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John McCann stiffed the Sussex GOP in its time of need.

Candidate John McCann has been telling the story about how his father was wounded back in the days of the Weather Underground -- a radical group that came out of the 1960's anti-war movement.  Wikipedia describes them as a militant radical left-wing organization whose goal was to create a clandestine revolutionary party to overthrow the U.S. Government.

He's told the story before, back during the 2017 Freeholder campaign in Sussex County between Republican Herb Yardley and Democrat Dan Perez.  It will be remembered that Democrat Perez was an associate in the law firm of William Kunstler, the notorious Leftist defense attorney, and that the Weather Underground was one of Kunstler's more prominent clients.

When McCann first related his story -- in the midst of the 2017 campaign -- it was suggested to him that he publicly re-tell it, either in a statement to the media or through paid advertising, as a way to define just who Kunstler was.  McCann said that he would, but that he needed to discuss it first with "his people."  At the time, McCann was employed as the attorney for the Bergen County Sheriff, a liberal Democrat who shared the 2016 ticket with Hillary Clinton. 

McCann never followed through on his promise to assist the Sussex GOP.  While people like Jason Sarnoski and Steve Lonegan and Bill Hayden and Doug Amedeo and Dian Koster were stepping up to help the GOP win in Sussex County, McCann kept to the shadows and never followed through on telling the story.  Important to keep in mind, now that he wants to broadcast his story.

McCann's candidacy in CD05 is not the only weird, Democrat-connected effort in a Republican primary this year.  In CD07, Congressman Leonard Lance is facing a young Democrat-turned Republican candidate who admits to voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016.  In CD03, Congressman Tom MacArthur is facing a primary from a GOP social warrior with a left-wing LGBT agenda.  In CD11, Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen is getting a primary from someone who is more comfortable with Democrat Party politics and who opposes most of what the Republican Party stands for -- especially on the social issues.  What's up?  Is it Democrat mischief?

Time will tell, so... stay tuned...


"Stumbling John" McCann tries to b.s. the Sussex GOP

There is something strange about "Stumbling John" McCann and the shambolic sideshow he calls his campaign.  A few weeks ago, he visited Sussex County to attend a fundraiser hosted by the Skylands Victory PAC.  At that event, he stunned those present with a weird talk about how his wife -- an ob-gyn doctor in New York City -- did not perform "late-term abortions."  What???


Why would a candidate running in a Republican primary in Pro-Life Sussex County even bring that up?  But there he was, assuring everyone present of that distinction.  Did McCann take temporary leave of his senses, or did someone coach him to say it? 


Last night McCann was back in Sussex County, at the GOP county committee's final meeting of the year, and once again he couldn't keep it together.  In contrast to the others present, McCann attacked his fellow Republicans, played the arrogant  bully, and made a general nuisance of himself -- speaking so long that he had to be asked to stop.


And what did "Stumbling John" McCann talk about?  He talked about how great "Stumbling John" McCann was.  Hey, it's the holiday season and we all encounter buttholes like this at work parties and such, going on and on and on about their favorite subject... which is them.


McCann used the Sussex GOP to further embellish his tall tale about how he killed the Clinton Healthcare Plan.  Apparently forgetting what his own campaign biography states, McCann claimed to have been called on by the Wharton School to save healthcare.  That's not what he wrote in his bio.  Memo to McCann:  If you are going to b.s. -- at least be consistent.


The truth is a lot less than the story McCann makes from it.  McCann was a college intern in liberal Senator Arlen Specter's office.  At the direction of his superiors, John McCann claims to have made a graph.  That's right.  A graph.  And just like the typical self-important, overblown junior academic, he takes credit for the hard work of all those Senators and Congressman and Rush Limbaugh and talk radio and the medical professionals and all those thousands of conservative activists and all the reams of studies and research and opinion pieces and thousands of graphs of all those conservative and libertarian think tanks -- not to mention the Republican legal staffs of both the House and the Senate.  No mention of all them... it was "me" says McCann.  "Me and my graph... saved not just New Jersey... but America!"  Yeah, sounds like he gazed into that mirror a bit too long.


McCann followed up this hooey with the claim that, in 1995, he was the first to propose a 2% tax cap on property taxes in New Jersey.  McCann claims he got the idea from reading about Proposition 2 1/2 in Massachusetts and Proposition 13 in California.  Now here is where his b.s. breaks down entirely.


Leaving aside the fact that John McCann was never in a position to actually propose anything (he didn't hold the necessary public office), consider this...


Proposition 2 1/2 was passed in Massachusetts in 1980 and went into effect in 1982. 


Proposition 13 was passed in California in 1978 and went into effect immediately.


And John McCann wants us to believe that in all those years between 1978 and 1995, nobody (let's say that again) nobody had the idea to try it in New Jersey???


In fact, there were a plethora of newspaper stories discussing proposed caps in New Jersey as low as 1 1/2 percent nearly a decade before McCann claims to have thought of it.  There was even a ballot question on the issue in Bergen County. 


This guy is too sloppy, too angry and thin-skinned to be a real candidate.  That's why so many people think he's been put up by the Democrats to screw with the Republican primary.  As the Bergen County Record noted recently, McCann is the longtime right-hand man to Democrat Sheriff Michael Saudino. 


McCann's boss Saudino was on Hillary Clinton's Democrat ticket against the Republican ticket headed by Donald Trump in 2016.  The same ticket Josh Gottheimer was on.  That's too close for comfort in anyone's book.


Is Sussex County looking to sell its landfill?

The manner in which the George Graham-dominated Sussex County Freeholder Board has handled the Solar debacle has cost county property taxpayers dearly.  This year's property tax increase is a harbinger of things to come.


As solar activist Harvey Roseff has pointed out time and again, the money produced from the solar program will never cover the cost and the indebtedness of the project.  Solar "underperformance" was always supposed to be the risk of the developer -- not the taxpayers -- so why did Graham hire back the vendors responsible for leaving county taxpayers holding that debt?


After the county Freeholder Board's special meeting to find budget fat last week, David Danzis of the New Jersey Herald reported that "a nearly two-hour-long special meeting of the Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders did not yield any significant changes to the 2017 county budget."

Some of the people on that freeholder board have openly talked about finding enough fraud, waste, and abuse to fund multi-billion dollar programs to pay for building and construction projects or indeed, the state's entire transportation infrastructure.  But when it came time to scrutinize their own budget they found... nothing.  Not one significant cut.


So it comes as no surprise that Watchdog has learned that a waste management company has contracted with a firm in Sussex County to explore the purchase of the County landfill.  Unwilling or unable to make spending cuts, the county appears to be preparing for a combination of property tax increases and selling off assets.

Watchdog intends to pass specific information along to reporters at the New Jersey Herald and Star-Ledger, so that they have the opportunity to run down the story and get the full details to the taxpayers of Sussex County.  Newspapers should be more effective at doing this than a blog.  There is something to be said for having a reporter show up with a microphone.  Let's see if it happens.  In the meantime, we will continue to keep our ears to the ground to keep you updated.


There is certainly a swamp that needs draining.  A county government swamp full of Hudson County Democrats who are clothed "Republican" for convenience.  And now they are attempting to extend their influence by taking legislative seats away from the GOP in Sussex County.


Stay tuned...


The Herald's hypocrisy - no pay, no read.

We hope you have enjoyed your first four free articles on NJHerald.com...


If you are not a subscriber to the New Jersey Herald, you don't get to participate.  And the buy-in price to participate is pretty high at $156.00 a year.  But that is what it costs if you want access to the Herald.  You have to be a member.  You have to pay to be a member.  And once a paid member, you have to follow all the crazy rules laid down by Editor Bruce Tomlinson. 


The Herald looks forward to hearing from its readers, so please enjoy our website by using the certain criteria outlined to you and remember that when the moon is full you can only use your nickname but if it is raining you can't use your last name but if it is sunny you can only comment by text from a landline held over your head but then only if you explain how your parents met but then not on Thursday and again not on Tuesday but three times on Mondays when the clouds are lower and the crow flies high but you may post only under your blood type and then only in June.  And please do remember not to know any elected officials or grocers or rat catchers or fashion designers or any other human being involved in any form of behavior not prescribed and not proscribed but absolved unto thee and thou and dem and does, forthwith.

That's the Herald.  It has its rules.  But nobody else is allowed to have their rules.

Take the Sussex County Republican Committee for example.


The Herald thinks that socialists should have full access to any event put on by the GOP.  Never mind that it is a membership organization whose sole goal is to promote the platform and candidates of the Republican Party.  Never mind that its events cost money and that Republicans have to contribute so that the party has the money to put on those events.  The Herald believes that everything should be "open to all" -- only not the Herald.  There you gotta pay or... hit the road.


So when a candidate has been kindly invited to an event -- paid for by Sussex County Republicans -- and then announces that he is going to turn that event into a press conference to endorse someone, then yes, he is going to be asked to be a polite guest or the invitation will be withdrawn.  We've all been to weddings where some bore wanted to be the center of attention and the people who hosted the wedding, who paid for the wedding, had to step in.


The Sussex County Republican Committee is like a long-suffering aunt who invites an errant nephew to a formal gathering only to find him attempting to "entertain" those present with fart jokes.  At recent Republican events, some of the people to whom the Sussex GOP has kindly extended invitations to attend have actually brought with them to those events Green Party socialists who hate the GOP and especially hate Donald Trump.  One such "tag-along" came sporting a motorcycle helmet and a diaper pin and was ready to do battle with the Trumpists.  One is actually running against the GOP candidates this November.  Who pulls crap like that anyway?


It's like the wedding crashers meet the Sussex GOP.  One constant among all these wannabes is that they generally don't vote.  William Jefferson Hayden doesn't vote.  David Atwoodski doesn't vote either -- and he has two names to vote with!  And the freak show that they bring along with them should be seen to be believed.  Sure, a few have run for office before -- but never as Republicans!  So how come the Herald thinks that they should get the key to the GOP County committee just for showing up?


Free access.  The Herald doesn't do it.  So why should the Sussex County Republican Committee?


Why is a Tea Party group promoting liberal Democrats?

Last Thursday evening, the Sussex County Democrats endorsed a solidly liberal ticket for the Legislature -- a Senate candidate and two Assembly candidates.  One of the Assembly candidates took the microphone to express their ideology and purpose in no uncertain terms:

(Assembly candidate Gina) Trish received a huge applause prior to the vote when she told the gathered crowd of roughly 100 Democrats that the current 24th District legislators had something in common with former Republican U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett, who lost his reelection bid in November to U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer, D-5th Dist.

"It's clear that our current local leadership is just right in alignment with this right-wing, pro-corporate agenda," she said. "All the local leadership is voting just like Scott Garrett did. There's one more thing they have in common with Scott Garrett and that is that their time in our district is limited."

The Democrat followed that up with this interesting observation:

"...we actually have more than just the Democratic party behind us. We have unaffiliated voters, we have Republicans who have pledged their support for us as well."

And sure enough, within 48 hours, those "anti-right wing" Democrat candidates had an invitation to speak before the Skylands Tea Party group.  Yep.  No kidding.

Douglas Amedeo is a New York City lawyer and the President of the Skylands Tea Party group.  The political contributions that come out of Amedeo's two-attorney law firm all go to Left/Liberal Democrats, beginning with Barack Obama.  Here is the list from the Federal Elections Commission website:

So it should come as no surprise that Douglas Amedeo is inviting liberal Democrats to speak somewhere -- but at a Tea Party meeting?  And how did this joker get to be President?

After they took over the Tea Party in Sussex County, Amedeo and a character named Bill Hayden were the administrators of something called the "Draft Gail Phoebus for NJ Senate" committee:

According to sources, the funds to set-up this group, create a website to attack the Sussex County GOP and its candidates, and to infiltrate and takeover the Skylands Tea Party largely came from Democrat candidate Phil Murphy, a Goldman Sachs multi-millionaire and former Democrat National Committee (DNC) finance chairman, who got an ambassador appointment from President Barack Obama.  This follows the pattern that Murphy has used to get involved in GOP internal politics in Passaic ad Bergen counties.

Pheobus' political attorney and sometime consultant, Dan Perez, announced that he had switched back to Democrat and he joined the ticket with Senate candidate Jennifer Hamilton that same day -- last Thursday -- as the Democrat candidate for Sussex County Freeholder.  The same day.

What!!!  We know what you are thinking -- is this the same Dan Perez who Freeholder George Graham appointed to the SCMUA board?  The same guy who professed his Republican bonafides when seeking appointment after appointment from the Sussex County GOP?  Yep.  That's him.  The mask is off because the Democrats  -- fueled by Phil Murphy's money -- think they have an opportunity to flip the GOP out of power in Northwest New Jersey.    

They know that it won't be easy, but last year they defeated the Republican Congressman who represented Northwest New Jersey -- Scott Garrett -- and how they did so is instructive.  This is what the Democrats are basing their hopes on.

In 2010 and 2012 and 2014, the Democrats were able to find a disgruntled "conservative" to run against Scott Garrett.  Despite Garrett's 99.38% lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union, these challengers would scream about how Garrett wasn't conservative enough.  Sometimes, the challenger, as in the case of Mark D. Quick, would go so far as to endorse a Democrat in the race just to damage Garrett.

The point was to make Garrett defend himself with Republicans and spend valuable resources that he needed for the campaign against the liberal Democrat.  To soften Garrett up for his 2016 takedown, they found two Tea Party candidates (both with connections to Amedeo's group) to damage Garrett in the primary and suppress his base vote in the General Election.  They claimed that Garrett wasn't conservative enough and look at the result.  Look at the votes those Tea Partiers cost conservative Scott Garrett:

They turned-off nearly one-in-five Republican primary voters.  Garrett lost to a Clinton Democrat last November on a swing of a few thousand votes. 

Curiously, the same people who told us that Scott Garrett wasn't conservative enough have been silent or have even defended Garrett's replacement, liberal Clinton Democrat Josh Gottheimer.  During his career, Scott Garrett had a lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union of 99.38%.  The next highest Republican in New Jersey has a rating of 69% and the lowest Republican 46%.  The best New Jersey Democrat was 10.42% and the worst has 0%.  Now there is a liberal Clinton Democrat were once there was Scott Garrett.  Way to go Tea Party!  Way to go!

And here is the latest.

Leftist Phil Murphy-backed Jennifer Hamilton and her running mates are seeking to defeat conservatives Steve Oroho, Parker Space, and Hal Wirths.  At the same time they were inviting Hamilton to their Tea Party meeting, the Skylands Tea Party found someone to run in the primary to "soften up" Oroho (they already recruited candidates to go after Space and Wirths) for November. 

Bill Hayden is the Vice President of the Skylands Tea Party group, who got involved with Dan Perez and others.  He is a state worker and part of the CWA public employees union.  In a revealing moment, Hayden "liked' the Tea Party inviting Democrat Hamilton to speak, despite the fact that it makes as much sense as inviting Hillary Clinton to address a Pro-Life meeting.

Or it should. 

Why are some Tea Party groups climbing into bed with the far left?  Why are they facilitating the campaigns of Democrats over those of Republicans?

Part of it is need.  The Left/Liberal Democrats are smart when they target and recruit Tea Party candidates to disrupt the GOP.  A quick search on PACER, the federal court database, reveals a pattern of financial issues and bankruptcy.  Some of these candidates are so hard up that we can imagine they will take a helping hand wherever they can find it. 

The other part of it is the politics of personality. 

Once upon a time, the Tea Party supported conservative Republicans.  Just like AFP did.  Everybody knew that.

Now AFP and other groups funded by the Koch brothers are fighting the agenda of President Trump at every turn.  You've read the stories in the newspapers -- the Kochs stopped the reform of ObamaCare so now we are left with. . . ObamaCare for the foreseeable future.  Now AFP and other Koch groups are fighting Trump on illegal immigration and the border wall. 

America has a Republican President, Senate, and House of Representatives -- so why isn't anything getting done?

What we are watching is the great morphing of groups that were once "conservative" into groups that serve a particular "personality."  Traditionally, these groups looked without for their inspiration -- to the American constitution, a party platform, a political ideology.  Now they are looking within -- to the private worldview of the personalities who fund or lead them. 

We should have seen this coming.

Just yesterday -- or the day before yesterday -- we lived in a world of men and women/ boys and girls.  Then suddenly, we are in a world where Facebook offers 71 gender "options". 

It's the same in politics.  The binary world of conservative and liberal is over.  Of course, it doesn't have to be.  Just as it is pretty darn plain 99 percent of the time who is a she and who is a he, we have a rich body of work by which to distinguish a conservative from a liberal.  We have our party platforms, we have the actions of conservative leaders, and their writings -- as well as the academic work of our ideological brethren. 

But people like Bill Hayden and those many, many like him -- they don't read.  What they do is feel.  And if they "feel" like a girl.  Then that makes them a girl.

So we have all these people bloviating on Facebook about how much they hate this one or that one and how this is "conservative" and that isn't. . . and they don't know a damned thing about it.  Because they don't read.  They feel.

And that is why some Tea Party folks have now gone to the Democrats.  They "feel" so it must be so.  It makes for easy infiltration by the Left/Liberal Democrats.    

We could sure use a real Tea Party.  A conservative Tea Party.  Maybe someone will start one?  Soon?  Do Sussex County first and then branch out.