come he is listed as "ineligible" on the New Jersey Attorney Index?

Based on a search that includes both his private law office and the Bergen Sheriff's office, it appears that candidate/attorney John McCann is "administratively ineligible" to practice law in New Jersey.  Here is the exact definition of his status from the NJ Judiciary website, as reported in the New Jersey Attorney Index:

According to a records check by an employee of the NJ Courts, John McCann is ineligible to practice law in New Jersey as a result of his failure to pay required New Jersey Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection fees since October 2012.  If so, then he has been unable to practice for five years.  This could place some of the cases he's been involved with in some jeopardy. 

We invite Mr. McCann to pen a clarification or response to the information printed here.


Pro-abort McCann attacks Cruz endorsement of Lonegan

Self-described "Arlen Specter Republican" John McCann has attacked conservative Steve Lonegan for picking-up the endorsement of United States Senator Ted Cruz. 


Through an anonymous "spokesperson", McCann -- who the Bergen Record calls "the right hand man" of Democrat Sheriff Michael Saudino of Bergen County -- said that Lonegan was "out of touch" by accepting the endorsement of Senator Cruz. 


So let's see.  John McCann's model of a Republican office-holder is Arlen Specter, a RINO so extraordinary that he finally switched parties to Democrat because he believed he had become so distasteful to Republican primary voters.  A big government liberal who never met an abortion clinic that he didn't want to fund.


In contrast, Steve Lonegan has the strong support of one of the nation's top conservative leaders, Senator Ted Cruz.  The American Conservative Union rated Ted Cruz as voting the conservative position 100 percent of the time.  The National Taxpayers Union gave Cruz a 95 percent rating, while the Club for Growth rated Cruz at 96 percent.


When Arlen Specter was a Republican, before he embraced his "inner Obama" and became a Democrat in name as well as in practice, he didn't make it above 50 percent and some years flirted with zero.  This is who John McCann is modeling himself on.


You have to ask yourself... Don't we already have a liberal holding the seat?  And then the penny drops... McCann is a Democrat patronage employee put up by the Democrats to trash the Republican primary.  He isn't real.  Just a tool... for the Democrats.


The facts here are plain.  The Democrats (McCann included) know and respect the fundraising prowess of Senator Ted Cruz.  They know he will raise a half-million to a million dollars for the Republican in the race, Steve Lonegan.  They know that there are more than 2,000 Cruz donors who reside in New Jersey.


By attacking Ted Cruz, the spokesperson for "Stumbling John" McCann shows just how clearly out of touch he is.


Ted Cruz Endorses Lonegan For Congress In New Jersey’s 5th District

HOUSTON, Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today announced his endorsement of New Jersey's conservative standard-bearer Steve Lonegan who is running for Congress in New Jersey’s Fifth District.


“Steve Lonegan is a tireless advocate for our founding principles who has proven his willingness to boldly take his message directly to the people of New Jersey, and I am proud to endorse him to become the next Member of Congress from the Fifth District,” Cruz said. “I have known Steve for many years, and look forward to working with him to grow jobs, expand freedom, and ensure the security of the American people.”


Lonegan graduated from William Paterson College with a B.A. in business administration, and went on to earn his MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University.  He is the former Mayor of Bogota, NJ and was the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in the 2013 special election.


The endorsement by Senator Cruz is only the latest in a string of endorsements coming to Lonegan from state legislative leaders like Bergen County's Senator Gerry Cardinale and grassroots organizations representing Second Amendment voters, property taxpayers, Pro-Life and traditional values.  Conservatives continue to rally to Steve Lonegan as their best chance to elect an alternative to the warmed-over Clintonista policies of liberal Democrat incumbent Josh Gottheimer.


Later today, Lonegan will be meeting with conservative leaders in Washington, DC, including Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform.  For more information on Steve Lonegan's campaign for Congress, visit www.Lonegan.com.


An epidemic of single-bidder contracts

As prosecutors get down to unraveling the complex web of relationships behind the "solar gold rush" that resulted in some politically-connected firms getting a lot of money while taxpayers in counties like Sussex were left holding the bag, they will no doubt focus on who knew whom way back in 2005 when these political alliances were forming.  The social circles these people travelled in -- gatherings in upscale Manhattan and the political cocktail circuit of some of the more expensive communities in Morris and Somerset Counties.  And let's not forget the hot tub parties hosted at a multi-million dollar shore house.  All gathering grounds for the chic and well-connected to play, exchange information, and make deals.

The result of all this was a notable absence of competition to facilitate the "solar gold rush" in New Jersey.  While some states saw scores of engineering and other vendors line up for a taste of taxpayer dollars, too often New Jersey saw a single bidder looking for a too narrowly-written contract.  This trend was getting noticed even before Sussex County decided to try its hand at going solar.

Consultants get a cut from North Jersey solar energy projects

JULY 24, 2011    LAST UPDATED: MONDAY, JULY 25, 2011, 6:37 PM




Two politically connected firms at the front of the solar energy development gold rush are teaming with North Jersey improvement authorities to sell projects to local governments and school districts.

In the latest push, the firms, together with the Passaic County Improvement Authority, are pitching a no-money-down solar-paneling solution to the county’s municipalities and districts to help reduce electricity costs. It’s asking them to sign on to a 15-year pact in which a developer would install the panels and then charge the government entities rates lower than those currently paid.

Bergen County is using a different approach — private financing and smaller scale.

So far, Passaic County’s efforts have met with mixed results after numerous presentations. For instance, Clifton has signaled interest, and both the borough of Ringwood and the Lakeland school district signed on to the plan this month, but North Haledon’s Borough Council recently heard the pitch and took a pass, expressing concern about unknowns of the cost structure.

"The advantage of the program is having an outside agency look at the proposals and make sure there are real cost savings," said Clifton Mayor James Anzaldi.

But the project would include layers of professional fees from the collaborative efforts of the legal firm of Decotiis, Fitzpatrick and Cole LLP based in Teaneck and New York, and the engineering firm Birdsall Services Group of Sea Girt. The two firms have already spearheaded the same solar development model in Morris, Union and Somerset counties and are now helping evangelize the plan throughout Passaic County.

Decotiis is responsible for the legal side of the project, writing the contracts with the developers and drafting the wording of resolutions to bind local governments to agreements. Birdsall Services Group is responsible for the engineering side — helping governments select sites for the construction and vetting developers to build the panels once bids are sought.

 Former Decotiis partner Steven Pearlman, called the "godfather" of the plan by one county administrator, created the concept when he was general counsel for Morris County in 2008. The $21.6 million project is estimated to save the county $3.8 million over the 15-year life of the project. The plan became known as the "Morris Plan," and Pearlman pitched it to the Somerset County freeholders in 2009, signing the county onto the plan in 2010. Over the next year Union County brought the same team in to develop the plan for its towns.

Somerset County Improvement Authority project manager Yvonne Childress said that although the county went through a competitive selection process before signing on with the firms, the three companies selected were the only ones to apply: Birdsall; the Decotiis firm; and Inglesino, Pearlman, Wyciskala & Taylor LLC — a firm Pearlman helped found after leaving Decotiis.

Pearlman’s new law firm handled the bonding for the project, obtaining credit through the county. Birdsall, Decotiis and Pearlman did not respond to requests for comment.

"We have learned that more law firms are starting to model this program, so going forward, there may be more players in this game," Childress said in an email.

Both firms have contributed generously to election campaigns statewide, and have received impressive contracts from state and local governments.

Birdsall has contributed at least $669,910 to state and local elections since the solar push began in 2008 through 2010, the last date for which complete contributions are tallied. During that same period, the company received $70 million on all its state public-works contracts. The improvement authorities have not yet provided The Record with contract amounts for the solar projects.

Decotiis employees gave at least $200,000 to state and local campaigns, according to state election records. The firm received $45.7 million in New Jersey contracts in the same three years, according to public records.

In Passaic County, the group of consultants, along with the PCIA, has pitched the proposal to towns that include Hawthorne, Woodland Park and West Milford.

Nicole Fox, PCIA executive director, said she would not be available for comment by deadline.

In the solar-paneling project, the construction costs would all be paid by the developer, using cheaper credit from bonds written through the county. The builder would make back his money by charging the governments involved for the electricity produced and used by those governments. The firms pitching the deal are offering significant savings to government over the life of the program — Clifton, for example, would save as much as $85,000. Bonding through the county could, presumably, offer a lower rate than private financing and help the developer to pass on the savings to taxpayers.

In Passaic County, the developer, which hasn’t yet been selected, will have to charge governments enough to recoup construction costs and make a profit over a 15-year contract, and it also will have to add in the fees for Birdsall and Decotiis, according to the PCIA.

John Bonanni, commissioner of the Morris County Improvement Authority, the first to use the plan, noted those add-ons as significant.

"But someone has got to pay them," he said. "[The fee] gets baked into the cake."

Passaic County’s local governments and school districts have until the beginning of August to sign on — the PCIA will request proposals from developers by the end of that month, Fox said. Construction would start in fall and last one year.

Bergen County’s solar projects are of a smaller scale and without financing through public bonds. Instead a private solar financing company, Sunlight General Capital, is putting up the money and charging for the electricity. Bergen has built panels on the  Prosecutor’s Office in Paramus and the parking garage of the County Administrative in Hackensack.