Morris Freeholders get secret meeting in Sussex

According to sources in both Sussex and Morris counties, several Morris County freeholders who supported the solar bailout that cost Sussex taxpayers millions have asked for, and got, a special "educational" meeting between the principals behind the failed solar project and the incoming members of the Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders.  To our knowledge, the meeting hasn't been advertised, and will include the participation of sitting Freeholders as well.  How this squares with state law is questionable.

If there's to be a backroom "spin" session conducted by the critters who got our county into its current unenviable position, shouldn't the taxpaying public have been invited?  The public and the press are generally the most tireless watchdogs of politicians' deal making.  Especially when so much money is involved and so much egg on the face of egotistical elected officials.

It is to be hoped that the incoming Freeholders who have been targeted will make full reports to the people on (1) who was at the meeting, and (2) what was said.  It is to be hoped that Freeholder George Graham, a voice for reform, attends as well so that the vendors, who have made so much money off taxpayers already, get asked tough questions by someone who understands what their game is.

The solar scam is part of an ongoing investigation by state and federal authorities, so someone should notify the United States Attorney's office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the State Attorney General's office, and the State Police investigators assigned to the case.  We will be following this closely.