Sussex County's Beavis & Butthead

Little by little, as the documents are pulled from the county, we get a fuller picture of what went down in 2010-11.  A solar scheme initiated by the politically well connected over in Morris County.  One that brought liberal Democrats and Republicans together to fleece the taxpayers.  Sold to Sussex County with false projections and pie-in-the-sky promises.

Two names keep popping up.  Rich Zeoli, then the Freeholder Director, and Phil Crabb, now the Freeholder Director.  The same two who almost got away with selling the county dump based on a manufactured "crisis".  The same duo who take credit for the sale of the Homestead nursing home to a questionable corporation.  The proceeds from which that have now gone to bail out the solar deal. 

According to the Herald, Freeholder Director Crabb is now flip-flopping again, this time supporting an investigation that he adamantly opposed.  Suddenly "look straight ahead and ignore the accident" has turned into "let me investigate it my way."  The better to get the beat on what's being uncovered, maybe to keep some of it covered, at least to have a heads-up for the spin?

Ah yes, Phil Crabb, the boss of the Freeholder Board and the go to if you want to do anything in Sussex County.  All that power has gone to his head.