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Below is a sampling of comments, emails by readers to Sussex County Watchdog.  The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this website. 

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"This is rediculous. The current Freeholder compensation is more than fair. No increases."

"NO WAY these people are out of control. yes they provide a service a very small one. the police protect.  the free riders  are the cause of more red tape and are not creating any wealth just latching on like leaches and stopping any real growth"

"I believe that the salaries for the Freeholders should remain the same.  No increase."

"It is amazing to me that people like Ms. Smuulewicz want to give the Freeholders a $77,000 raise, yet when it comes time to give something to the hard working common man/women/young person trying to pay for college or just exist, they refuse, i.e. Increase the minimum wage, they support: companies that cut part-time hours so they won’t have to pay benefits, companies and also the state who either refuse to give yearly raises or give such a small raise that when you figure in the increase in employee benefit contribution, it is sometimes less than what you made the year before. I could go on and on, but I think I’ve said enough for now."

"I don't think a raise is what is needed for any of them we put out enough (in fact too much) in taxes already. Maybe some of Mr Crabb's supporters are lucky enough to be able to live comfortably but many of us struggle every month just to maybe make ends meet.  Those of us who are able to find a part time job don't even make $23,000 a year."


"They should not get paid what they get now. 
Us tax payers need some relief."

"she should get out of politics, and mind her own business !!"

"I definitely do not believe they should be paid $100,000.00 a year."

"We are all fighting for our lives! Talk about out of touch....Greed is running the show now !" 

"Politicos shoot off their mouths regularly..... $100,000 is not going to happen. Cool your jets and stick to cutting taxes. Peace & prayers, sg"

"In response to your email regarding the proposed raise in salary from $25K to $100K per year for each of the four Freeholders -- I think that is a ridiculous idea.  However, I do think that $25K is a little 70's, and I think that a salary of $35,000 -- $40,000 per year is a little more palatable and I don't think it will break the bank!  I used to be very interested in politics, but lately what has been going on from the White House on down is sheer lunacy, so I don't pay much attention.  In this instance you asked a question and I answered."

"Based on the information in the above email, I believe that the freeholders definitely do not deserve such an increase and gave a lot if nerve to ask for what they think folks who work more for us should not have."

"Absolutely not. Is not the fiscal abuse of our state, counties and municipalities rampant enough."

"Elected officials have forgotten their jobs are not about the money but  about the people they chose to represent." 

"Think I'll go into pays a heck of a lot better than Social Security." 

"Really now, where has the common sense gone in this county? People can just about stay off welfare. Milk is almost $5.00 a gallon. Bread is almost $4.00."

"We had better pray for global warming this coming winter. Sure was hard to keep warm this past one." 

"No pay raise. A lot of the taxer have not gotten a raise or a very small one. If they want more money get another job. I feel that the people in government get to much money  for the job they do."

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