Memo to Byram Township Council: Talk to your colleague

Scott Olson, Byram’s out-of-control councilman, is at it again.  This time he has retweeted a snide tweet from a friend who appears to be trying to spread a baseless rumor about Governor Christie having an extramarital affair.  Here is what was posted and then retweeted by Byram Councilman Olson:

Susie Madrak@SusieMadrak 4h

How come the national media hasn't caught on to Gov. Christie's own little Olivia Pope problem?

Retweeted by scott olson


“Olivia Pope” is a reference to the television series “Scandal” in which a White House spin doctor (Pope) has an extramarital affair with her boss (the chief executive, the President of the United States).

Shouldn’t Olson’s colleagues on the Byram Township Council have a talk with him about spreading this kind of malicious rumor?  It doesn’t do the reputation of the Council or the Township any good at all.