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McCann adopts liberal Mario Cuomo's position on abortion

Candidate John McCann recently sent out one of the most dishonest letters in the recent history of the GOP in New Jersey.  This is the same guy who said he was running for Congress because Senator Gerry Cardinale and Scott Garrett were too conservative. 

McCann is the same guy who throughout his political career claimed to follow the policies and politics of liberal U.S. Senator Arlen Specter.  The same guy whose boss -- Democrat Sheriff Michael Saudino -- campaigned for re-election on a ticket headed by Hillary Clinton.  

In McCann's undated, mass-produced letter, he appealed for support by using the cheap lawyer's device of parsing words so that they, on closer inspection, mean the opposite of what they appear to mean on first reading.  In other words, McCann tries to pull the wool over the eyes of the reader.

For instance, McCann writes:  "I am personally pro-life". 

This is the exact language used by liberal pro-abortionist Mario Cuomo, the former Democrat Governor of New York, and it's become known as  the "personally opposed, but" position on abortion.  As everyone who is Pro-Life knows, this is the pro-abortion position used by dishonest politicians trying to have it both ways.  Bill Clinton used it.  So did the Democrat running against Senator Steve Oroho last year in LD24.  It is total b.s.

And like Cuomo did in his famous speech at Notre Dame in 1984 -- "the Catholic Church is my spiritual home" -- John McCann references his Catholic faith in an attempt to appeal to those he will be voting against, should he ever hold elected office.  McCann is just a less eloquent version of Cuomo -- a less pretty veneer trying to cover over the same liberal crap.

When McCann attended a recent fundraiser hosted by the Skylands Victory PAC, he stunned those present with a weird talk about how his wife -- an ob-gyn doctor in New York City -- did not perform "late-term abortions."  What??? 

Why would a candidate running in a Republican primary in the Pro-Life 5th District even bring that up?  But there he was, assuring everyone present of that distinction.  Did McCann take temporary leave of his senses, or did someone coach him to say it? 

It's time for John McCann and his crew to just be honest about where they stand and stop playing bait-and-switch lawyer games.  


A Sussex Grandmother on tomorrow's GOP primary

We saw this email and decided to distribute it.  It makes a number of good points.

From: "Andrea Bunny Cocula" <bunny123@warwick.net>

Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2017 13:13:33 -0400

To: 'Andrea Bunny Cocula'<bunny123@warwick.net>

Subject: Vote for Experienced Republicans OROHO-SPACE-WIRTHS


Vote for Experienced Republicans we Respect

Tomorrow's Republican Primary offers a clear choice between those who know how to get things done and who get things done vs. big talk and nothing to show for it.

Senator Steve Oroho has helped thousands of people in Sussex County and District 24. 

He is New Jersey's number one tax cutter and since 2011 has been responsible for billions in tax cuts to help business grow jobs, for senior citizens, for consumers, veterans, family farms, and working families.  He's brought back millions in property tax relief and prevented property tax increases that would have added nearly $600 more onto the average yearly bill.

Assemblyman Parker Space leads the legislature in proposing ways to tackle New Jersey's high property taxes -- with 55 bills that address every aspect of this problem.  Along with Steve and Hal, he supports Senator Mike Doherty's Fair School Funding Reform.  Like Steve and Hal. Parker is a Second Amendment champion and a fighter for the Right to life.

As Labor Commissioner, Hal Wirths cut millions in taxes for business and prevented a business tax increase.  He reformed the state's unemployment trust fund and tracked down and eliminated a billion dollars in benefits fraud.  Hal balanced the books when he was a Sussex County Freeholder, cut spending, and reduced the debt.  He will make a great Assemblyman.

Opposing them is a Trenton bureaucrat who has used regulation to gum up the works of worthy projects here in Sussex County, a young man who has yet to pay a property tax bill, and another candidate who has never voted in a Republican primary.

That's why I support Steve Oroho for Senate, Parker Space and Hal Wirths for Assembly.  Experience matters.  Doing counts for more than big talk.  Thank You ~ Bunny ~


Running with Quick was too much for him to bear

Former Morris County Freeholder and Mt. Olive Mayor Dave Scapicchio got into the District 24 Republican primary for Assembly with what he thought were good intentions.    Given his record, he believed that he had something positive to add to the debate.  Then he got a good look at the man who wanted to be his running mate -- Mark D. Quick -- and Scapicchio thought better of it.  He quietly changed his plans and is now running for Morris County Freeholder on a ticket that has NOTHING to do with Mark D. Quick. 

Mark D. Quick is a blue blood who brags that his American ancestry goes back to the Mayflower.  But as Nathaniel Hawthorne observed, "Families are always rising and falling in America."  In Quick's case, they have been on a losing streak.  After serving a truncated stint with the Marine Corps, Quick went into business and farming.  Both ventures failed.  Then he tried his hand at politics.

Mark D. Quick -- yes, Dick is his middle name -- is running for Assembly on Gail Phoebus' ticket.  This is Quick's fifth run for higher office but only his first as a Republican.  All his other failed attempts were as an independent, siphoning votes away from the Republican candidate.  In 2012, Quick even endorsed a candidate in the Democrat Party primary.  The Democrat who Quick endorsed had the support of a special interest PAC run by Lyndon LaRouche, a notorious left winger and former head of the Marxist U.S. Labor Party.

Mark D. Quick is a bully.  He harassed the female staff at conservative Republican Congressman Scott Garrett's office to the point that the police had to be brought in.  Quick picks fights with women, as he did last July, when he was tossed out of the  Lafayette House for his behavior towards a woman who disagreed with him. 

His loud, obnoxious, and sometimes violent behavior is the reason why he was removed as a member of the Skylands Tea Party group and asked not to attend.

Quick runs with a posse of other bullies who can't seem to have a civil conversation about politics or policy or even the weather.  You disagree with them at your peril.  Now they have taken to burning other people's literature and justifying it because anyone who disagrees with them are what they call "Satan."


Yes.  Quick and his posse of idiots actually shared on Facebook how they got off on burning other people's literature.  Of course, we've seen this kind of behavior before when bullies were uncomfortable with the written word. . .

The sad thing is that even young Nathan Orr, who we thought had more sense than to get mixed up with a nutcase like Quick, had to tell the world that he too "liked" the idea of burning literature.  That's a shame.

After announcing that he was running for the Assembly, Mark D. Quick held a rally on the Green in Newton last Saturday.  The weather was beautiful!  It was springtime in February.  But to say that Quick's rally was under-attended would be something of an understatement.  Quick didn't attract enough people to organize a proper burial -- not enough even for a detail of pallbearers.  Four people showed up!


Hard as it is to believe, the "rally" managed to attract two of the self-regarding idiots responsible for damaging conservative Republican Scott Garrett to the point that now we have liberal Democrat Josh Gottheimer!  Is everyone happy? 

Yep, in addition to three-time congressional candidate Quick, there was one-time congressional candidate Peter Vallorosi too.  Hard to believe that these two moe-moes once complained that Scott Garrett's 99.38% American Conservative Union rating "wasn't conservative enough."  Now that they have managed to replace Garrett with a liberal who will be doing something if he scores higher than a 10.42% rating, they can pat each other on the back or whatever it is that moes get up to.

But don't tell these bullies that they screwed up. . . big time!  First they get offended, then they go off.  That is the routine they picked up in high school and it still is their guide star.

But as Dave Scapicchio's departure shows. . .  apart from a few fellow bullies, nobody is interested in spending 10 seconds around Mark D. Quick.


Is the Sussex GOP "Dysfunctional"?

Gary Larson has been a successful local politician.  He is the Mayor of Frankford Township and has been elected and re-elected to that town's Committee.  At that level -- the small community -- it is tough to avoid hearing from your neighbor, to avoid touching the voters. 

Mayor Larson has also run for county Freeholder twice, in 2013 and again in 2015, and has lost both times.  After each loss, Larson has blamed the Republican Party for his loss.  In his most recent loss, he labeled the party as "dysfunctional".  One can only suppose that if he had won the election, Larson would have said the party was in good working order, functioning as it should.

But Larson does have a point because, by virtue of his running with incumbent Freeholder Dennis Mudrick, he could be described as a candidate of the county's "establishment".  So why didn't he win? 

The weekend before the June 2nd primary election, Larson and Mudrick put out a mailer that listed their support from local and county elected officials. Including Mudrick, three of the five county Freeholders supported Larson.  Their ticket ran a technically better campaign, with unified advertising and more voter contact.  They got their message out, so what went wrong?

Well, what went wrong was the same thing that went so disastrously wrong with the campaign of Marie Bilik.  The message and where it came from.

Instead of looking to the voters for guidance about what their message should be, in Sussex County many would be elected officials look to a small group of political insiders.  They have conversations, conduct their own version of "market research" and then fashion their message based on how they believe these insiders will react to it.  Unfortunately, these insiders represent only a fraction of the primary electorate who actually turnout to vote.  And many have altogether different reasons for voting.

There are levels of "insider" in Sussex County.  At the inner most core exist those who owe their living to government -- county, local, state, and federal (in that order) -- especially those whose living is based on a more fluid relationship with government.  Most county employees have a static relationship with government (35 hours time for X in compensation, week in, week out) and are not political insiders.  However, if you are looking to score a contract from government, it is probably safe to say that you are at least an aspiring insider.  If you are not one of the chattering class, you will soon be.

It is this relationship -- the wanting of something from government -- that makes the Sussex County "insider" so different from the average Republican primary voter in Sussex County.  The insider is looking for something from government:  Money or some consideration that he or she can turn into money.  The average Republican voter doesn't want shat from government.  They simply want to be left alone.  They want government to spend less, so it doesn't have to tax them at the highest rate in America.

So there's the difference.  The insider wants government to spend taxpayers' money on their product or service.  The average Republican primary voter wants government to spend less and just go away.  It's a difference of perspective and it is why candidates like Gary Larson see "dysfunction" -- because the wants of the insiders he's listening to are different from those of the Republican voters he is trying to convince to vote for him.

And often -- too often -- the insider's game turns into little more than crony capitalism, with products and services considered based on the pedigree of the "representative" (aka "advocate", "lobbyist", "recipient of corporate welfare") as opposed to the needs of the taxpayer.  Who said we needed solar panels on the roof tops of every public building anyway?  Which came first, some insider's need for a score or the taxpayers' need for the product?

So Gary Larson is on to something.  There is something dysfunctional about Sussex County politics.  Too many prospective elected officials dispense with polling the people they want to represent and instead look to the direction of a handful of chattering insiders.  These perspectives couldn't be more different, and so they lose, wonder why, and then call it "dysfunctional".


Did Sussex Republicans go for Gay Marriage?

Besides being achieved at the expense of the District 24 legislators, U.S. Senate candidate Rich Pezzullo’s 44 percent showing in Sussex County was a shocker for another reason:  Alone among the four Republicans running for their party’s nomination for U.S. Senate, Pezzullo supported gay marriage.

That’s right.  Steve Lonegan protégé Rick Shaftan’s candidate for United States Senate supported gay marriage and opposed the death penalty in all circumstances – even for terrorists, serial killers, and criminals who murder innocent children.   He said so at the very start of his campaign and it was reported in the Star-Ledger on March 3, 2014:

On social issues, Pezzullo is not easily classified. He opposes abortion and says he is pro-gun rights. But he also favors permitting same-sex marriage and opposes the death penalty.

“My Second Amendment friends love me, but they have a problem with me because I don’t support the death penalty," he said. "My pro-life friends love me because I’m 100% pro-life, but they have problems with me because I support marriage equality. Everybody has a reason not to vote for me, and yet when they allow me to explain all the thought that went into my positions they see I don’t shoot from the hip.”

Of course, knowing this wouldn’t have presented a problem for Shaftan, a consultant for Hudson County Democrat State Senator (and Mayor and School Superintendent) Nick Sacco.  Sacco is on record as voting for gay marriage in the State Senate.  

One Sussex County elected official who supported Rich Pezzullo was Freeholder George Graham, as did some of those associated with Graham’s Sussex County League of Municipalities. Were they aware of Pezzullo’s position on gay marriage and the death penalty?

Pezzullo also enjoyed support from the Tea Party movement in Sussex County.  Team New Jersey and Tpath sent out endorsements for Pezzullo that claimed to have researched his positions on the issues.

Does this mean that Tea Partiers like Roseann Salanitri and Bader Qarmout now support gay marriage?

We can’t be sure, but here is what Team New Jersey/Tpath wrote in their endorsement:

May 31, 2014 ~TPATH~ This release is a collaboration between the founder of TeamNJ, Mr. Nicholas Purpura and TPATH.  First we would like to apologize to our readers and TeamNJ members for not getting this release out earlier.  We have spent much time evaluating and vetting each of the four candidates vying for the Republican Primary for United States Senate.

Richard J. Pezzullo is a good solid conservative.  He has fire in his belly.  He is as in tune with the pulse of the people and understands the fury in all of us.  He too has that fury.  He is unashamed of his conservative values and never fails to espouse them.  TeamNJ and TPATH are convinced the Mr. Pezzullo will be a force in the United States Senate and will align with great Senators like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz.


Strongly support Mr. Richard J. Pezzullo for the US Senate

Several of our readers have requested information on which candidate we were supporting.  At the time Murray Sabrin appeared to be the best candidate and we indicated that to a few people.  Since then however our research has been completed and we are now in complete agreement with TeamNJ that Richard Pezzullo is the best candidate.  But as we said, Murray Sabrin is a good man.

Note to the vetting committee at Team New Jersey and Tpath:  Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz do not support gay marriage.  Also, saying you don’t like Jeff Bell because he once worked for Richard Nixon is something you would not apply to Pat Buchanan or Robert Bork, so why say it?

 You have to wonder what level of research was done that these people didn’t figure out that Pezzullo was for gay marriage and against the death penalty.  The Star-Ledger story appeared on March 3, 2014, right after Pezzullo won his first convention.  It is one of the first things that come up when you Google his name. 

Sussex County Republicans probably had no idea what they were voting for on June 3rd but instead relied on the recommendations of local people who call themselves “conservative” or members of the “Tea Party”.  On the other hand, the people who promoted Rich Pezzullo in Sussex County should have known his position on these issues and if they did, it shows an interesting evolution on the part of the Tea Party, here in Sussex County and across New Jersey.