Spekhardt vs. Stapel

This much is certain.  One upon a time, Mike Spekhardt owned a residential rental property.  Mike is the former Mayor of Sparta, chosen in a non-partisan election.  Jacky Stapel rented it from him.  Jacky is a Democrat candidate for Assembly in District 24 (Sussex, Warren, Morris Counties). 

Mike had to sue Jacky to get the money due him.  A Judge agreed with Mike and ruled that Jacky must pay him.  That was in 2006.  It seems Jacky still hasn't paid the money she owes Mike.

We did not go looking for this story.  Mike Spekhardt reached out to Watchdog and in an email, he had this to say:

I have been reading the Herald and getting very upset. The D-24 candidate for Assembly Jackie Stapel has promised fiscal responsibility, support for small business etc etc. Jackie... rented a house from me in Branchville in 2006. Not only did they not pay rent for 3 months I had to get an eviction through court and place a judgement for $5K against them. PS they trashed the house.. I have been chasing (they ran to Pennsylvania she forgot that on her Bio) them seizing small bank accounts here and there and they still owe over $4k.. Also they wrote a bad check out of their joint checking account for $750 ( 3rd degree bank fraud) and I had to get a conviction in Frankford Municipal Court.....I have all of these public records in a PDF and will gladly send them to you. Please let me know the address. Someone needs to hold her accountable and the Herald wont touch it. They have had the info for a week now.

And in another email to us: 

If i sound angry I am. She is telling the papers how she wants to help people and small businesses (like landlords who invest in property in the 24th) but had no problem making me make my commitment to the bank for almost $ 5000 so she can live for free? Plus they Trashed the place and it took months to repair it . Had two kids in college at the time and had to take if from their account 

Just the person that I want in Trenton 

Nice person huh? 

- Eviction for no effort to pay rent

- Judgement for no effort to pay debt from above

- Bank Fraud conviction for bad check that made NO effort to make good on their joint bank account...

Apparently a journalist contacted candidate Jacky Stapel about Mike Spekhardt's allegations.  Stapel acknowledged the outstanding debt, posting the following on her Facebook page:

We found the following on the New Jersey Courts' public records access webpage:

According to the New Jersey Courts and both parties involved -- creditor Mike Spekhardt and defendant Jacky Stapel -- the debt has not been paid and the judgment is open.

We don't know why the debt was not paid and a judge's order is being ignored.  Democrat Party insiders were bragging about the money the Democrat candidates for Assembly are going to put on radio.  Jacky Stapel is one of those candidates.  If there is money for a campaign, shouldn't there be money to satisfy a long-outstanding debt?

We ask the question.  If Democrat Party Assembly candidate Jacky Stapel or her campaign would like to answer it, we will publish the full response, unedited.  That's our policy.