Minutes of Freeholder meetings not posted since Jan.2nd

County Administrator John Eskilson also holds the job of Clerk of the Freeholder Board.  It is an unusual arrangement, but one that will no doubt benefit him when he goes to collect his pension.  It certainly benefits him now, as it consolidates his choke hold over Sussex County. 

John Eskilson runs Sussex County like an elected County Executive, even though he is only an appointed County Administrator.  Of course, this is the political philosophy of two-time Freeholder Director Richard Vohden, who maintains that the elected Freeholder Board is only there to ratify the decisions of the county's unelected bureaucracy, led by Eskilson.  Yes, it is a very Central European theory of government, favoring a bureaucratic authoritarianism over representative democracy.     

It should come as no surprise then that public access to the Minutes of the Freeholder Board meetings has been less than open.  Eskilson is in charge, so the people who pay for his salary, perks, and benefits with their taxes don't get to know.  A lot has been happening since the Freeholders were sworn in on January 2nd, but if you wanted to read about it on the county website designed for that purpose you would be shat out of luck.  Because it isn't there.  See for yourself.