Freeholder takes to Facebook

Elected officials hate scrutiny.  But elected officials on government bodies made up of only one political party deserve extra scrutiny.  Especially when they have governing philosophies like those of Freeholder Richard Vohden, who has told many people on many occasions he believes that the elected representatives of the people on the county freeholder board should follow the direction of the appointed county administrator and his bureaucrats.

What we have here is a philosophical difference.  Apparently, Richard Vohden isn't much of a political philosopher because he has chosen to approach this disagreement in a juvenile way.  Vohden has taken to calling Watchdog names on Facebook.

It is not a particularly literate effort.  Short sentences and a lack of punctuation are its hallmarks.  Surely the Freeholder can string a paragraph together.  And this from a man who complains about others being "stupid". 

Freeholder Vohden appears perplexed over Watchdog's anonymity.  He claims to not understand why when, in fact, he knows perfectly well why.

The New Jersey Herald isn't anonymous.  That leaves them open to blackmail.  Ever notice how the newspaper stops coverage of a big story mid-scandal?  It happened with the coverage of the ethics scandal involving the trustees of the Sussex County Community College.  It happened again with the coverage of the solar bailout.  Coverage suddenly stopped.

In the case of the solar bailout, maybe we got a hint of the reason why.  The week before the coverage abruptly ended, an ally of Freeholders Crabb and Vohden stood up at a board meeting and threatened the Herald with a financial boycott.  The Herald, which depends on advertising revenues to pay its bills, must be ever mindful of such threats -- especially when they come from a source close to the politicians who control such a large share of its advertising revenue.

Watchdog is out of reach of such threats.  This loss of control irks some people.

Of course, Freeholder Vohden could man-up and join the conversation.  We invite him to explain his philosophy of government here.  We will publish it.  Instead of petulant name-calling, explain why you believe the way you do.  Tell us your side of it.