LD24 Republicans are popular

According to yesterday's statewide election returns, Assemblyman Parker Space is the most popular Republican member of that chamber.  His running mate, Assemblywoman-elect Gail Phoebus, starts her career as the third most popular Republican member. 

At 35 percent of the vote, Assemblyman Space leads all Republicans statewide. With 33 percent, Assemblywoman-elect Phoebus is tied with the two Assembly members from LD09 and just behind the two from LD30 (at 34 percent).  They join Senator Steve Oroho, who has long held the distinction of being the most popular Republican member of the State Senate -- winning elections with over 70 percent of the vote.

For the Democrats, Michael Grace and Jacky Stapel came in dead last, with just 14 percent of the vote.  Green candidate Kenneth "What is the Frequency" Collins picked up just 4 percent. 

In the last days of the election, Collins' campaign took on an odd aspect when he allowed his campaign for public office to become part of a long-running neighbor dispute, carrying nasty rumors about one neighbor, on behalf of another.  It was a strange way to end a campaign and led to questions about what favor the candidate was receiving as an inducement to involve himself in such sordid trade.

Collins started out as a serious issues activist but ended his campaign as a personal mail chimp.