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Pastor Brad Winship: The sin of virtue-signaling

Pastor Brad Winship of God & Country Radio delivers a weekly message from his Monmouth County church.  This week, Pastor Winship discusses the behavior called virtue-signaling. 

A popular buzz word today is the term “Virtue Signaling.”  By rhetoric, those who are lawless seek to create an appearance of virtue.  In His Sermon on the Mount, even Jesus addressed the sin of “virtue signaling.”  If we are to understand our times, we should know the personal and political dimensions of this behavior. 
Scripture References:  Matthew 23:5-6 , 6:1-2 , 5:16 ; 2 Kings 9:30-31 ; Isaiah 65:5 ; 2 Timothy 3:1-5

Radio Program #349 -- “Virtue Signaling” 


YouTube #34 -- Virtue Signaling

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