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I also WANT VOTER"S I.D. November Election!! We the People should vote for it!! Needed Badly. Must have I.D. for everything else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps many like myself have lost faith in our party and the Leadership.  Our Governor has sold the people out for his own personal gain and for those of his own cronies.  I have personally with drawn my affiliation with the Republican Party. The days of voting along party lines are gone.  I wish I could say that voting for the other party was the answer but sadly, its not.  It truly has become a time of "who is do you think is lying the least, and will hurt me the least"  I am sure I am not the only person in Sussex County, or The United States that feels this way, but you asked.  I'm just telling you.  I just hope there is still a Sussex County in the end.


I have to tell you that as a registered republican for most of my life, I am applaud at the behavior and lack of cooperation and the ability of the GOP to collaborate both within your own party or as a part of governing with your democratic colleague. Grow up and do your jobs! The about of
time the GOO has wasted fighting against the Affordable Health Care act and Bengazi is insulting and a waste if the taxpayers money!
I have told my Representative the if you worked in my world, the whole group of you would be fired!
So in fact with my vote...,, Your Fired! Move on! You wasted my money and my time, move on! I will do My best to vote a democratic line because I am so disappointed in the whole Republican Party! The only good one in the whole bunch is Chris Christy!
So you wonder why your gala fail!
Obviously you are


Imagine if there was really a Democratic Party in the county instead of a bunch if right wingers pissing among themselves about who had the tighter asshole?


I really could care less. I am so tired of the do nothing Republicans in this county and have decided to vote against all incumbents


"I think Crabb is a fraud like when he used his weight loss to get attention then gained it back and then some.  We should make elected officials like Crabb account for who their clients are.  List them because then we will know who they are taking money from.  We need ethics in Sussex County not more elected officials who work as full time consultants collecting money from special interests.  Zeoli was a lobbyist for Mulvihill Inc. the whole time he ran the freeholder board."


"The Herald got it right when they called it SEX county.  Be careful whose behind you or you will get it in the behind."