More questions on the solar scam

(1) Are these the guys Sussex hired to do the deal with SunLight?


(2) Here is the New York Times, writing about one of the partners in the firm Sussex County hired to handle the solar scheme:  "(The partner) was fired from a high-level job at Citibank after internal auditors confronted her with evidence indicating that she had used her expense account to pay for thousands of dollars in personal travel while having an extramarital affair with a co-worker in California. . . she was forced to resign and immediately escorted from her office in the Citicorp tower in Midtown Manhattan."

(3) The financing plan for solar energy that uses local taxpayers as a bank or an ATM, depending on how you look at it, is called the "Morris Model".  Sussex County adopted the Morris Model, which resulted in the solar scam mess we are in. But did you know that the organization that promotes the Morris model gets funding from the United Nations and Jane Fonda's ex -- the liberal billionaire Ted Turner?

(4) One of the reasons that the perpetrators of the solar scheme demanded a "non-disparagement clause" (AKA gag order) from those in government who are responsible for seeing that fairness and truth win out and that justice is done, is that the "Morris Model" is being promoted to poor, unsuspecting taxpayers all over the world.  They don't mention what they did to the taxpayers of Sussex and Morris Counties in their literature, so their next targets are going to become victims of the silence.

(5) Why is anyone asking State Senator Dick Codey what he thinks about the solar scheme?  He's kicking himself asking, "Now why didn't I think of that!"  Codey has been perpetrating using-government-to-get-rich schemes his whole career. He's an insurance salesman for crying out loud, selling insurance to local governments as a member of the legislature.   He's part of the greater scam.

Stay tuned for more. . .