Ailish's drinking buddy

The Sussex County Republican Committee does not promote the campaigns of candidates who are challenging Republican incumbents.  That's been the word from Ailish Hambel, Sussex County Republican Chairman.

That's what Chairman Hambel told supporters of Republican gubernatorial candidate Seth Grossman when they wanted his campaign to oust Governor Chris Christie promoted by the Sussex County Republican Committee. That is the established policy in most county committees, Republican and Democrat, throughout New Jersey.

So why did Ailish Hambel blast out an email that promoted a fundraiser for Assembly candidate Marie Bilik?  As everyone knows, the top two vote getters in the June 2nd Republican primary for Assembly will become the nominees.  That means that Bilik is not running for "the open seat" like she would in a convention, that means she is running against BOTH incumbent Assemblyman Parker Space and candidate for Assembly, Freeholder Gail Phoebus.  The top two vote getters of this likely four-way race, Nathan Orr is the other candidate,  will be the Republican nominees.

So why did Ailish Hambel break her own rules and do a favor for Virginia resident Bilik?  It probably has to do with her close relationship with county lobbyist Wendy Molner, who recruited Bilik to run.  In the leadership vacuum that is the Sussex GOP under Hambel, Molner has used their relationship to try to control events and to maneuver herself as a kind of backroom power-broker.  The fruits of which are becoming obvious.

Also in Bilik's corner is the chief apologist for the solar scam himself, Richie Rich Vohden.  A few weeks ago, the former union operative tried to push his candidate with Christie Republicans in Trenton.  They sent him off with a buzz in his ear. 

There is a lot of backdoor play going around.