Is Bilik spreading false claims again or is Vohden just losing it?

Maybe we shouldn't blame Marie Bilik for this one.  On Friday, at the start of the Memorial Day weekend, Freeholder Richard Vohden asked his "followers" on social media to spread a lie for him.  The lie Vohden wants to spread is that there are no Assembly debates between now and the June 2nd primary.

Vohden is a supporter of Marie Bilik for Assembly and a sometime spokesperson for her campaign.  Bilik was recruited to run for Assembly by a lobbyist for Concord Energy after Freeholder Gail Phoebus refused to vote for a solar energy bailout that cost Sussex County taxpayers millions.  Freeholder Vohden voted for the bailout and has been on a revenge tour ever since.

We don't think that Marie Bilik is behind the lie Vohden is asking people to spread  because Bilik is well aware that she will be attending at least two debates next week -- a radio debate at WRNJ on Tuesday morning and a videotaped debate at the New Jersey Herald on Wednesday afternoon.  There is a third debate, this one hosted by the Skylands Tea Party on Tuesday evening, that Marie Bilik has not yet confirmed she will be attending (Parker Space and Gail Phoebus are confirmed, we have leaned).

So, far from there being no debates next week, which is the lie that the "honorable" Mr. Vohden wants people to spread for him, there are three debates scheduled for next week, although Marie Bilik might miss one of them.

What's up with Vohden?  Was it a lapse in memory or is he just predisposed to not telling the truth?  We believe that Mr. Vohden is so filled with  jealous rage over the fact that Assemblywoman Alison Littell McHose and Senator Steve Oroho backed Gail Phoebus and didn't ask him to run that he can no longer think straight.  We're worried about him and think he should cool it and get some anger management therapy, before he totally loses its one day.