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Concerned about “incivility”? Did you catch DeNiro?

Another day, another lecture from New Jersey’s corporate media about the need for common, ordinary people to mind their language.  This time the lecture was delivered by Messrs. James M. O’Neill and Dustin Racioppi of what was, before the all the corporate hanky panky, the Bergen Record.  

Good points all, good points all.  Yes, human beings should be nicer to one another and should treat people as they themselves would like to be treated. 

But come on fellows, people don’t learn how to behave at church (they don’t fill the pews anymore), they get their morality from television, the Internet, and the entertainment industry.  And that said, a fish rots from the head.  

This is something our media lecturers kind of ignored.  

Hey, take a look at that crowd… check out all those tuxedos and gowns.  

Why do the stinking rich still dress the same way they did back during the Great Depression?  Why do they still wear clothes that nobody else owns or can afford?

They look like they were made up for some Three Stooges comedy skit… only, they dressed themselves this way.

Memo to would be Hollywood Marxists:  If you want to show solidarity with the unwashed masses, don’t wear clothing that would cost the average family a year’s income. 

If you want to show off your wealth, okay, but be cool about it.  Carrying on dressed that way is just rich folks doing what comes natural to them… behaving badly.  Very badly.


Meryl Streep as Marie Antoinette

Look at how they dress at these awards ceremonies -- it's like something out of a Three Stooges send up on the rich and pompous (unfortunately without the obligatory pie fight, and a pie fight would actually make something as dreary and self-regarding as the Golden Globes quite entertaining).

So there's Meryl Streep telling us that Hollywood does what it does for the betterment of mankind, because it is "art" -- and let's forget that every enterprise coming out of Hollywood starts with a business plan, and capital, and that if it isn't profitable that's a mark against next time, no matter how "artistic" it claims to be.  Hollywood is a money machine and like every other money machine in America it employs a huge number of lobbyists who hype for its self-interest.  In fact, Hollywood is the ultimate lobby machine because it can tap into so many self-interested celebrities who are immediately recognizable to a larger public.


Look at how these people dress!  Shoes that cost more than the average worker earns in a month and a gown that costs a year's wage.  And that's before we get to the jewelry, the hair-dresser, the face-painter, the nails (fingers and toes), and whatever else goes into fussing them up for presentation.


So there she stands -- a Marie Antoinette -- lecturing us for not behaving as we were told, lording over us in her finery, reminding us of the gulf between who she is and the characters she plays.  Out-of-touch, blinkered, defiant, and invincibly ignorant.


No wonder they lost the rust belt!