Memo to Freeholder Director Rich Vohden and Deputy Director Dennis Mudrick

Gentlemen.  We all know that you are big supporters of your colleague, Phil Crabb.

You know him.  You vote with him.  You attend political cocktails and wine & cheese parties with him.  Talk to him.  Talk to him about following the law.

Get him to file his D-1 form.

As his leaders on the Freeholder Board, you are responsible for him.

Watchdog spoke with a very helpful state employee down in Trenton yesterday.  She works with the compliance section of the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (NJELEC).

She said that Freeholder Crabb had failed to file his D-1 form and was in violation of state election law.

The law isn't tough to understand.  It can be found on Page 10 of NJELEC's Compliance Manual for Candidates (published in 2013):

No later than ten days after establishing a candidate committee, the candidate shall file the “Single Candidate Committee Certificate of Organization and Designation of Campaign Treasurer and Depository” (Form D-1). If any of the information contained on Form D-1 changes, the candidate must file an amended Form D-1 no later than three days after the change. If the candidate appoints a deputy treasurer or designates an additional depository, the “Designation of Deputy Treasurer and/or Additional Depository” (Form DX) must be filed with the Commission within five days of the designation or appointment. If any information contained on Form DX changes, an amendment to Form DX must be filed within ten days of the occurrence of the change.

Freeholder Phil Crabb has been collecting money for his re-election campaign since his secret kick-off event down in the Mulvihill's wine cellar at Crystal Springs.  That was December of last year.  He should have filed his D-1 six months ago.

Allow Watchdog to make it easy for you.  You can print a D-1 from here:

One great benefit about filing his D-1 is that Freeholder Crabb's campaign treasurer could become certified by attending a free campaign treasurer certification program provided by NJELEC.  Maybe Freeholder Crabb wouldn't break the law so much if he complied with this.

So how about it Freeholder Director Vohden?  How about it Deputy Director Mudrick? 

And when or if Freeholder Crabb does file his D-1, remember that the law requires him to file a copy with the Sussex County Clerk's office in Newton.  That's so Sussex County residents won't have to travel down to Trenton.  It's a courtesy.  It's also the law.

Transparency is the start of the next American revolution.