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One picture is all you need to know about Rob Jennings

This is Rob Jennings when he worked for corrupt Democrat Governor Mario Cuomo.  Look at Jennings' face.  That's love, and ain't it sweet?

These days, Jennings works for the anti-worker Newhouse media group, responsible for damaging the economic well-being of hundreds of its workers.  Yep, Jennings is a "corporate" Democrat in the mode of Bill and Hillary.  He serves "the man." 


We are getting a bit tired of newspapers who sell themselves as "neutral" and "unbiased" and then they hire writers who are anything but.  And based on how many of these so-called "journalists" end up working for "corporate" Democrat candidates and elected officials after they leave the "news" business, it seems that many of them are just auditioning for their future political jobs while writing for a newspaper.  Want to make a bet that this idiot will end up on the staff of a Democrat like Josh Gottheimer, churning out "faux-left" propaganda, 24-7? 

Then again, how would that be different from now?


Now here is a story that an insider corporate Democrat like Jennings won't cover:  Bet you didn't know that there is a convicted criminal serving in the Legislature?  Yeah, he's a goodfella corporate Democrat and he was charged with stalking a woman.  He ended up being convicted on federal charges. 


This goodfella legislator belongs to the Democrat caucus, which has bottled up anti-home invasion legislation and has prevented it from going before the entire Legislature for a vote.  Jennings doesn't think that's important, but then read this:


Police: Man sexually assaulted 2 minors during Wantage burglary 

By Lori Comstock New Jersey Herald

Posted: Oct. 8, 2017

WANTAGE -- The New Jersey State Police and the Sussex County Prosecutor's Office last week brought multiple charges, including two counts of first-degree sexual assault on a minor, against a New York man after police allege he broke into a Wantage residence and threatened two minors with a gun before sexually assaulting them.

According to New Jersey State Police, it is alleged that after police arrived at the scene of the burglary, the man eluded capture by driving away in a stolen truck, knocking over a mailbox, and later abandoning the vehicle in a field. He escaped but was found four days later in Long Island, N.Y.

Craig Lassiter, 33, of Middletown, N.Y., was charged by the state police and the county Prosecutor's Office with the following counts on Wednesday: Two counts of first-degree aggravated sexual assault on a minor less than 13 years old; two counts of first-degree sexual assault during the commission of a robbery and burglary; one count of first-degree robbery while threatening to use a deadly weapon; two counts of second-degree sexual assault on a minor less than 13-years-old; two counts of second-degree sexual penetration while using physical force; second-degree robbery; two counts of third-degree endangering the welfare of a child; two counts of third-degree criminal restraint; two counts of third-degree terroristic threats; third-degree theft; two counts of fourth-degree sexual contact; and fourth-degree criminal trespass.

At 2:01 a.m., Monday, Sept. 18, troopers from the New Jersey State Police, Sussex station, responded to a Wantage Township residence after the homeowner called 911 to report a burglary, according to state police.

The caller advised dispatchers that he believed the burglar may still be in the residence.

When troopers arrived, they attempted to stop a Chevrolet Silverado with New York license plates which was driving away from the area of the burglary, police said.

When the trooper activated his overhead lights, the driver -- later identified as Lassiter -- swerved around the trooper's car, ran over a mailbox and sped away, according to police.

Troopers were able to quickly locate the vehicle, which was abandoned in a field, but Lassiter was not located after an extensive search of the area.

Upon further investigation, troopers discovered that the truck was reported stolen out of New York state.

According to police, when detectives and troopers continued their investigation at the residence where the burglary took place, they discovered the incident was more than a burglary.

It was determined that Lassiter entered the residence through a bedroom shared by two juveniles. Once inside, he threatened the victims with physical violence, told them he had a gun, and sexually assaulted them, according to police.

The juveniles eventually told family members, who searched the house and discovered their front door was left open.

Through various investigative means, detectives were able to identify Lassiter as the suspect and through a collaborative investigation with New Jersey State Police Fugitive Unit, New York State Police, Nassau and Suffolk County police departments, and the Middletown City (New York) Police Department, Lassiter was located and arrested on Friday, Sept. 22, in Bayshore, Long Island, N.Y., as the result of arrest warrants issued by Sussex troopers for eluding and receiving stolen property.

He was extradited to New Jersey on Sept. 29, and lodged in the Sussex County jail pending additional charges.

Lassiter is jailed pending a bail hearing.


Shouldn't so-called journalists like Rob Jennings put aside their political propaganda long enough to address real issues that impact the lives of ordinary people?  Stop working for "the man" long enough to do something positive for the people.


Freeholder Graham goes backroom

One year ago, George Graham maneuvered liberal attorney Dan Perez onto the SCMUA (Sussex County Municipal Utilities Authority) board and pushed a local Republican out.  Three days after Graham took over as Freeholder Director, he told Rob Jennings, then of the New Jersey Herald, that he was going to replace a Republican incumbent on the SCMUA board with Perez, a contributor to the presidential campaign of Democrat Barack Obama. 


Writing in the Herald, Jennings reported (January 10, 2016):  "Perez was the attorney for then-Freeholder Gail Phoebus during her successful Republican primary campaign for the Assembly... It contributed to the Republican primary defeat of (Freeholder Dennis) Mudrick and the election of new Freeholders Jonathan Rose and Carl Lazzaro on a platform, supported by Graham..."


Freeholder Graham told the Herald:  "Dan Perez is an excellent addition. I think it adds to the board."


But while George Graham made the choice, the business of getting it done was left to incoming Freeholders Carl Lazzaro and Jonathan Rose.  At the subsequent January 13, 2016, meeting of the Sussex County Freeholder Board, Graham had Rose make the motion to approve Perez' appointment to SCMUA, which was seconded by Lazzaro.  Officially, Freeholder George Graham's fingerprints weren't on it at all.


That's how it might work going forward.  Graham is stepping aside as Freeholder Director to concentrate on his political consulting business.  He'll remain a power on the board, but a power behind the scenes, with allies Lazzaro and Rose occupying the positions of Director and Deputy Director of the Freeholder Board.

It doesn't have to be that way.  One or both can start showing a little independence and form a working majority with the two other Freeholders -- Sylvia Petillo and Phil Crabb.  Time will tell.


Meanwhile, the meteoric rise of Graham-Phoebus consigliere Dan Perez continues.  From nowhere, he was appointed to the Board of Trustees of the Sussex County Community College in 2014, then to SCMUA last year.  Now he has his sights set on being a Superior Court Judge.


It seems like only yesterday that Perez was a liberal New York City defense attorney representing the usual causes.  Yes, we remember when his biography bragged about suing the police and representing a man who was "charged with stabbing his wife 92 times."  Perez bragged about representing members of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang and a photographer who was arrested numerous times for organizing photography shoots of nude people in the streets of New York City.  Yep, this is the same "artist" who organized the naked protest against Republican Donald Trump at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio:


"An Artist is calling for woman to protest Donald Trump by posing nude at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland... They would be protesting completely nude, as part of a performance art installation..." (Redstatewatcher)


"The (nude women) held circular Mylar mirrors over their heads and reflected light at the city to expose what they view as the naked truth about Republicans." (Wikipedia)



Perez' liberal defense of free expression is hypocritical, given his authoritarian views on free speech.  It seems that if you want to photograph a room full of buttholes that is freedom and cannot be questioned -- heck, our tax dollars have even gone to subsidize such things.  But if you want to question why the government leaders in Andover Township don't follow open records rules or the Open Public Meetings Act or why they won't acknowledge that their town played host to a Nazi camp and Ku Klux Klan rallies -- well if you question these things, you need to be "prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."


The rallying cry in Andover these days is "yes to buttholes, no to blogs."  Kind of sad, but not surprising.  It's a mad, mad world we live in.


Some of Dan Perez' client's artwork.


The Herald goes Seinfeld - a story about nothing.


"The Herald is out to screw Steve Oroho the way the MSM is out to screw Trump."


So read the email we got at Watchdog this morning.


"What was that story even about?"


It continued.


The story filed by Herald Reporter Rob Jennings led with the headline:  "Franklin mayor wants Oroho to quit after gas tax vote."


Fair enough.  Lots of people want Donald Trump to quit after his sex rant.  Others want Hillary to quit after Wikileaks.  Some want the Governor to quit because of Bridgegate.  Some think "Colorado" Gail Phoebus screwed them on their retirement income. And some think Franklin Mayor Nick Giordano should resign because he ran as Republican but he ain't because he voted for Barack Hussein Obama.  Lots of people want just about every political figure out for some reason.


The story was mainly about nothing.  What Nick Giordano says he's thinking about doing but then doesn't do. 


Giordano thought about running against Steve Oroho... but then "ruled it out."


Giordano talks about a recall... but "has not circulated any recall petitions."


So the story becomes about one dim-witted, over-stuffed, local mayor who spends too much time on Facebook expressing himself in the most basic ways possible. 


Nick Giordano says others should be "ashamed" of their actions when everyone has done something to be ashamed of.  Giordano made up lies about his neighbor, Steve Oroho, and then used social media to spread them.  Gail Phoebus told lies about Parker Space in 2015 and about Steve Oroho in 2016. Rob Jennings wrote this pointless news article.  Bruce Tomlinson let it go to print.  Lots of shame to go around.


Giordano says that Oroho "screwed his constituents."  Coming from someone like Nick Giordano, what does that mean?  Jennings really doesn't tell us.


Giordano asks:  "What kind of man would I be if I didn't say anything about it (on Facebook)."  Well Nick, you would be the kind of man who doesn't expose his unfiltered self on Facebook.


Giordano assures us that his "people" (crickets, groundhogs, voles?) want him to express himself on Facebook in an untethered, full-frontal way.  Get it? He's doing this for you, not because he likes to see his name... anywhere.


Giordano tells Jennings that "he would not benefit from the savings (from the tax cuts Oroho negotiated) and that the gas tax increase would cost him, over the course of a year, about the equivalent of a week's salary."  This is a demonstrable lie, but Jennings doesn't challenge it.


Somehow Jennings finds his way back to his story and quotes Giordano:  "Oroho is my local representative, and I'm not saying I'm going to recall him." WTF!  What is this story about anyway?  Is this an episode of Seinfeld?  Everyone knows that Jennings can't write a policy story and that it always goes back to process and politics but WTF!  Why write it? 


Then, as befitting a man who brags about voting for Barack Obama, Giordano goes full-Marxist and charges that "Oroho, a financial planner, had placed his wealthy clientele ahead of the needs of his constituents."  Giordano is talking about farmers and small business owners who get killed by the estate tax, the number one killer of family farms in this country.  Farmers are "wealthy clientele"?  Well maybe to an Obama voter they are.


Giordano is quoted by Jennings as saying:  "Just because I live in Sussex County doesn't mean I'm a hillbilly with a hay stick sticking out of my mouth." Nobody said you were.  A handjob, not a hillbilly.


Harvey Roseff asks tough questions

Citizen activist Harvey Roseff has been asking tough questions all summer long.  He scored a big victory for taxpayers when he organized a ballot initiative that stopped Byram Township from spending $11 million on new municipal facilities.


Mr. Roseff, who once ran as an independent candidate for the Sussex County Freeholder Board, raises so many important issues that we've decided to collect them and update the public from time to time.  This is our first such installment.


Sussex County Freeholder Board

There is a controversy over a key county appointment that revolves around the question of whether or not there should be a vote of the elected Freeholder Board to confirm said appointment.  The appointment is that of Carol A. Novrit, the county's social services director, who was promoted to administrator of the Department of Health and Human Services.  We believe Ms. Novrit to be highly qualified, but as the appointment was made by an unelected official, we must join with Freeholders Vohden and Crabb in insisting that the entire elected Freeholder Board be given the opportunity of a public vote on the confirmation.


We are particularly concerned with Freeholder Director "Boss" Graham's assertion that he doesn't need to do things in public.  The NJ Herald's Rob Jennings reported:


The decision to elevate Novrit, who started her new job Tuesday, was made last week by Acting County Administrator Ron Tappan.

Tappan consulted with the freeholders but did not seek a public vote.

Vohden, near the end of the 21/2-hour meeting, charged that state law required a public vote.

"When did I vote? Where is my consent?" he said.

Freeholder Director George Graham, in response, asked County Counsel John Williams whether the process that was used -- Tappan consulted with freeholders before making his decisions -- had followed the law.

Williams replied that it had.

Undeterred, Vohden said he planned to revisit the situation.

Tappan did not attend Wednesday's meeting.


Should the unelected Acting County Administrator be deciding on an appointment by backroom "consulting" out of the public eye?  That is what public freeholder board meetings are for.  Then he has the balls to skip the public meeting when questions could have been put to him about his behind-the-scenes "consulting" process?  Wasn't this what "Boss" Graham criticized the old county administrator for?  It would be base hypocrisy for Freeholders Graham, Lazzaro, and Rose to allow this and we hope the latter two will stand up to the former and ensure that he allows a public vote.


Mr. Roseff summed it up by commenting:  "A lawyer, seeking his 30% payday by filing a piece of paper for a fee that buys a good lunch, should not be allowed to muzzle a government official. That's the role of a Judge after a trial. Freeholder Vohden - your opinion is why you were elected. Represent the people."


Hopatcong School Board

Referencing the fact that New Jersey has the nation's highest home foreclosure rate, largely because it has the highest property taxes in America, Mr. Roseff writes:  "The BOE rains a foreclosure pox on its people. Hopatcong has had a 33% drop in student population and a 27% local revenue increase in budget over the past 10 years. In a deflationary time, that is a huge local burden increase for an aging homeowner demographic."


Roseff goes on to suggest that the candidates in this year's school board elections should "advocate for an immediate 10% cut in the budget with an additional 15% cut in the following 5 years."


Getting back to foreclosure rates for a moment.  As of August 2016, these were the states with the top foreclosure rates in the country:


United States

1 in every 1388 homes

Top 5 States

New Jersey

1 in every 544 homes


1 in every 622 homes


1 in every 740 homes


1 in every 807 homes


1 in every 824 homes


Sussex County, NJ

1 in every 325 homes


In Hopatcong, the foreclosure rate is more than double the state's rate, coming in at one in every 219 homes.  Vernon, at one in every 190 homes, is even higher.


Frankford Township School District Board of Education

Earlier this week, voters in Branchville and Frankford approved $1.46 million in new school spending to replace the school roof and upgrade security at the Frankford Township School.  The vote was taken in a special election, called for the purpose, and not at the November General Election. 


The referendum passed with a nearly 65 percent majority -- with unofficial vote counts of 476 residents in favor and 260 against.  There are 554 registered voters in Branchville Borough and 3,911 in Frankford Township.


Harvey Roseff commented:


"Here we have a BOE who derailed public participation. By calling a special election, it organized to avoid the full electorate participation of the November general election turnout. Yet the public's request to have fiscal responsibility is disturbingly countered by the excuse that BOE meetings are not attended. 

This wasn't about 'architects', it was about correctly addressing an out of control tax and spend BOE personality.

At only 520 students, at $20,000/student, this BOE has not performed in the public's interest. Costs have soared - chasing Frankford/Branchville residents out of New Jersey. The BOE overhead and spending needs to right size through a consolidation process."


Stay tuned...


Corrupt Wall Streeters attack Garrett

The masters of the universe who wrecked our economy, demanded a taxpayer-funded bailout AND their bonuses to fund their profligate lifestyles are now trying to limit free speech.  That's right, Wall Street is punishing any elected official who doesn't get in line with its agenda. 

And what is Wall Street's agenda?

Well, it's two part.  First, Wall Street is pushing what some would call a hedonistic world view best exemplified by Wall Street's own Jeffrey Epstein -- a registered sex offender who lavishly entertains politicians and businessmen on his Caribbean island, his yacht, or his private Boeing 727 -- nicknamed "the Lolita Express."  Although a convicted criminal, Epstein owns the largest private residence in Manhattan and properties in Palm Springs, Paris, and New Mexico (in addition to his private island in the Caribbean).  Epstein has been accused of hosting entertainments in which minors were provided to his guests.  For more information, check out the following:


It is no secret that Wall Street's big firms are big contributors to pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood and organizations that push the LGBT agenda.  In Sunday's Herald, Rob Jennings outlined how some of these firm's have announced that they are taking action against Congressman Scott Garrett (R-New Jersey) for something negative that he might have said regarding the National Republican Congressional Committee's recruitment of "gay candidates".   You can read the Jennings column here:


Now here's the second part.

Garrett isn't the only politician being targeted by Wall Street.  Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) has also been on the receiving end of Wall Street's wrath.  So has Senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont).  They have been attacked by Wall Street for daring to speak out on the way that Wall Street does business -- endangering the economy and then engaging in the legal bribery of enough members of Congress to have the taxpayers bail them out when the collapse comes.  Wall Street wants all the rewards and none of the risk.  Watch this report here:

The rewards go to people like Jeffrey Epstein.  The risk goes to the taxpayers.