Planned Parenthood: The unprincipled and phony lies of Mary Sanchez

If you had occasion to read the New Jersey Herald on Sunday, you were in for a dose of corporate propaganda from Mary Sanchez -- Hillary Clinton cheerleader and sometime racist.  That's right, in an infamous column written in 2012, Ms. Sanchez let the world know that she judges people based on the color of their skin, not the content of their hearts.  In the world of Mary Sanchez race and ethnicity trump policies.  Ideas are secondary to your tribe.  That kind of thinking is right out of the Middle Ages.

On Sunday, Mary Sanchez was trying to pull the wool over the eyes of Herald readers by telling them -- in the most snarky way possible (and frankly, she is a bit too old for snark) -- that Planned Parenthood isn't really about abortion, it's about a whole lot of other things relating to women's health.  Well, there are two things you need to remember about Planned Parenthood.  First, it works very hard to be a corporate monopoly in the business of providing government-funded services to poor and low-income women.  Second, it employs a multi-million dollar lobbying operation in Washington, DC, and in the capitals of the 50 states to make certain that they either keep that monopoly or obtain a monopoly in those markets where they don't currently hold one.

Take a look sometime at the legislation Planned Parenthood spends those millions lobbying on and then try to look someone in the eye and seriously argue that it isn't about abortion.  If Planned Parenthood had its way, religious charities would be forced to pay for abortions.  That's making yourself all about abortion.

Planned Parenthood understands that the taxpayer faucet to fund women's health is going to be turned on at the federal, state, and local levels of government -- and they want to make sure that they get all of it.  And we all know what happens when a corporation is allowed to achieve a monopoly:  They can raise costs to whatever the market will bear (and the taxpayers will pay).

Planned Parenthood is a billion dollar business with a central corporate office and 59 affiliated corporations across the country.  In addition to its corporate lobbying arm, Planned Parenthood has its own federal political action committee and dozens of affiliated state PACs that attempt to legally bribe elected officials to get them to vote their way in exchange for campaign cash.

In her argument on behalf of Planned Parenthood's corporate masters, Ms. Sanchez never addresses the actual content of the half-dozen or more videos that document (in their own words) how top Planned Parenthood officials are entering into the "ethically dubious" trade of harvesting human body parts.  For Mary Sanchez, it's an opportunity to show off some teen-snark but it comes across as genuine as a middle-aged mom trying to wear her 14 year-old's clothing.

Big powerful corporations like Planned Parenthood think they're above the law.  Along with everyone else in the know, Ms. Sanchez doesn't expect Planned Parenthood  to be thoroughly investigated for possibly violating federal laws against the sale of human body parts.  That's because they are so powerful and spend so much on Congress.  Planned Parenthood is no different than the banking giant HSBC.  It was caught laundering nearly a million dollars in sales from illegal narcotics and nobody went to jail for it.  As Democrat U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren pointed out, this was money from murderous Mexican and Columbian drug lords and the bank didn't do it just once but over and over again.  Senator Warren opined that "too big to fail has become too big for trial." 

Alternative options for women -- like those independent women's clinics that are not in the business of harvesting human body parts -- do not have the million-dollar lobbying operation or the national brand.  They have to fight for funding because they don't have the pro-abortion activists in their corner.

And that is what Mary Sanchez' column is really all about.  She is trying to protect the Planned Parenthood brand after its top corporate officials got caught on video (and in whistleblower testimony by former employees).  Ms. Sanchez would like you to believe that there is only one option, one company store, and that is Planned Parenthood.  That is certainly Planned Parenthood's monopolistic goal, but fortunately for women's health, there are other options and maybe now they will get the funding they deserve. 

At least one such option exists in Sussex County.  There is a Community Health Center located at 238 Spring Street, Newton.  They can be reached by telephone at 973-383-7001.  They can be accessed on the Internet at