A lobbyist's perspective on the solar scam

Wendy Kuser Molner is an experienced lobbyist.  According to her bio, she has over 15 years of experience.  She worked in "legislative relations" as a member of the Corzine administration. 

As a member of the administration of Governor Jon Corzine, Molner helped sell projects cooked up by NJ Transit and the NJ Department of Transportation.  You know, those people who want to raise the tax on gasoline to pay for those projects that cost, per mile, twelve times what the rest of the country pays.

Molner is listed as the Vice President of Government Relations on the website of Concord Engineering, an energy engineering company from southern New Jersey that sells to county and local governments.  Concord is affiliated with the NJ Clean Energy Program, which promotes  "renewable sources of energy including solar." 

Concord is also affiliated with the U.S. Green Building Council, among other organizations that promote the use of taxpayer subsidized solar energy.  So let's be clear about who Molner lobbies for.

So we were not surprised when this lobbyist wrote a letter to the editor defending the county officials responsible.  These are officials who have pocketed nearly $2 million of taxpayers' money since this solar scam was sold by them to the Freeholders.  Shouldn't we expect more for our money?

And why does a small county like Sussex have one of the highest paid in-house lawyers in the state?  And why is he still allowed to keep a side business? 

While thousands of homes are in foreclosure and families are driven by necessity to the county food bank, these county fat cats continue to extract the property tax dollars from them that should go to keeping their children fed. 

Molner accuses those who are demanding answers of wanting to "stir the political pot".  Unfortunately, it is too late for that.  The pot is well past stirring.  The lobbyists, lawyers, and county officials who cooked this up took a $26 million dump in it.  If they had any honor, they would resign.