Is Mudrick-Larson the "conservative" team?

Members of the GOP county committee got a letter today from Sussex County Freeholder Dennis Mudrick and Frankford Mayor Gary Larson.  In it, they tried to excuse Freeholder Mudrick's behavior in the Sussex Solar Scam fiasco. 

The duo didn't mention the fact that Mudrick refused to disclose details of the solar scam settlement to the taxpayers until after the Freeholders had passed it.  This is exactly like what ex-Speaker Nancy Pelosi did when she was pushing the ObamaCare scam.  You don't get to see what's in it until after it's law.  This is a scumbag way of operating government on any level.

Only after a lot of public pressure, newspaper coverage, and a revolt by the boroughs and townships of Sussex County did Freeholders Mudrick, Crabb, and Vohden reverse their obstinate position.  Only after immense public pressure did they release documents and join Freeholders Phoebus and Graham in calling for an investigation. 

So tell us, Freeholder Mudrick, why didn't you release that information and call for an investigation BEFORE you voted for and signed a non-disparagement  "gag order" that prevents Sussex County officials from telling the truth about the millionaire Wall Street bankers who run the company that ripped-off Sussex taxpayers? 

Why?  Because if the public had that information before the vote they would have never allowed you to vote for it. 

Tell us, Freeholder Mudrick, why are you protecting the scumbag lawyers and consultants who have made millions off a project that was never completed? 

Why did you allow them to stick Sussex taxpayers with the bill and why do you allow them to continue making money off Sussex taxpayers?    

Is ripping-off the taxpayers the act of a conservative? 

Is borrowing more taxpayer money to bail out an Obama-style solar program the act of a conservative?

Then there is Gary Larson

It doesn't get plainer than a man's words and if you want to know what Gary Larson stands for all we have to do is go back to the congressional race between then Assemblyman Scott Garrett, a solid conservative, and liberal member of Congress Marge Roukema. 

Gary Larson, "a special education teacher from Frankford," said of conservative Scott Garrett, "One of the things I'm not thrilled about is this guy's (Congressman Garrett) stance on never raising taxes. There's a time and place for that to happen."

Raise taxes?  Really?  Are these the words of a conservative?

You decide.