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Menendez stands with Trump: Canada is the real threat

What’s up with Bob Menendez these days?  Is the senior Senator from New Jersey having memory issues? 

Max Pizarro, editor of InsiderNJ, reported today that Menendez “laid into” President Donald Trump, for arguing with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  Menendez said: 

“This is a president who reserves the back of his hand for some of our strongest allies and offers incredible support for some of our strongest adversaries… To suggest that Canada is a national security threat is absurd, to ultimately challenge our European allies, an alliance that is the bedrock of creating western democracy, is pretty amazing.” 

Well hold on there old Bob.  Last time you were running, back in 2012, you touted your book to all and sundry.  In it, you had this to say about the threat posed by Canada: 

Solidifying the porous northern border should be a priority for the Department of Homeland Security.  And yet, as of 2007, far fewer than ten percent of the fourteen thousand U.S. agents were patrolling the Canadian border.  How is it possible that we haven’t been focusing on the danger of terrorists crossing the U.S. – Canadian frontier?  Instead, we have been listening to hot air from Lou Dobbs and his allies, complaining about people who would cross (the border with Mexico) in search of jobs as gardeners, busboys, hotel workers, and maids.”  (Senator Bob Menendez, from his book Growing American Roots, published in 2009)  

No fooling.  Senator Bob Menendez wanted America to focus on the border with Canada instead of our southern border.  When it comes to Canada, President Trump and Senator Menendez are brothers from different mothers.  Of course, this is right out of South Park.  So does this make Bob Menendez – ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE – the Senator from South Park?

While taken seriously by our state’s senior Senator, South Park’s farcical “threat from Canada” is a well-known spoof.  A theme song, “Blame Canada”, was nominated for an Academy Award.  Take a moment to enjoy and take note of the last frame with the U.S. Capitol in the background and the lyrics:

Yes, South Park is a comedy cartoon.  But let’s hear from Senator Menendez himself on this.  This is what he wrote in his book: 

“It is an understatement to say that borders are insecure, but the focus on the southern boundary with Mexico has left our northern border even more open to attack than ever.” 

Yep, Senator Menendez has lost it.  He wants to spend taxpayers’ money on securing our northern border to the threat he says is posed by Canada.  It does sound nuts, doesn’t it?  

“The decision to build a fence on our long southern border with Mexico is under way.  The idea of trying to shut out poor people with a wall is wasteful and wrong.” 

“A wall symbolizes exclusion and it makes it less feasible for us to collaborate with Mexico in other areas, such as legal, balanced migration control and counterterrorism.  We need to refocus on building friendships, not fences.” 

“Good fences don’t make good neighbors with this wall.  The existence of the southern-border fence is bad enough, and its estimated four-billion-dollar price tag is mind-boggling.  Meanwhile, Americans appear to fret little about those lightly patrolled 3,987 miles on the Canadian border from Atlantic to Pacific.  Our border with Canada is twice as long as the border with Mexico.”

Well, at least now President Trump will know who to appoint to his new task force to cope with the threat posed by our neighbor to the North.  Heck, with credentials like Menendez has, Trump should make him Chairman.

Bob Menendez, the Senator from South Park… absurd.



General Majority PAC and NJ Democrats should give back Melgen money

Great work by the I-Team at NBC News 4 New York.  They are pushing politicians you took money from crook Salomon Melgen to give it to charity.  And they are getting results:

"New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez said his campaign has given away $19,700 in donations it received from convicted Medicare cheat Dr. Salomon Melgen. Melgen was sentenced last month to 17 years in prison after prosecutors said he stole nearly $100 million from Medicare over the years."

But two organizations that haven't given the money back are the New Jersey Democrat State Committee and the General Majority PAC run by Sue McCue.  You remember Sue, don't you?  She's the far-left Democrat whose SuperPAC gave Republican legislators so much trouble the last few cycles.

For screwing over and defeating Republican legislators, McCue was rewarded by Governor Christie with an appointment to the Rutgers Board of Governors.  That's right, the two-party paradigm is an illusion in New Jersey.  Christie made the appointment as a genuflection to Democrat party super-boss George Norcross.

According to sworn statements she made to the federal government, Rutgers Governor Sue McCue did political consulting work for such decidedly un-progressive corporations as Walmart and the American Gaming Association, a national lobby group for the casino gambling industry.  McCue provided "consulting services" for Walmart and "public relations and policy consulting" for the gambling industry.  Both are described as ongoing "clients" of "Message Global" which is, according to McCue sworn statement, a company formed in 2009 that she owns in its entirety.

McCue was also pocketed consulting fees from the notorious lobby group that advocates for continued and unrestrained violence in entertainment, the Motion Picture Association of America.  McCue provides "consulting services" to this ongoing client of Message Global.

McCue also runs the Rutgers SuperPAC (AKA General Majority PAC) that inflicted serious damage on Republican legislators in Monmouth, Somerset, and Cape May counties.  One attack leveled at these legislators was their position on the Second Amendment.  It is deeply dishonest to not address the issue of gun control in its context of violence in our culture. 

Think about it.  France passed legislation a few years ago that bans overly thin models from the fashion industry because studies show that young women are influenced by the sight of these models to develop eating disorders.  Britain is banning the consumption of alcohol on broadcasts because government studies show that it leads to alcohol-related disorders.  Here in America, we have long banned tobacco commercials for the same reason.  But DC party gal McCue and her Rutgers SuperPAC would have us believe that subjecting an average child to 8,000 murders on TV before finishing elementary school and, by age eighteen, 200,000 acts of violence on TV, including 40,000 murders, has no effect on his or her development at all.

We've known that violent-content acts like a drug on childhood development since President Bill Clinton first highlighted the problem in the aftermath of the Columbine shootings.  He pointed to study after study and the marketing documents of the entertainment industry itself.  All the evidence was there.  Then he went further and ordered a study by the Federal Trade Commission.  The study, released on September 11, 2000, can be accessed below:


In response, the entertainment industry increased its campaign contributions by 1,000 percent and spent hundreds of millions on lobbying and soft money to convince Congress to forget every study it had read.  Then September 11, 2001, occurred and concerns over media violence were ignored in the run-up to war.

We are sick of watching self-righteous drug and violence advocates like Senator Loretta "Mother Roach" Weinberg happily allowing grandchildren to watch a Tarantino bloodbath on TV, while they strip single moms of the right to defend themselves and their children.  "Rely on the police," they are told when -- because of the economy people like the Senator has bestowed on them -- they must live and work in dangerous areas and police response times are simply too long.  You and your children can not hide for that long a time and expect to survive. 

Of course, the Senator and her colleagues have money and live in low crime areas with good police protection.  And although they work in Trenton, they work in buildings protected by dozens and dozens of men with guns.  Thick, burly, well-trained men who know how to kill if the need arises.  Politicians value their lives, even as they devalue the lives of everyone else.  As do the rich "activists" like the billionaire Bloomberg and all those Hollywood people and New York celebrities from the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY.

In 2019, Sue McCue and the Rutgers SuperPAC will again want to make a fashion statement that overturns the Bill of Rights and leaves the poor, working, and middle classes defenseless -- while she lobbies for an industry that makes wheelbarrows full of money feeding the culture of violence.  We need to be ready for her -- and make sure that she gags on her own attacks.