Bilik less than honest again?

Marie Bilik is a candidate for Assembly who was recruited by a couple of energy company lobbyists to challenge Assemblyman Parker Space and Freeholder Gail Phoebus.  Why? It is a way for the energy lobbyists and county insiders to get back at Space and Phoebus for calling for an investigation of the Sussex County solar bailout that cost taxpayers millions.

Marie Bilik is a Washington, DC lobbyists herself.  She resides and works in Virginia and claims to make a 260 mile, 4 1/2 hour trip each way, several times a week, to a property she owns in Sussex County.  Based on the time she stays in New Jersey, Bilik is claiming residency and the right to run for office to represent Sussex, Morris, and Warren Counties in the Legislature.

A few days ago, candidate Bilik was asked by an anxious voter to clarify her residency situation. 

April 11 at 8:58pm

I heard that you live in Virginia now ( easily confirmed) I thought only people who resided in NJ can run in NJ. Please explain if I am wrong, I seriously would like to get this straight before voting. Thank you.

This is how Bilik herself responded on Facebook to this voter:

Marie S. Bilik Candidate for NJ Assembly District 24   You are absolutely correct. Only people who reside in NJ can run in NJ. I reside in Green Township. I have an efficency apartment in VA that I stay in two or three nights per week while I am at the HQ for my job. I am certified for all criteria, including residency, by the Secretary of State of the State of NJ. I commute...a lot! I am looking forward to my retirement and a short drive to Trenton!

An "efficiency apartment"?

That isn't how the Virginia assessors describe it.  First of all, the condo Bilik resides at in Virginia is worth more than her property in New Jersey.  It has two bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms and is located in an exclusive section of a fashionable suburb of Washington, DC.


Property Type:




Assessor's Parcel Number:


Assessor's Parcel Number Unformatted:


Living Building Square Footage:


Year Constructed:


Number Of Bedrooms:


Total Numbers Of Rooms:


Number Of Bathrooms:


Number Of Partial Bathrooms:


Basement Finish Type:


Construction Type:


Exterior Wall Type:


Fireplaces Present:


Number Of Fireplaces:



This does appear to be at variance with what candidate Bilik has claimed.  So which is true, her statement to the voter or the claims made by the assessor's office?

Of course, if candidate Bilik wishes to dispute anything here we of course will publish her rebuttal in full.  Watchdog exists as a means of getting to the truth and we always invite any public figure we criticize to dispute what we post.