The Crabb-Bilik whisper campaign

In 2004, a newcomer named Steve Oroho ran for Freeholder against the county insiders and upended the sitting establishment.  They ran the usual gossip campaign against him.  Gossip is big in Sussex County where campaigns for public office are often conducted along the lines of an election for king and queen of a high school prom.

In 2004, the whisper campaign of malignant gossip spread around dirt on Steve Oroho.  They tried to say that he was "stupid" -- ignoring the fact that Oroho had been the Senior Financial Officer at a Fortune 500 company.  Then they tried class warfare and made him out to be a wealthy elitist in a top hat (like the man off the Monopoly board) when, in fact, he was the hard working son of middle class Irish-American parents. 

Gossip and lies, lies and gossip.  That's the way of the Sussex County whisper campaign.

Franklin Borough and Hardyston Township are the latest victims of the Sussex County whisper campaign.  In 2004, they heard all the lies about Steve Oroho. This year, they are being subjected to a different set of lies.

Freeholder Phil Crabb has been working the fire houses on behalf of Marie Bilik and the solar bailout.  Now that the County's top bureaucrats have all called it quits, Crabb wants to make sure that the solar bailout stays in place.  Crabb wants to make sure that consultants like Stephen Pearlman and Gabel Associates keep stuffing their pockets with the property tax dollars of Sussex County taxpayers.

Crabb wants to make sure that the Wall Streeters who made millions screwing up the project don't have to worry about being held accountable, because Crabb signed a statement saying that they wouldn't.  Crabb wants to make sure that the gag order (what he calls a "non-disparagement clause") is enforced, so that these Wall Street predators can go on and pitch their business to the next suckers and nobody will be the wiser.

Crabb needs Bilik because he needs to protect his friends.