Behind the Scenes at the Solar Scandal

As Sussex taxpayers prepare to be bent over, some of the county's backroom operators are carefully maneuvering themselves behind people they want to ride to get ahead.  In a vote of no-confidence on his boss' staying power, Vernon's lawyer has got into the action.  He's hoping to fan his way into the County Counsel's position once the incumbent has had enough.  His "robin" is a Trustee of that ethically challenged board over at the Community College.  Word is out that he wants to see Ailish Hambel move along so he can have the job.  The two have made a major investment in margarine.  Fake for sure, but enough to butter the ample posteriors of the three wise guys who make up the county establishment over on the Freeholder Board. 

We got this great head-ups from one of our readers-in-the-know.  This whistleblower wants Watchdog to track down some info so he provided us with these clues:

Why is everyone calling the additional solar deal a "settlement".  There were no claims on Sussex. This was a bailout. 

A very large Section 1603 Federal payment went to Sunlight mid 2013 just as some "Morris Model" solar projects were blowing up.

What did Sunlight use these funds for? Were these funds contributed to properly reduce the Sussex bailout?

Did Sunlight ever put their promised $7M into the Sussex solar program?

You, our readers, should try to get answers to these questions for yourself.  Share them with us, on Facebook, Twitter, wherever.

Did you hear the one about the lobbyist who researched his ancestry?