Weird: A Freeholder candidate who opposes tax cuts for small business???

For most Republicans it is a given – if you cut taxes on small businesses they will have more money to expand and hire new employees.  That’s how you grow an economy.

At a public meeting last week, we got to see a “different kind of Republican” in action. His name is Peter Knipe.  He’s running for Sussex County Freeholder.  He told the New Jersey Herald that this is his first campaign for public office, but that’s not true, he ran for local office and lost.  

What got our attention was Knipe’s assertion that if you cut the tax on small businesses, it won’t result in more economic activity and ultimately lower taxes for everyone.  Knipe believes in the “static wealth” theory – that the economic pie always remains the same.  It is the same theory many socialists believe in.  Knipe holds that if you remove revenue from one source, it will need to be made up by another.  So, in his words, cutting the taxes small businesses pay will result in everyone else paying more.

Of course, a short survey of history shows that wealth expands and that the pie never stays the same.  There is more wealth today than there was in 1980 – or in 2008.  Cutting business taxes to spur economic growth and ultimately lower taxes on everyone is the very premise of President Donald Trump’s economic plan.  


So we don’t get where Knipe is coming from.  And especially as he has been running advertisements on social media claiming that the current Freeholder Board has failed to attract new businesses. Does Knipe not realize that the current Freeholder Board has been on the job for just over a month and that two incumbents from the previous board were ousted last year?  

Even Donald Trump took longer than five weeks (but the Democrats never gave him a chance… just like Peter Knipe isn’t giving the incoming Freeholders a chance before heaping criticism on them).  Talk about being negative just to be negative!

If candidate Knipe would like to explain or clarify the position he expressed publicly, we would be happy to publish what he sends to us on it.  We look forward to hearing from him.