Democrats call for ouster of Pro-Trump volunteer firefighters

Over the weekend, the 99th annual Sussex County Firemen’s Association Inspection Day and Parade was held in Franklin. Franklin Borough Fire Chief Fred Babcock Jr., summed it up as a day all about “the camaraderie, the community and the volunteerism” as the men and women who serve in volunteer fire companies across the county got together for this once-a-year occasion.

But for Democrats and their Leftist allies, it was just another opportunity to be offended. Another opportunity in their endless quest to feel “better than you” by denigrating someone else.

Remember what they did to the Boy Scouts? That was just another notch in their belt in their long march through the institutions that once meant something called “America”. Not a perfect place, by any stretch, but a pretty darn nice one… especially when compared to all the rest.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 69 percent of firefighters in the United States are volunteers. Volunteer firefighters go through the same training that paid career firefighters do and they perform the same fire suppression and other emergency services. They are expected to be on call for long periods of time to respond to emergencies and must be ready to be summoned to the fire station when their services are needed. These volunteers are also expected to attend to many non-emergency duties as well, such as training and equipment maintenance. They save the taxpayers of the communities they serve, nationwide, billions annually.

So you would think the Democrats would just say “thank you” and leave it at that. No way.

At the Inspection Day parade, one of the contingents of volunteers proudly displayed a Trump banner. So the Democrats began calling town halls trying to have the firefighters “removed” or “suspended” as volunteers. Typical.

We saw this over the summer, when the same kind of howling mob showed up at a Sussex County Community College Board of Trustees meeting in an attempt to have someone fired who they disagreed with. They claimed this person had sided with President Trump against the so-called “Jihad Squad” of anti-Semitic members of Congress.

The Democrats even waved a press release under the noses of the college trustees claiming that this person was an “Islamophobe” and demanding his immediate removal. Of course, the press release was from a group that has been designated a “terrorist organization” by one of American’s most important Islamic allies. Yes, the same Islamic ally that we recently dispatched American military personnel to after a different terrorist organization attacked its oil refineries using drones.

Predictably, the college trustees caved. That is what the well-meaning liberals who run America’s academic institutions always do when faced with threats from a howling mob of radicals. They cave.

Our educational institutions should know their history better. Mob justice is never satisfied and its demands for doing harm against those it claims “offend” them will not end with “removal” or “canceling” or “shunning” or “firing” – but it will ratchet further and further up to and including violence. We have seen this all before, again and again, when those in authority disregard due process and appeals to justice – and give in to the barbarous emotions of the mob.

Don’t let this dramatization from the past be a scene from a college trustee meeting set in some dystopian future. In America – in this country – we have our Bill of Rights and the tradition that all persons accused are innocent until proven guilty.

May we always remember that.