Herald tries to stir trouble in GOP primary

Maybe it's a case of "if you can't find a story go out and make one up" but the New Jersey Herald's coverage of the start of the GOP primary for Assembly was loaded with snarky adjectives and thick with innuendo. 

The same reporter who described Freeholder George Graham as the "junior" member of the Freeholder Board, in his "third year", wrote that Freeholder and Assembly hopeful Gail Phoebus was in her "second year".  How is that possible?  Phoebus was elected in 2012 and Graham in 2013. 

Why wasn't this front page error caught?  Was it a deliberate attempt to play down Phoebus' long experience in local and county government?

On the same day the Herald was failing at simple math, it published a photograph of its top political reporter standing with an ear-to-ear smile next to the man who was then the Democratic Governor of New York, the late Mario Cuomo.  Remember him?  He tried to be Governor-for-life in New York and then launched a political dynasty  than continues to this day, with his son occupying that office.  Of course, this didn't merit a mention in the Herald.

But the Herald story did praise Cuomo for his very liberal position in opposition to the death penalty.  Sure, tell that to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.  Tell that to the families of slain police officers.  Tell that to the parents of children abducted, raped, and then murdered. 

And while Cuomo wanted to protect the lives of mass murderers like Osama Bin Laden, it has been noted that he was all for standing by and allowing the late term abortion of viable babies.  That is some contrast.

Here's an idea for the Herald.  If you want to increase readership, don't pick sides in a political contest.  Stay above petty personality politics and instead make your newspaper a place of ideas and of open discussion and commentary.