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GOP voters to McCann: Hell No, We Won’t Vote!

Less than 24 hours after the polls closed, congressional candidate John McCann showed up at a place where he should have had a better reception.  McCann attended the regular monthly meeting of Skylands Tea Party in Sussex County. 

The two incumbent Freeholders who endorsed McCann are regular attendees and have a following there.  So it should have been an audience open to giving McCann a hearing.  Unfortunately for McCann, his words were a stark contrast to the campaign mailings he’s been sending out.  And that didn’t go down too well with those in attendance. 

Memo to McCann:  Don’t lie to people.  It pisses them off.  Memo to McCann’s handlers:  Don’t let him interact with average voters.  He pisses them off. 

One of the most effective Tea Party members later had this to say: 

“Well John McCan't (is) already at it. How so, simple. I decided to stay after the Tea Party meeting which he showed at. Figured I'd ask some 2nd Amendment questions of him, and see if a come together moment could be had.  Well that didn't work out quite so well. 

I asked about national reciprocity and his position. He said he is for it, but there are things you can and can't say to win an election.  I told him this is precisely why the 2nd amendment people stayed home during the gubernatorial election.    

He mentioned the NRA questionnaire, and I brought up the one for the rally in Trenton. He said he didn't have time to answer it. It came at 7pm and he was with his kids. I replied horsecrap with today's technology and smart phones it would have been a snap. He got heated.

My buddy came up and then he broke the cardinal rule with me. He called one of my closest friends, a liar. F*ck you’s were exchanged and that's Mr. McCan't. 

Won't tell you where he stands and will lie about whatever. Even called a good guy a liar. 

When I said I would vote for him but probably not volunteer, I was wrong.  I'll take Josh Gottheimer over this clown any day, because at least he’s been a gentleman every time I interacted with the guy.” 

Another activist chimed in:

“McCan't is a liar.. lied at the PCRRO candidates mtg while asking for the committee’s votes. He’s just a useful puppet with the convict pulling all of his strings!” 

Indeed.  And here is another reaction: 

“I was done with him the second I heard his answer to the question on reciprocity. He immediately turned into a typical politician.”

Anyone who recalls that great Robin Williams film, “Good Morning Vietnam”, will get the next reference:  John McCann is becoming the “Lieutenant  Steve Hauk” of the 5th District and it seems the troops want Adrian Cronauer back. 


Why is Rose using Morris operative to attack Fantasia?

Attendees at last evening's Skylands Tea Party meeting were shocked by the language used by supporters of Freeholder Jonathan Rose against one of his rivals for the GOP nomination, Dawn Fantasia.  Rose, a single man, is running against Fantasia, a single mom with three children.  Both are Republicans. 

In advance of his appearance before the Tea Party, Rose had evidently asked supporters to attend.  This is a standard practice, but how those attendees behaved is not.  One Rose supporter loudly suggested that Mrs. Fantasia be "placed in a cage" -- for what purpose was unclear.  But clearly the intent was to create a threatening situation so that Mrs. Fantasia would be bullied into not speaking.

Through it all, Freeholder Rose's running mate, Freeholder Carl Lazzaro, was a gentleman, calling for restraint.  One would have expected Jonathan to have pitched-in to help.

The ring leader of the attack on Freeholder candidate Dawn Fantasia appears to have been a relative of a political operative from Morris County, who is also running for Freeholder in that county.  With memories of the last time Morris County involved itself in Sussex County's affairs -- and the resulting solar fiasco -- still fresh, we wonder how well this action was thought through. 

Sheriff Mike Strada was the target of some particularly nasty attacks.  Strada, is suing the Freeholder Board and those three named Freeholders -- Graham, Rose, and Lazzaro -- for wasting taxpayers' money and interfering in the operations of his department for political ends. 

Some supporters of congressional candidate John McCann were in attendance and apparently were part of an attempt to spread the lie about Sheriff Strada that he was not in opposition to Democrat Governor Phil Murphy's attempts to impose Sanctuary State status on New Jersey's 21 counties.  In fact, Sheriff Strada is a law enforcement leader in opposing Governor Murphy and his Sanctuary movement, going so far as to let the Governor know, in writing, that the Sussex County Sheriff's office will not comply with the liberal state and will work with the Trump administration in enforcing federal law.

We thank the Skyland's Tea Party leadership for addressing this falsehood at last evening's meeting and making it right.  

We trust that this will put these rumors to an end.


Freeholder Rose is supporting anti-gun candidate John McCann. What's up with that? 

Maybe the Tea Party is going soft?  

At Freeholder Jonathan Rose's fundraiser last month, the young libertarian got up and formally threw his support to John McCann, formerly of the Democrat Bergen County Sheriff's office, and now a GOP candidate for Congress.  Among those present at Freeholder Rose's announcement was former Franklin Councilman Dave Fanale, a controversial figure who resigned from the Council after leading a particularly disturbing anti-police campaign. 

Rose's support for McCann, a decidedly liberal Republican on issues like abortion and the Second Amendment, came at the explicit direction of Freeholder Boss George Graham, who also instructed his gal Maria Alampi to put together an NRA-type event for McCann, in order to create the impression among pro-gun Republicans in Sussex County that McCann shares their views.  This follows what Graham did for Dan Perez last year.  Perez, a liberal Democrat running for Sussex County Freeholder against Republican Herb Yardley, enjoyed the support of Graham, Alampi, and the Freeholders Graham controls -- Jonathan Rose and Carl Lazzaro. 

Strangely enough, at last night's meeting of the Skylands Tea Party, none of those questioned why Freeholder Rose is endorsing John McCann for Congress over conservative Steve Lonegan, a Tea Party favorite.  Members of Skylands Tea Party have first-hand knowledge of McCann's refusal to fill out the NRA questionnaire to reveal to the pro-Second Amendment community where he stands on the issues. 

McCann also refused to fill out the New Jersey Right-to-Life questionnaire, leaving his exact position on that issue in doubt, although McCann has described himself variously as "personally Pro-Life" and "Pro-Choice" on abortion.  What is McCann concerned the voters will find out? 

Why Jonathan Rose -- who claims to favor transparency -- should support such a murky character is open to interpretation.

As for Rose's running-mate and fellow Freeholder Carl Lazzaro, he has yet to express a preference for either McCann or Lonegan.  Lazzaro spoke at last evening's Tea Party meeting but saved his attacks for Sheriff Mike Strada, who is suing the Freeholder Board and those three named Freeholders -- Graham, Rose, and Lazzaro -- for wasting taxpayers' money and interfering in the operations of his department for political ends.

What all this amounts to is a pay-day for Freeholder Boss George Graham, who maintains a political consulting business as a principal source of income.  Graham appears to have delivered the Tea Party to McCann -- along with Freeholder Rose and the Alampi wing of the NRA... and this is the amazing thing... despite McCann's refusal to tell the NRA where he stands on gun rights.  A remarkable feat indeed.


Steve Lonegan schools the tea party

Was it just last month that Democrat congressman Josh Gottheimer, a political ally of Democrat candidate Dan Perez, called Steve Lonegan a "Tea Party Republican?"  Yes, Gottheimer issued that jibe in an August 24th email blast.  It was just about the worst thing the Democrat could think of saying about the Republican.


"Tea Party Republican."


Less than a month later, and now Democrat Dan Perez wants you to believe he's a "Tea Party Democrat."  What does that even mean?


Perez made his post-Labor Day opening pitch to the Skylands Tea Party group last evening with the words, "I think if you were to put aside the lawyer thing and the ‘D' (Democrat) after my name and get to know me, you'd find that we really have a whole lot in common."


In common?  Like who Perez chose to train under to learn his skills as an attorney:  Marxist William Kunstler.  Yes, Perez trained under Kunstler, an avowed Marxist, and Perez later managed Kunstler's old firm in partnership with Kunstler's old law partner, Ron Kuby. 


Pay attention to the Ken Burns documentary on Vietnam airing on PBS later this month and you will see William Kunstler in action, defending terrorists, communist agitators, American flag-burners, and the supporters of a North Vietnamese victory over the armed forces of the United States of America.  Sure, that's as "tea party" as hell!


The Kunstler law firm defended members of the Catonsville Nine, Black Panther Party, Weather Underground Organization, the Attica Prison rioters, and the American Indian Movement.  But  Kunstler refused to defend groups like the Tea Party, on the grounds that: "I only defend those whose goals I share. I'm not a lawyer for hire. I only defend those I love."


Kunstler defended Joanne Chesimard (AKA Assata Shakur) who was convicted of murdering a New Jersey State Trooper and who escaped from prison with the help of fellow terrorists.  She is now on the FBI's MOST WANTED list. 


In collaboration with Dan Perez' law partner Ron Kuby, Kunstler defended Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, head of the terrorist group Gama'a al-Islamiyah, responsible for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing; Colin Ferguson, the man responsible for the 1993 Long Island Rail Road shooting; Glenn Harris, a New York City public school teacher who absconded with a fifteen-year-old girl; Nico Minardos, indicted by Rudy Giuliani for conspiracy to ship arms to Iran; and associates of the Gambino organized crime family.


That's quite a line-up of scumbags.


At yesterday's meeting, candidate Perez claimed that he wanted to "lower taxes by opposing wasteful spending" but the record shows this to be little more than election year b.s.  It was Perez who pushed Freeholder boss Graham to spend $500,000 to hire a New York City lawyer to tell the county what went wrong on its solar project.  Unfortunately for county taxpayers, the guy Perez pushed (and Graham hired) was the same guy whose office had given the project the okay back in 2011.  So taxpayers paid $500,000 for a cover-up.


And it was Dan Perez who made his first proposal as a candidate a spending proposal -- to spend another $100,000 plus benefits on a patronage job because it "sounded like it might work."   Blindly throwing money at problems isn't conservative, Dan.


Reporting on the Skylands Tea Party meeting, the New Jersey Herald quoted the group's president -- fellow New York City lawyer Doug Amedeo -- who is quoted saying that "he wasn't aware of 'Conservative, Liberal' issues at the county level."  Wow!  We guess he never heard of Planned Parenthood and a little controversy called "abortion funding."


Democrat Dan Perez strongly supports funding Planned Parenthood and personally reprimanded Assemblywoman Gail Phoebus for voting against it.  As a Freeholder, you can bet that Dan Perez would spend our tax money on Planned Parenthood.  That's just for starters.


As that well-regarded local conservative, Mayor Steve Lonegan, explained in a book he wrote on the subject, conservatives believe in pulling power away from centralized governments at the state and federal levels and turning over more control to municipal and county governments.  Who runs local government is important because they set the agenda.  Liberals will fix their eyes firmly on the state and on Washington  for money and direction.  Conservatives will seek to break those bonds, while making sure to protect and defend traditional values at the local level through actions and the good use of the bully pulpit. 


Dan Perez is a died-in-the-wool leftist.  He tries to paint himself as an "efficient" leftist.  That is very different from being a conservative.


The Skylands Tea Party, its leaders, and members should avoid looking like fools in front of every other conservative activist in New Jersey and nationwide.  Dan Perez is not a conservative.  The word is out.  Steve Lonegan is on the case.


NJ Herald shows pro-left bias in reporting rallies

The Herald used just 105 words to report on a conservative August 5th rally sponsored by the Skylands Tea Party, NJ Oath Keepers, and Three Percenters.  The rally attracted 70 people, according to the Herald, but the Herald didn't bother to publish an interview with a single one.  The rally was held in support of President Trump.

The Herald used 302 words to report on a leftist July 22nd rally sponsored by Action Together Sussex County -- a group that supports Jihadist Linda Sarsour.  Just 30 people turned out for this rally, according to the Herald, and the Herald extensively interviewed and quoted two leftists (including Gina Trish, a Democrat candidate for Assembly).

The Herald wrote a 739-word story to report on a leftist April 15th rally sponsored by the Women's March organization and Indivisible New Jersey, which was started, according to the Herald, "by former congressional staffers who resisted the Trump agenda."  Jihadist Linda Sarsour is one of the co-chairs of the Women's March, a group that recently "honored" a terrorist cop-killer.  50 people turned out for this rally, according to the Herald, and the Herald lovingly interviewed and quoted five leftists.  This rally was specifically held to protest President Trump.

The Herald employed 722 words on a hateful "Ides of Trump" rally (the "Ides..." is making reference to the assassination of Julius Caesar) held on March 8th.  According to the Herald, the rally was "organized by several women who attended the Women's March on Washington in conjunction with other local women's rights groups, including Citizen Action Project, Sussex County NOW and Indivisible."  50 people turned out for this rally, according to the Herald, which noted that some of those in attendance were wearing the pussy cat hats of the Women's March.  The Herald interviewed and quoted five leftists for this story.  As with the others, no opposing views were sought or quoted.  No balance.

While slobbering all over these leftists, the Herald fails to ask them tough questions about their actions or even attempt to recognize who they are and what they stand for.  This is surprising, as the Herald's readership and advertisers hails from a rural, conservative county.  More surprising is that this is happening while other news organizations, like the Newark Star-Ledger and the New York Times are printing balanced accounts.

The New York Times gets it.

In an August 1st piece titled -- "When Progressives Embrace Hate" -- NY Times Editor Bari Weiss points out that the Women's March is connected to some very unsavory people but that groups like the NJEA (the state teachers' union) and those candidates they support don't seem to care.  Weiss wrote:

"The leaders of the Women’s March, arguably the most prominent feminists in the country, have some chilling ideas and associations. Far from erecting the big tent so many had hoped for, the movement they lead has embraced decidedly illiberal causes and cultivated a radical tenor that seems determined to alienate all but the most woke.

Start with Ms. Sarsour, by far the most visible of the quartet of organizers. It turns out that this 'homegirl in a hijab,' as one of many articles about her put it, has a history of disturbing views, as advertised by . . . Linda Sarsour.

There are comments on her Twitter feed of the anti-Zionist sort: 'Nothing is creepier than Zionism,' she wrote in 2012. And, oddly, given her status as a major feminist organizer, there are more than a few that seem to make common cause with anti-feminists, like this from 2015: 'You’ll know when you’re living under Shariah law if suddenly all your loans and credit cards become interest-free. Sound nice, doesn’t it?'  She has dismissed the anti-Islamist feminist Ayaan Hirsi Ali in the most crude and cruel terms, insisting she is 'not a real woman' and confessing that she wishes she could take away Ms. Ali’s vagina — this about a woman who suffered genital mutilation as a girl in Somalia."

Yes, the co-chair of the Women's March actually called for "jihad" against the government of the United States of America.  And Democrats have remained politically-correct silent about it.  Instead, Democrat leaders have praised the Women's March and continue to do so -- lending their support to its leadership while American troops are in the field, engaged in a fight against jihadists.  Why have the Democrats and their candidates refused to comment on these threats of "jihad"?

Last month, Linda Sarsour -- a prominent Democrat Party activist and co-chair of the Women's March -- called for a "jihad" against the American government.  You can catch her act here:

Here's what she said:

"During a speech to the Islamic Society of North America convention in Chicago last weekend, Sarsour, a delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention who is an anti-Israel and pro-Sharia activist, made the startling call and also urged against 'assimilation.' 

'I hope that we when we stand up to those who oppress our communities that Allah accepts from us that as a form of jihad,' she said. 'That we are struggling against tyrants and rulers not only abroad in the Middle East or in the other side of the world, but here in these United States of America, where you have fascists and white supremacists and Islamophobes reigning in the White House.'

'Our number one and top priority is to protect and defend our community, it is not to assimilate and please any other people and authority,' she said.

'Our obligation is to our young people, is to our women, to make sure our women are protected in our community. Our top priority and even higher than all those other priorities is to please Allah and only Allah,' she said."

Sarsour started off her call for "jihad" by praising Siraj Wahaj, who she described as her "favorite person in the room."  Wahaj is a controversial New York imam who has attracted the attention of American authorities for years.  Federal prosecutors included him on a 3½-page list of people they said "may be alleged as co-conspirators" in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, though he was never charged, the Associated Press reported.

Since the election of Donald Trump as President, some Democrats appear to have gone completely loopy.  We believe that dissent is an American right, but "dissent" isn't "jihad".  When did the democratic concept of a "loyal opposition" morph into "jihad" -- a "holy war" to be waged by all means necessary?  And why are Democrats and their candidates too afraid to talk about it?

And here is another thing that they are afraid to comment on.   It was reported extensively in the media last month that the Women's March "honored" cop-killer Joanne Chesimard (aka Assata Shakur). 

Referring to the notorious cop-killer, who murdered a New Jersey State Trooper in cold blood, as a "revolutionary" whose words "inspire us to keep resisting", the far-left Women' March organization issued a statement "celebrating" Ms. Chesimard's birthday.

The Star-Ledger reported on this:


So did the Save Jersey blog:

Joanne Chesimard, the Black Liberation Army member hiding in Cuba after murdering New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster on the New Jersey Turnpike in 1973, has long eluded American justice and vexed New Jersey public officials as well as the public at large.

Donald Trump made headlines in June by spiking the Obama-era Cuba deal and citing the case of Chesimard (a/k/a Assata Shakur) as one of the reasons.

Eyebrows were therefore raised on Sunday when the far-left Women’s March’s social media accounts CELEBRATED the notorious cop-killing fugitive’s birthday:

 “I think you guys accidentally left out the part where she shot a police officer in the face, escaped from prison, then fled to Cuba in this post,” responded one Facebook user.

We know where Republicans like Assemblymen Parker Space stand on cop-killer Joanne Chesimard (aka Assata Shakur).  They want her extradited back to the United States to face trial for the murder of a police officer.  They backed that up by sponsoring a legislative resolution (AR-111) to urge Congress and the Administration to make that happen.

Why haven't we heard from groups like the NJEA about this?  Why have they remained silent?

Why don't some Democrats appear to mind associating with radicals calling for "jihad" and cop-killers?  Do they consider these legitimate forms of "dissent"?  We are very interested in hearing what the NJEA has to say about a group that honors a cop-killer.