Bilik operative lobbied county on solar

If you want to know why things are so crooked in Sussex County, here is why.  For months now, local politician Wendy Molner has been attacking Parker Space and Gail Phoebus for calling for an investigation of the Sussex solar mess -- despite the fact that 9 out of every 10 people in Sussex County want the investigation.

Molner has defended the county bureaucrats who sold the project to the Sussex County Freeholder Board -- despite the fact that the public blames the county bureaucrats, attorneys, and lobbyists two to one over blaming the Freeholders for the mess.

Molner, along with local politician Molly Whilesmith and political activist Ann Smulewicz, form a trio of apologists for the bailout deal supported by Freeholders Crabb, Vohden, and Mudrick -- despite the fact that residents oppose the bailout as much as they oppose raising the gas tax.  Molner, Whilesmith, and Smulewicz cheered on Crabb, Vohden, and Mudrick when they embraced the "non-disparagement clause" (aka "gag order") and the bailout's "hold harmless clause" in opposition to the feelings and beliefs of nearly 90 percent of the residents of Sussex County.

Molner and Whilesmith even recruited someone who retired from a job in New Jersey, started collecting a state pension, moved to Virginia to start a new job as a Washington, DC-lobbyist, and talked this lobbyist into running for the New Jersey Assembly against Parker Space and Gail Phoebus.  Why?  Just as a way to get back at them for calling for an investigation of the county insiders behind the solar mess.

Molner has done all of this because she is one of the county insiders who look to profit from the county.  County bureaucrats like John Eskilson and elected county officials like Phil Crabb are the levers of power an operator like Molner tries to work to get what she wants from county government. 

Here is Molner excitedly lobbying Freeholders Crabb and Zeoli in the run-up to the vote on solar on February 23, 2011. 

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Date: Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 12:01 PM
Subject: Re: Local Govt Energy Audit Program (LGEA) Info
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The BPU grants of up to $l00k  are available immediately to all schools, and government facilities. you can go online and download the application and get started. Why only offer $5k for solar feasibility. Audit the entire facility and see if solar is feasible as well. if solar is feasible have a meeting with Morris County consortium, and install your solar.

It just makes sense to apply for the free energy audit first that looks at the entire facility for energy upgrades, not just solar.

Unfortunately there are so many fragmented groups running around selling this piecemeal plans and it is very confusing. The state will be moving away from solar... New direction in the energy master plan coming in April via our Governor.


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Hello Wendy,

Thanks for this information...the first question that comes to mind is do we
have time to wait for the BPU process..?

1603 (30% ITC) grant money goes away if winning bidder doesn’t earmark 5% by

Right now, if County approves this tonight, and we hold outreach meetings in
March,  we’re talking about a funding date in October, which barely gives
the developer sufficient time to make that safe harbor, and leaves little
time for slippage.


On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 10:52 AM, WENDY MOLNER <>wrote:

> Please think about combining these and making it a "hybrid". It is the
> right thinkg to do for Sussex County.
> Call me if you have questions
> Wendy Molner xxx-xxx-xxxx

> Concord Engineering Group


Molner was among those demanding a piece of the action.  So now you know what she is up to and why.