Democrat is calling the shots on solar settlement

Why is a Democrat calling the shots on the push to settle the SunLight solar scheme? 

Why is this Democrat insisting that the people of Sussex County shut up and do as they are told -- without knowing the cost they will have to pay?

That Democrat is south Jersey lawyer David Weinstein of the Archer Greiner law firm.  Weinstein is County Administrator John Eskilson's "special solar counsel".

Weinstein was Democrat Municipal Chairman in Burlington County and is a Member of the Burlington County Democrat Committee.  He's run for office and was a big supporter of Governor Jon Corzine and President Obama.

Weinstein is ideologically committed to the idea of using solar power to replace traditional sources of energy.  Unfortunately, solar power hasn't been able to work as a significant source of energy without massive infusions of government support and taxpayers' money.  This suits the Democrats just fine.

On Friday, Bruce Scruton of the Herald reported that Freeholder Director Phil Crabb wanted to let the people of Sussex County know all the details of the proposed settlement to the solar scheme before the Freeholders voted on it:

Earlier this week, Crabb said he would recommend to his fellow board members that the intricacies of any possible solution be made public for full discussion before the board takes a vote on accepting or rejecting the proposal. The board would need to take a separate vote to allow what was discussed in executive session to be made public.

Freeholder Director Crabb -- as the leader of the elected Freeholder Board, the man who is supposed to be in charge -- was told "NO" by Democrat Weinstein and was made to go before the media to retract his earlier statement.  On Sunday, Bruce Scruton of the Herald reported:

 Freeholder Director Phil Crabb, who called for a full airing of the details earlier last week, said he was told by the county's special counsel that the settlement could still fall apart, so talking about details would be premature before Wednesday's meeting.

Reporting in the Herald, Scruton wrote:

David Weinstein, of the firm Archer Greiner and special counsel for the solar project, cautioned Freeholder Director Phil Crabb that many documents which the freeholders discussed during Thursday's session are still subject to negotiations and could be changed, and advised the board to withhold full documents from the public.

Weinstein isn't telling the truth.  He knows that the deal has already been finalized by SunLight General Capital and Power Partners MasTec.  The people have a right to see the details.  

The next line from the Herald story tells you who is really in charge (hint: it's not the Freeholder Board the people voted for):

He (Weinstein) and County Administrator John Eskilson discussed how the information can be released and said they should have a working framework put together by midday today.

Let's be clear.  These two are the bosses.  The Freeholder Board is make-believe.  Its Director is a panty waist.  The voters are only there to have someone to shake down.  The message is: You will be told only what we want you to know, when we want you to know it.

In today's Herald, Democrat Weinstein was doubling down.  Bruce Scruton told the story of how a political operator from south Jersey wasn't going to allow the people of Sussex County to know the details of the bill they are going to have to pay:   

However, David Weinstein of Archer Greiner, special counsel for the solar project, said details and documents should not be released since the deal is not done until the board votes.

Under the framework of the settlement, which Weinstein said could be discussed, the cost to county taxpayers is estimated to be $6.5 million over the next 13 years with most of that money being paid out of the county budget in the first years.

Who the hell does Weinstein think he is?

The reason this wheeler-dealer lawyer is blinding the people until it's too late is that he doesn't want us to have the knowledge to decide for ourselves on whether or not it's a good deal until after the deal is done.  Then we'll just have to bend over, shut up, and pay.