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On the nasty tone of some anonymous comments on the NJ Herald website:

Those of us who live in Sussex County South do so for the weather, the sane gun laws, and particularly for the lower property taxes. There are a lot of us who were involved in politics moved down here to form a colony. I know it is insane but believe it or not when you move south you don't leave your hate up north. I had two friends up north and we all opposed the Littells. Circumstances changed and one of my friends changed his opinion. He's lives up north and is still my friend but my other friend moved down here and now hates my guts because I stayed friends with the one who changed his mind. It is crazy hate and the hate travels.

On the NJ Herald's involvement in the GOP primary:

The Herald isn't even from New Jersey. It is an out of state corporation run by a very rich family with its own agenda. They make money off Sussex County. I'm sick of this.

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Look familiar?

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OMG pinch me I must be dreaming! How is it that finally there is Anti-Heraldism! Yes! 

WENDY - PLEASE ELABORATE or tell me where to find out this information - I have for long time now had suspicions about those behind the scenes at the Herald.

On the politics of contracts and the Sussex Borough water utility:

Your statements are totally accurate, but I ran against two parties and the newspapers, who wrote press statements for a bad, truly bad water company! Please keep your voice of truth! You kept me going! (Bill Weightman, former Democrat candidate)

On the Scandal at the Sussex County Community College:

Thank you for sending this.  I have been watching this story every day as it unfolds. I guess more tax payer money was wasted hiring this law firm.  They, I am sure will be paid a good sum for this dribble. Their answer is really out there for a top law firm.  I sure would not hire them for anything.

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We don't know each other. But I think we have similar perspectives on our county and the way it has been run.

The college needs your help. Shine a light in those dark corners. The Herald won't cover SCCC anymore apart from planted PR pieces. Witness the Herald's refusal to cover Perez's letters to Parker and the trustees illegal actions, but pictures of Mazur and Elvidge planting trees on the campus and announcements on Halloween dances being published. I am told that Gavan, Parker and Mazur decided to go to the bosses at Quincy and threaten to pull the college's ads if the Herald didn't back off. Look at annie's comment here:

Freeholders OK funds for SCCC building work








Freeholders OK funds for SCCC building work

NEWTON — The last piece of financing for the Building D upgrades on the campus of Sussex County Community College was put in place Wednesday with the county's Board of Chosen Freeholders 4-1 vote to allow yet-to-be-used funds from a 4-year-old bond issue to be moved to the...


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RIP, Fourth Estate.

SCCC Board meets on 10/27 at 5:00. Go. Listen. Report back on your website, which everyone reads. We need you.


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