The Letter we never received

Dear Editor of the Sussex County Watchdog:

I am the CEO, owner, and founder of J. J. Productions, a full-service public relations consulting business that owns the website NJ Inside Scene.

You published a photograph on Sussex County Watchdog that originally appeared on NJ Inside Scene and although you properly credited the source, I would prefer it if you removed it from your website.

Please give me the professional courtesy of removing it.

Thank you.

Of course, Watchdog never received such a letter.  Instead, we were attacked as were people who do not own this website.  They were called vile names.  One of the victims of these attacks died last year of cancer and so his reputation is being smeared even after death.

We believe these attacks were the result of misinformation and manipulation by members of the Sussex County establishment.  We believe that the person who made the attacks was unaware of being manipulated.

Watchdog will always try to be a good neighbor on the blogosphere.  To this end we are removing the photograph that has our neighbor so worked up.  Next time simply write to the editor and ask before allowing yourself to be manipulated by county politicians.  We respond to people, not to political machines.

Sussex County Watchdog