A severe case of mendacity

There is an old American saying that was used to praise a man dependable in all his relations and who had the confidence of all around him -- "You always know where to find him."

In this simple and old-fashioned way we may define constancy, which is, in truth, just another name for loyalty, the virtue at the heart of all friendship.  Think of what a happy world this would be if we could always be sure of the constancy, loyalty, and dependability of all who share our work.

Sussex County has got a bad name in recent years for the lack of constancy of some of its elected  officials.  The talk is that their word isn't really their word and an endorsement here isn't worth what an endorsement is everywhere else.

A good example is Molly Whilesmith, a Sparta councilwoman and former mayor.  She signed the nominating petition of Parker Space and Gail Phoebus, giving her support for them in writing, only to turn around and circulate the petition of Marie Bilik a few days later.  She signed Bilik's petition when state law states that you cannot sign the petition of more than two candidates for Assembly.

Of course, there are many in the county who see nothing wrong with this duplicity.  The smile and handshake -- accompanied by the stab in the back -- is just our distinctive style, they say.  But with so few primaries this year, and the state GOP and the Governor's personal involvement, it is getting noticed more and more.  Eyes are rolling. 

A couple years ago, the Republican county chairwoman appointed a friend to serve as the coordinator of the local Christie for Governor campaign, only to have her trash the Governor for the way his state pensions reforms affected her state employee husband.  That kind of thing happened nowhere else in New Jersey.

The Governor throws his support to a candidate to replace Assemblywoman McHose -- only to watch three Freeholders who had previously supported the same candidate snub the Governor and withdraw their support because the candidate hadn't voted for a solar bailout.

Is there anyone who can be counted on to keep their word?