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#MeToo... meet Tom Moran and the dirtbags he works for.

"We are also writing about the accusation against you making a gay slur, as you know. We believe that's grounds for you to step down from the race."

- Tom Moran, Star-Ledger Editorial Board Editor, writing to Republican candidate Steve Lonegan,  April 27, 2018

Remember the Moran prescription:  Any allegation is proof of fault, the penalty for which is the suspension of civil liberties and removal from public life. 

So here are just a few of the allegations made by women against the people who employ Tom Moran. 

In this case, the women "suffered from consistent disparagement during their employment... managers, who directly supervised (the women) and were responsible for setting their compensation, repeatedly disparaged them on the basis of their age and gender, among other things." 

"...referred to female employees as 'wenches' and that 'women should stay home in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant'." 

"...female sales representatives were 'lucky' to be allowed to work."

 The women were called, among other things "old farts" and "old f*ckers." 

Management "disparaged one woman on the basis of her religion.  On repeated occasions he referred to individuals who practiced Judaism as 'your kind'."

"Around the time of Hurricane Sandy, the women requested to leave the office due to the closings of bridges in New Jersey."  Management became irate and stated "you women, you are all a bunch of wusses." 

One Latina woman came to management to explain that she was pregnant.  She was told "that child-bearing was all women were good for" and that it was "her fault for being a single parent" and that she had "put herself in that position." 

Management discriminated against the women "by subjecting them to discriminatory pay, discriminatory denials of bonuses and other compensation incentives, discriminatory denial of promotions, and other forms of discrimination in compensation in violation of the Equal Pay Act" including "lower base salary and commission." 

"The differential in pay between male and female employees was not due to seniority, merit, quantity or quality of production, or a factor other than sex, but was due solely to gender." 

These allegations were made by three long-term female employees.  One resides in Hazlett, one in Fords, and one in Old Bridge.  There are dozens of others who have alleged similar suffering under the regime Tom Moran works for.  Their stories will be told.

SOURCE:  Federal Court Records 

We would like commentary from Tom Moran before we move on to the next group of women who suffered at the hands of the corporation that employs him. 

In lieu of commentary, perhaps some other form of atonement might be in order, such as the wearing of the editor's undershorts on his head at the next meeting of the editorial board.  Or the public wearing of a sweatshirt with the words... "I know, I'm a Dick."  

Stay tuned...



Democrat Menendez broke federal law. Star-Ledger asks Republican to quit race.

It's a severe case of payback for daring to ask a question. 

A day after the Senate Ethics Committee's "severe admonishment" of U.S. Senator Bob Menendez, Steve Lonegan, a conservative Republican congressional candidate in CD05 wrote to the Star-Ledger editorial board and asked when they might comment on the Senate Ethics Committee's action against Menendez. 

"The Senate Ethics Committee said Thursday that Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez, who avoided conviction in a federal corruption trial last year, violated federal law and Senate rules in accepting unreported gifts from a friend and political ally." (Washington Post, April 26, 2018) 

It's now been five days, and the Star-Ledger has yet to comment on Senator Menendez.  Instead of making a statement about the corrupt Democrat , Star-Ledger editor Tom Moran quickly scratched around for a Republican to attack.  It's called deflection. 

Moran claimed that a 12-year-old unfounded allegation from a former Democrat candidate for mayor in Lonegan's hometown, long known as crank, and noted for his serial accusations of officials in Bergen County, amounted to  a "gay slur" even though the man alleging the slur isn't gay.  Despite there being no proof to the allegation, when Lonegan asked about Menendez, Moran replied in writing to Lonegan: 

"We are also writing about the accusation against you making a gay slur, as you know.  We believe that's grounds for you to step down from the race." 

Unfortunately, for the Star-Ledger, while editor Moran was writing these lines, a New Jersey court was confirming that the accuser Moran based his attack on had no veracity at all.  The case was dismissed.  When this was pointed out to Moran, he published anyway. 

It is no surprise to those who have been following Moran that the Star-Ledger editor doesn't believe in fairness or due process.  After all, in another Star-Ledger editorial (from 2013) Moran labeled the Constitution as a “source of our woes” and suggested that President Obama or a future President Clinton be given the power to appoint 10 senators and 50 congressmen to serve “at large”.  

This is the same Star-Ledger editor who accused Assemblywoman Alison Littell McHose of being a pro-terrorist crazy in 2013.  Assemblywoman McHose is the daughter of John McCann's campaign co-chair, Virginia Littell, the former State GOP Chair. 

Five days on and still no word from the Star-Ledger demanding that corrupt Democrat Bob Menendez step down from the U.S. Senate.  Maybe they will never comment?  

You can read the Ethics Committee's full statement here:



Selling out: Media's decline from Al Doblin to Jonathan Salant

New Jersey's establishment media -- its editors and reporters -- are in a freefall and have lost their sense of decency.  Job security is such that they have all become free agents, writing articles to please prospective employers. 

So we have Star-Ledger Editor Tom Moran performing a masochistic panegyric to please Democrat machine boss George Norcross.  Over at the Bergen Record, that newspaper's editor was turning out pro-Democrat columns non-stop while engaging in backdoor negotiations with Senate President Steve Sweeney's office.  A few years ago, boss Norcross tried to buy the Philadelphia Inquirer, now his machine is getting all the talent on the cheap.

The NJGOP's answer to this was predictably self-defeating.  It's idea of a GOP counterbalance to the growing Democrat hegemony over media was to bring back Bridgegate mastermind David "Wally Edge" Wildstein, possibly the only person more hated in New Jersey than his old boss, Chris Christie.  To fund Wildstein's operation they found former Jamestown alumnus Ken Kurson.  It was Kurson who ran such memorable efforts as incumbent Marcia Karrow's loss to Mike Doherty in 2009 and incumbent Jeff Parrott's loss to Parker Space in 2010.  But losing has never been a bar to advancement in the NJGOP.  In fact, it generally is an asset.

Yep, Kurson has been accused of sexual harassment by writer and cancer-survivor Deborah Copaken.  This comes at a time when Kurson's old firm is trying to convince the women of New Jersey that the NJGOP's choice for U.S. Senate -- Bob Hugin -- is a new kind of man, when it comes to women (whatever that is supposed to mean).  You can read about what Kurson gets up to here:  


It was Wildstein who outted Al Doblin as the ethical-free-zone he is.  Doblin plainly hated the kind of attention he's bestowed on others his entire working life.  In a series of whines, he complained to Wildstein: 

“I am the editorial page editor.  If someone makes me an offer, I have the right to consider it,” Doblin explained.

Doblin called a request for information regarding his employment search “truly horrific.”

“This is unfair.  Truly unfair,” he said. 

But Doblin is not the worst of the bunch.  That "honor" must surely go to Jonathan "short-ass" Salant, a reporter worthy of his own Duranty Prize for consistent blindness to all but the party-line.  In case you've forgotten Walter "the hand" Duranty.  He's the assbandit who denied that Stalin was starving to death millions of human beings in the Ukraine and elsewhere in what was once called the "Soviet Union".  He even won a Pulitzer Prize for it. 

Duranty wrote for the New York Times, which later was forced to admit that his articles denying the famine constituted "some of the worst reporting to appear in this newspaper."  There have been calls to revoke his Pulitzer, but you know how tough it is to get elitist filth to admit they made a mistake.  So Duranty's award -- for 1930's era Fake News -- still stands.  And so much for journalism.

Salant's latest dry-humping of the news came a few weeks back, when he attempted to write an update of the various congressional races in New Jersey.  

He started off by being childishly giddy about Republican Leonard Lance's district having gone for Hillary Clinton in 2016, while failing to mention that Democrat Josh Gottheimer's had done the same for Trump that year. 

Salant never fails to describe a Republican donor negatively, offering bits of color, always dark.  On the other hand, old short-ass describes such creatures as George Soros in this light:  "Malinowski (received a donation of) $5,400 from investor George Soros, a major Democratic donor."

Investor?  A major Democratic donor??  How about convicted financial scammer who liberal economists have criticized for his callous manipulations of currency?  

Perhaps Salant is displaying his talents for the consideration of one of the many Soros media organs?  That seems to be the way these days. 

In writing about the fifth district, Jonathan Salant somehow missed the fact that a third Republican, Jason Sarnosky, had dropped out of the race weeks before.  He wrote about him as if he were still campaigning.  

He went on to cover the race in southern New Jersey's first district.  And once again, Salant behaved like he was on a job interview.  He never once mentioned the machine that bears the Congressman's name and wrote as if it didn't exist. 

Not to place Donald Norcross in the context of the machine of which he is a part is misleading and unethical.  It promotes bad government by purposefully covering up the truth and it gives aid and comfort to one of the most authoritarian political machines in America.  Don't want to see it, Jonathan?  Well just try being an ordinary citizen when the machine decides it wants to use eminent domain to take your property in order to give it to one of their corporate friends.  That's what you are shilling for. 

The southern region of New Jersey is an example of a dominant-party system or one-party dominant system of government.  According to South African political scientist Raymond Suttner, such a system occurs when there is "a category of parties/political organizations that have successively won election victories and whose future defeat cannot be envisaged or is unlikely for the foreseeable future".  It is a de facto one-party system, often devolving into a de jure one-party system, a semi-democracy. Usually, the dominant party has a tendency towards "suppressing freedom of expression and manipulating the press in favor of the ruling party." 

Well, short-ass, that is who you are shilling for.  That is who you are now.  All those romantic post-Watergate notions about doing right... well you're over that, right?  Expensive restaurants and sexy vacations got the better of you, didn't they?



The Media wants Higher Taxes on YOU 

Tom Moran, editor of the state's biggest paper -- the Newark Star-Ledger -- owned by union-busting, out-of-state billionaires, has gave away the Establishment's game plan for New Jersey.  It is this:  A big gas tax increase with no accompanying tax cuts.

Editorializing in Sunday's Star-Ledger, Moran wrote that the majority Democrats should just borrow for now and wait until after 2017 -- when they elect a Democrat Governor and Chris Christie leaves office.  Then they will be able to raise the gas tax.  Period.

That is why the Establishment is so big on killing the Oroho plan.  Unlike some of his more delusional colleagues, Sussex County's Steve Oroho recognized the FACT that the Democrats control BOTH chambers of the Legislature.  Knowing that, he put together a plan WITH them -- a plan that now has the chance of passing.  Oroho's plan (officially, the Oroho-Sarlo plan after his Democrat co-sponsor) will raise the user tax on gasoline, but link that tax increase to a series of tax cuts.

The Oroho plan will allow retirees to deduct up to $100,000 of retirement income on their state income taxes. This will annually save retirees $1,200 on average.  90% of state retirees will see their income tax bill completely eliminated, allowing them to afford to stay in New Jersey near their children and grandchildren keeping families together. 

For those currently working or looking for a job, the Oroho plan will phase out New Jersey’s estate tax – the nation’s most expensive.  This will prevent many small to medium businesses from being forced to leave the state for friendlier tax climates.  Too many jobs have gone south.  The Oroho plan will make our state more competitive, and help keep jobs in New Jersey. 

The Oroho plan creates a new state income tax deduction for giving to New Jersey-based charities that provide safety-net services to our communities, and increases the Earned Income Tax Credit to help low-income workers keep more of their paychecks.  Sussex County charities like Project Self-Sufficiency, local food pantries like Champions for Charity, Ginnie's House, and Birth Haven will all be primary beneficiaries of the Oroho plan. 

The Oroho plan will provide property tax relief by sending more state aid to local municipalities for the maintenance and repair of roads and bridges -- without which, property taxes would have to be increased to pay for it. 

In choosing a user tax on gasoline to pay for New Jersey's roads and bridges, rather than a broader tax like the property tax, Senator Steve Oroho is following the principle set by President Ronald Reagan.  It was Reagan who said:  "Good tax policy decrees that wherever possible a fee for a service should be assessed against those who directly benefit from that service."  Reagan himself raised the gas tax to pay for the road improvement projects of the 1980's.  President Reagan noted:  "Our highways were built largely with such a user fee - the gasoline tax. I think it makes sense to follow that principle in restoring them to the condition we all want them to be in." 

Sussex County taxpayers recognize a good deal when they see it.  In return for an average $180 expenditure at the pump, retirees and those looking forward to retirement will get an annual savings of $1,200 on average.  Nine out of every ten retirees will from now on pay NOTHING.

Recent polling data bears out just how popular this idea is:


T14. Would you support or oppose a proposal that would increase the state gas tax and

eliminate other taxes, like the state tax on retirement income? 

Total Support .......................................................... 67%

Total Oppose .......................................................... 19%

Strongly Support ...................................................... 47%

Somewhat Support .................................................. 20%

Strongly Oppose ..................................................... 12%

Somewhat Oppose .................................................... 7% 

Unsure, No Opinion ............................................... 14%


T15. A proposed increase in the state gas tax would cost the average driver an extra 200 dollars each year. Eliminating the state tax on retirement income would save the average retiree more than twelve hundred dollars each year. Knowing this information, would you support or oppose a proposal that would increase the state gas tax and eliminate the state tax on retirement income at the same time?


Total Support .......................................................... 74%

Total Oppose .......................................................... 14%

Strongly Support ...................................................... 58%

Somewhat Support .................................................. 16%

Strongly Oppose ..................................................... 12%

Somewhat Oppose .................................................... 2%

Unsure, No Opinion ............................................... 12%

Those are some numbers.  So stay tuned as this debate heats up and make your voices heard.  If people like the media's Tom Moran get their way, you will be stuck with a gas tax increase... PERIOD!  If politicians like Senator Jennifer Beck and groups like NJEA, AFP, and the Socialist Party USA get their way... your property taxes are going to EXPLODE! 

The responsible way forward, based on Reagan's principle, is to raise the user tax to avoid a property tax hike, while cutting taxes on retirees, making New Jersey better for small businesses and job creation, and by providing relief for property taxpayers and the working poor.   That's the Oroho plan.


Does Amy Paterson hate the First Amendment? 

Some so-called journalists treat the First Amendment like it is a wank doll.  It is not a two-way relationship but rather there for their use alone.

Tom Moran of the Star-Ledger condemns "hate speech" except when he regularly indulges in it as a feature of his opinion columns.  Then it is good hate speech because it is his. 

Amy Paterson of the NJ Herald polices her website for "political" commentators -- removing the comments of adult children of people "involved" in politics (but who never ran for elected office), while leaving up comments from actual politicians who have run for office or who are actively running for office, lobbyists who have held elected office, and former office holders with active business before county government.  It takes pretty thick lenses not to see these characters as political but Amy Paterson must have hers implanted because she blithely continues to play favorites.  In Amy Paterson's warped little brain, a twenty-year old woman is still the "property" of her parents and is not yet emancipated to the point where she can hold an opinion or vote.

At some point, shouldn't Amy Paterson be made to file with NJELEC After all, by stripping all the opinions of one side from the Herald's website but leaving all those of the other, isn't she making an in-kind contribution to someone's political campaign?  She has even left up the comments of the notorious poster who went by the name of DudeRules.  We all remember when this flaming idiot tried to put a hex on the daughter and grandson of a local elected official.  The State Police investigated it as a death threat, but even that doesn't get you removed from the Herald, so long as you are careful to only say bad things about the people Amy disapproves of.  If Amy and you dislike the same people, you are free to get personal to the point of commenting on your victim's children and parenting skills and she will leave up those comments.  Sounds like something corporate could get sued for.  We wonder if they know?

Curiously, Amy Paterson of the Herald is the only internet director in the state who polices her website this way.  Apparently, everyone else recognizes that a conversation creates more readers, while a monologue enforced by Amy Paterson doesn't.  So it isn't even good business sense.

We are told that Amy feels she can make these assumptions about people and place her thumb on the scale to unbalance any on-line dialogue she chooses to interfere with because she thinks she is a good judge of people.  A real people person is our Ms. Paterson.  Now if only she could find it in her heart to respect the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution.