Will "Dick" Eskilson get away with it?

Sussex County might have more trees than people, but that doesn't mean fresh air in the political sense.  When it comes to politics it resembles the filth and corruption you find in any old urban hell hole made that way by an entrenched machine.

Case in point:  The taxpayer-funded Sussex County Community College and its Board of Trustees.  The Board already has plenty of people with political connections on it.  There is a vacancy.   Maybe time for someone with a background in education (it being the Board of a C-O-L-L-E-G-E)?  

No way.  Because this isn't about the students or the taxpayers.  It is about who gets what contract, and the way to ensure that the "right" people get to trouser the taxpayer's money is to appoint the "right" people to the Board.  

So a "search committee" was hand-picked by county boss John Eskilson.  This was before he got into trouble over the solar bailout and then watched as voters threw out a sitting Freeholder who backed him on the bailout. 

So who'd the "search committee" pick?  Eskilson, of course, and a former mayor who was also defeated at the polls.  So the choice is between two political players who have been firmly rejected by the voters.

You'll remember that Boss Eskilson resigned, somewhat prematurely, from his position as County Administrator in the middle of last year.  Now the man Eskilson took from corrupt Essex County and groomed to be his successor will choose between the two.

You couldn't come up with a more corrupt, self-dealing process if you tried.  It is along the lines of what Dick Cheney did when he put together the "search committee" to find a Vice Presidential running mate for George W. Bush.  Cheney was in charge of the "vetting process" and the process picked him.  So now we have "Dick" Eskilson. 

Really?  Now they don't even try to hide their scumbag behavior?   At the next meeting of the Freeholder Board, Freeholder Director Phil Crabb might just as well stand up and give the audience a middle-finger salute.  "This is for all you taxpayers... Here in Sussex County we do what we please and you don't get to know squat."  To which Freeholder Vohden could add, "Just remember to pay your property taxes on time."

The press has been doing its job.  The New Jersey Herald's Rob Jennings caught them red handed in a column titled "Artful dodge by college's trustee search committee."http://www.njherald.com/article/20151220/ARTICLE/312209963

We blame the Sussex County Democrats who have failed and failed again -- for over a decade -- to provide any scrutiny or opposition to anything at the county level.  It's like they think county government is too unimportant for them and that kitchen table issues like property taxes and job creation are not worth their time.  Instead they want to ban meat and spend their time on international issues like the war in Syria.  They could be a valuable check and balance to the people of Sussex County and instead all they want to do is support the extermination of unborn children and adopt bears.  Come on, pull your heads out of your butts.

As a comedian once asked of the hapless Tory Party in Great Britain:  "Is it match-fixing?  Is someone bribing them to be terrible at politics?"