Steve Oroho goes all in for Gail Phoebus

No bones about it.  Steve Oroho wants to work with Gail Phoebus in the Legislature to make things happen. 

Senator Oroho sent a strongly-worded endorsement letter to the New Jersey Herald and followed it up with a recorded personal message from him,  in which he touts Phoebus' positives and strongly endorses her for the Assembly.

Legislative District 24 is one of the few districts in the state that has a district office and constituent service operation that is maintained by all three legislators.  Oroho, who has been Senator since taking over from Bob Littell in 2008, has made it clear who he wants to be sharing an office with -- Gail Phoebus.

In his letter, Senator Oroho discussed Gail Phoebus, her family business and her background as a practical, small businesswoman. 

As your senator, I am proud of the job we do representing the people of Sussex, Warren and Morris counties in the New Jersey Legislature.

Gail Phoebus has served as mayor of her hometown and as a member of the county freeholder board, where she has fought to reduce spending and hold the line on property taxes.

As the owner of a small business, Gail Phoebus knows how to create jobs and what it's like to have to meet a payroll. She understands that business is the engine that creates jobs and she is dedicated to working with me to make New Jersey more business friendly. Gail is a problem-solver and someone who is anxious to help people. I look forward to working with her.

On June 2, please remember to vote for Gail Phoebus and incumbent Parker Space for Assembly. (NJ Herald, May 28, 2015)

Commenting on the recent attacks by candidate Marie Bilik against Gail Phoebus, her family, and her family business, Michael Garrett, Congressman Scott Garrett's brother and business partner had this to say:

Bilik is playing the age-old liberal game of attacking success. She claims that Gail Phoebus isn't paying her fair share of property taxes. But Gail pays over $220,000 per year in property taxes. She also pays income tax to the feds and the state on her facility in Andover. She also collects sales tax and turns that over to the state. Her property costs the town, county and state virtually nothing. Her property has never once sent a kid into the school system. Instead of attacking her, the rest of us taxpayers should be sending her a thank you note. As for left-wing Bilik, I can only wonder why she doesn't simply run as a Democrat. She would be so much more at home in that liberal party. (NJ Herald, May 30, 2015)

Well said.  Go Garrett!  Go Oroho!